March 3rd – 9th

This week starts off slowly and then builds into a crescendo as we come to the end of the week. Like a train leaving the station, the early part of the week seems uneventful but builds up steam as we move further into the week.

Apart from the Pisces New Moon on Friday with the Sun Moon conjunction also conjunct Uranus, the most significant event of the week is the entry of Mars into Cancer and its opposition to Pluto on the 7th just prior to the New Moon.

We may be feeling exuberant this week, as though a shroud has been lifted. We do have to watch for extremes. On the one hand, we may be feeling enthusiastic, ready for the warmer weather of Spring and inspired to get out of our own way and be open to what the universe may bring. On the other hand, we have to be wary of people losing it, acting out, blasts and explosions, earthquake and volcanic activity, and even potential terrorist threats or incidents.

Not only does the Mars Pluto opposition contribute to a combative and bombastic atmosphere, but this Pisces Lunation is within orb of an opposition to the Sun at the time of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on September 11, 2001. At that time, Saturn in Gemini, the Sign of the Twins, opposed Pluto in Sagittarius. At this Lunation, Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. There is an eerie parallel between then and now.

With Venus conjunct Neptune, the Sun conjunct Uranus and Mercury conjunct Neptune toward the end of the week and over the weekend, we should not be too surprised if we are feeling infatuated, confused and wondering which way is up.

This week starts off slow but then we seem to be in the thick of things. We could easily buy into appearances and presentations without fully considering the facts or the evidence. Without due diligence, we might find ourselves led by the consensus of what is going on, rather than the reality of what is truly happening.

It would be wise for us to suspend judgment, not buy into any [false] rumors but maintain a braking action on our reactions. Now is a time for us to stand back, be an objective observer, detached from the drama happening around us and even in our own lives and recognize that the appearance and presentations may be fantastic images that may not have any substance behind them. Let’s pull back the curtain of the wizard of oz screen and see who’s pushing the buttons before we accept things at face value.

This week is an interesting week during highly interesting times.

Monday, March 3rd – Streamlined Operations – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. Today finishes up the Moon in Capricorn and allows us to finish up some of the projects we may have been working on or contemplating over the weekend. In the early morning hours, the Moon sextiles Uranus. We may get one of those ‘Eureka’ moments when everything seems to fall into place and the answer comes readily to us. The more we can think outside the box, the better able we are to blend new streamlined techniques into the structure of our lives. Today is a good day to see where we can pare down, expedite and focus on prioritizing our life’s ambitions. Often, like the clutter in our homes and offices, we tend to accumulate stuff — projects, people, things — that keep us from concentrating on the truly important. Today would be a good day to inventory our lives and our activities, making a list to see what is important and what is not, checking it twice and then committing to the necessary sort-out actions. As the day progresses, the energy drops away. Late in the day, the Moon moves into Aquarius. We may start the day with flags flying but end the day just wanting to do something different, not be concerned about our responsibilities but instead seek some diversion from our daily in and out.

Tuesday, March 4th – Waiting for the Change – Mars Cancer. Tuesday continues with the Aquarius Moon which makes no connections to the planets today. We could feel like we are idling, waiting for Godot, waiting for something to happen, waiting for things to change. One change today is the transition of Mars from Gemini to enter Cancer, and the increasing influence of the Mars Pluto opposition which occurs on Friday just before Friday’s New Moon. Like the Jaws theme music, we may feel the stir and increasing apprehension of this very significant opposition. While we may want to rest in our reveries of what can bes, it would be wise for us to keep a heads-up regarding possible outbreaks of intensity. Yes, we are in the sphere of this Mars Pluto opposition and will be through much of this month. Explosions, blasts, eruptions, violent outbreaks, threats of terrorism are among the possibilities under this influence. People may be like powder kegs, ready to explode with the slightest triggering, sometimes without a moment’s notice. Let’s be vigilant and keep on guard for these blasts of energy. If we can work with the energy, then this is a good time for us to start clearing things out, making room for our goals and ambitions, and preparing for our future. The key focus will be home and family matters and our activities in the workplace and in the world.

Wednesday, March 5th – A Brand New Day – Mercury, Venus, Neptune. Wednesday continues with the Aquarius Moon and today conjunct the three planets that presently make up the Aquarius Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign. The Moon conjuncts Mercury, Venus and Neptune today. We are likely to be feeling upbeat, more positive about the future and with a sense that the grinding present may soon give way to a far better and brighter time. Today is a day to get together with friends, appreciate those special people in our lives and discuss our plans for the future. No down day today. We can see the dawning of better times and we’re ready to leave the past behind. While a sense of euphoria may be contagious, lurking in the background is the recognition that we may have to bring certain things to an end before we step across the threshold of a brand new day. It would be important to bear in mind that often we need to have closure with certain situations before we can initiate new projects. Contemplating and conversing about our goals and plans are certainly important aspects of our lives, but let’s remember that we may have to clean up outstanding matters in order not to bring the old baggage into the future. Otherwise, we may be fantasizing about our prospects while in reality creating a scenario of ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’

Thursday, March 6th – A World of Possibilities – Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Saturn. Our upbeat attitude continues on into Thursday. The Sun sextiles Jupiter and Venus conjuncts Neptune. We may be feeling optimistic, confident and with a sense of manifest destiny. Even our relationships can be close to idyllic, at least from our perspective. Where a problem could arise is the fact that we might be looking at the world, our world, through rose-colored glasses. Attitude is everything and today our disposition can be on a high note, but such a high note that we are looking at a world of possibilities without acknowledging present realities. The Moon in Pisces trines Mars, sextiles Pluto and opposes Saturn. We may be geared up for action, feel led by our angels, and assume that nothing can go wrong. Where a problem arises is with the Moon Saturn opposition. While we could use this energy to blueprint our plans and then come up with a best practices approach to realize our goals, we could also get carried away with our enthusiasm, neglect certain details and skip over important points with a blind faith belief that everything will work out to our advantage. Arrogance needs to be watched for today. We could suggest, or others might indicate, an ability to walk on water. With the right equipment we could do so, but a tendency towards inevitable luck might lead us into deep water. Not to dampen the possibilities of this day, but it would be wise to keep a grip on reality. And to keep in mind that we are nearing tomorrow’s Mars Pluto opposition. Things can turn on a dime, change dramatically without a moment’s notice, so let’s maintain vigilance, keep alert, all the while that we’re enjoying the good times.

Friday, March 7th – Never the Twain Shall Meet – Mars, Pluto, Pisces New Moon, Jupiter, Sun, Uranus. This Friday gives us the Pisces New Moon and the signature imprint for the next fortnight. By itself, the New Moon is pretty spectacular with the Sun Moon conjunction also conjunct Uranus and all three sextiling Jupiter. We are stepping into a new paradigm, a time of synchronicity, where asequential reality and non-linear reality hold play. Yes, we’re now in magic times, times when things don’t follow in a sequential manner but rather things come out of the blue and can easily turn on a dime. Now is a time to expect the unexpected, to be open to the magic and miracles of the universe, and to allow ourselves to be co-facilitators of our reality rather than trying to master reality. We are likely to feel energized, ready to explore new realms and take advantage of wonderful surprises that present unexpected opportunities. This period, today and for the fortnight to follow, can also provide a time of technological advances, both in regard to Information Technology and Biotechnology. Major advances can be made now. Like a David and Goliath scenario, we are likely to see small companies and situations that weren’t given much credence a short while ago catapult onto center stage. Even for ourselves, we can streamline operations and focus on what works best for us. We’re ready for exploration and self-discovery and the more autonomy we can create for ourselves the better we shall like it. Now is a time when we can work smarter rather than harder, be more effective with less expenditure of energy and come up with innovative ways to deal with our daily reality. That’s the good news. The less than favorable news is the fact that on this Friday we also have Mars opposed Pluto exact. There is a saying that states: ‘adapt or die’. And this saying may be especially true today and for the following fortnight. If we can’t let go of things and situations that are no longer productive for us, the universe may step in and do it for us. Infrastructures could be found to be weak, hazardous or falling apart. There could be geophysical phenomena with an increase of earthquake and volcanic activity. And with this Lunation being at the opposite point of the Sun’s position at the time of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on September 11, 2001, there could be threat of terrorist activities. While the energies are calling for change, change for many is not an easy thing to come by. Too many of us are accepting of the complacency of discontent, complaining about our situation but not doing anything about it. The energies now can be quite intense, but no matter whether we go with the flow in the rapid currents of these times or not, things they are a’changing.

Saturday, March 8th – Taking a Different Course – Sun, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Mars. Saturday reinforces both the Uranian energy of emphasizing our individuality and the Mars Pluto opposition which raises the question as to whether we have built, and are building, upon rock or upon sand. The Sun conjuncts Uranus today, and the Moon is in Aries. We want to discover new aspects of ourselves, stretch into new parameters, and explore different activities. And we want to do so without any prescribed plan or schedule. We want to be free to do things spontaneously, in the moment and without either expectations or conditions placed upon us. We may not know where we are going. We’re far more interested in the movement and the sense of freedom. The Aries Moon creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and squares Mars in Cancer. We may be a law unto ourselves, willing to break all rules without considering the consequences. We may want to tear things apart, break things down, and we might even seem to be exhibiting signs of throwing a temper tantrum if we don’t get our own way. This day could prove intense, but the intensity would be ratcheted up by any sense of limitations or restrictions placed upon us. This Saturday is a day to do our own thing, test the waters and not feel obligated to commit to the long-term or feel the need to carve our plans in stone. This Saturday is one to be open to the vagaries of life right now, but also to recognize that something is impelling us and the world to make radical changes.

Sunday, March 9th – Talking Heads – Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter. Sunday has Mercury conjunct Neptune. We’ve had a great deal of Neptune since mid-week and it continues on this Sunday. What we have to be careful about is not to get overly rigid in our beliefs or our assumptions. There may be a level of confusion now regarding what is truly going on in the world and in our world. It would be wise to suspend judgment and allow the dust to settle before coming to a definitive opinion regarding what is truly going on. That may not be the way it happens though. Today we could have various talking heads pontificating on their analysis, evaluation and critique of what is going on. Aaargh! Let’s take it all with a grain of salt, or a boulder of a salt lick. The Aries Moon squares Jupiter and sextiles Neptune. We have to be wary of any knee-jerk reactions today. We could go overboard and dig ourselves a deep hole from which it might be difficult to extricate ourselves. Let’s engage in the round robin discussions that are likely to go on but with an air of bemusement remembering that when five people are gathered together there are likely to be six opinions. Time for meditation and quietude would offer an opportunity of grounding ourselves and focusing on the truly essential rather than the mindless drivel that might be circulating today.