March 31st – April 6th

This week is an energetically active week with a high degree of intensity as we focus on our personal interests and look to open the starting gate of new projects and activities. Our actions may be far more spontaneous rather than well thought out. We might be feeling impulsive, wanting to get on with it, and leaping before we look. There is a tendency to shoot from the hip, or from the lip, so it would be wise to restrain our impulsiveness until we have considered the possible consequences of our intended actions.

A great deal of movement with the planetary configurations occurs this week. We have two Sign changes as Mercury then Venus exit Pisces to enter Aries. As they do so, the Stellium of three or more planets in Pisces ends to create a Stellium in Aries with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the Cardinal Fire Sign. On the weekend, we have the Aries New Moon and the triggering of a fortnight of new beginnings. This New Moon has a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the missing Element being the Air Sign of Libra.

Relationships could be under strain. We may be looking out for number 1, ourselves, and far less considerate of other people’s interests or their perspective. We could become so focused on what we want to do that we might be self-absorbed and even downright selfish.

This week has some strong Plutonian energies with Pluto turning retrograde and squares from both Mercury and Venus as they come into Aries. The Pluto retrograde will have Pluto moving back into Sagittarius in mid-June. The inventory-taking, restructuring and rebuilding from the essence of the fundamentals that we’ve been experiencing since Pluto entered Capricorn at the end of January may be lost but certainly not forgotten. Whatever stripping away and cutting off the excess that has gone on since the end of January should be noted, for when Pluto comes back into Capricorn at the end of November for its multi-year transit we may be back to the question of whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand.

There can be explosive energies this week. People may be short with one another. Conversations can become heated and relationships stretched thin even to a breaking point. It is suggested that this week we all find a diversion or distraction to vent any level of frustration that we might be feeling. Trying out new things, testing the waters and finding avenues of re-creating ourselves would all help temper the boiling point we could otherwise be feeling. A new day is dawning, and it is time for us to stretch our wings, to fly, even soar, without going to the extreme of flying too close to the sun.

Monday, March 31st – A Land of Possibilities – Mercury. Monday begins the week and ends the month of March. Late Sunday night, early Monday morning the Capricorn Moon sextiles Mercury. Before we start our day on Monday, it would be wise for us to list those things we want to accomplish this week. The energy this week could easily knock us off center at times, so it would be wise for us to have our ‘to do’ list in order to remind us what we have scheduled for ourselves and what we are seeking to accomplish. Early in the day on Monday, the Moon moves into Aquarius and our thoughts can turn to future plans, various possibilities and discussions with friends used as sounding boards regarding our prospects and our plans. We could easily get carried away by distractions or doing anything other than that which we’ve planned for the day. Spring fever is a natural now and this day would contribute to such a feeling. Our ‘to do’ list will at least draw our attention back to where we want to go on the short term, during this week, and may provide a ballast from any tendency to go floating off onto the air currents. Today is a day to have our head in the clouds but to keep our feet on the ground.

Tuesday, April 1st – Don’t Suffer the Fool – Sun. Tuesday is the first day of April and often referred to as April Fool’s Day. No suffering the fool today. We are likely to feel far more integrated today thanks to the Aquarius Moon sextile the Aries Sun. We’re looking to put our mark on our activities and our future involvements. If things don’t speak to us and have meaning for us, we are less inclined to engage them. We may be feeling energized, although with the backdrop of changing parameters as we come into tomorrow. Tuesday is a good day to blueprint our plans and give thought to what we want to do. We all have responsibilities but they do not have to be the ties that bind. We can begin to consider new activities, new projects, new involvements. Today is a day to appreciate the magic of intention — that it is not so much getting caught in the ways or means of doing something as much as having the passion and commitment of seeing our dreams and goals realized no matter the method or the steps along the way. Although today is a good day to be a daydream believer, we might also want to keep our intentions to ourselves, for other people could be naysayers if we speak of our dreams or changes we want to make to our lives.

Wednesday, April 2nd – Eruptions Boiling Over – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Saturn, Pluto retrograde, Mercury Aries. Wednesday begins with the Aquarius Moon sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto just as Pluto is turning retrograde. We may still have our hearts set on some goal, a goal that if revealed to others they might consider quixotic. Like the New York Mets slogan goes: ‘You gotta believe’. Increasingly, we are likely to find that the new paradigm allows for the asequential realities of what we would in olden days refer to as magic and miracles. Although we are on the threshold of this paradigm shift, this Wednesday could see changing conditions that could bring our dreams into question. No matter, it is all part of the birthing process with its consequent labor pains. The Pluto retrograde can trigger eruptions, blasts and intense acting out. Although we start the day with high ideals and our ambitions largely intact, the energy changes dramatically with heightened intensity and likely anxiety. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost twelve hours making no further connections to the planets before entering Pisces later in the day where it opposes Saturn. Suddenly, we could feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails, especially if we are feeling dependent upon other people or the circumstances of the world at large to easily pave the way for us. Old matters could demand our attention and we might feel as though we have to put our hopes and wishes on the back burner as we deal with our responsibilities and outstanding situations. Mercury exits Pisces ending the Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Water Sign and enters Aries. Although the wind may have been knocked out of our sails, we may have gotten a good lesson from any comeuppance by realizing that we need to rely upon ourselves. We might recognize that no one is going to do it for us but instead we have to be the ones to make our dreams come true… with a little help from the universe and this new paradigm of asequential reality.

Thursday, April 3rd – Tilting at Windmills – Mercury, Pluto, Mars. Thursday has Mercury square Pluto and the Pisces Moon trine Mars. This is a day when we may brook no interference to our goals or our opinions. We want what we want and we’re willing to move mountains to achieve our purpose. Where a problem is likely to arise is the fact that we may be drawing more upon our brawn than our brain. We have the determination to push through any opposition, and there could be a tendency towards belligerence to support our position. Discussions could easily turn into arguments. We might easily gloss over details, neglecting the specifics of a situation and just assume that by our will we can make things so. If we would restrain our impulse to conquer, control and master, then we might be able to use our mind to focus and penetrate on a best practices approach to advance our interests. Otherwise, we could go blindly into the night, moving in directions that might not serve our best interests with an itinerary that is more likely to take us off track with the need of redoubling our efforts later on. We are dealing with explosive energies. Our thoughts can be incisive but our tongue sharp and divisive. Thursday is a day to plan our actions, consider the best practices approach and then take things one step at a time.

Friday, April 4th – Opening New Doors Resourcefully – Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto. If we didn’t step in it yesterday and create greater turmoil for ourselves, then this Friday seems a great deal easier sailing. Let’s keep in mind the keyword of these times: VOLATILITY. There are times when things are good, very good, and other times when things are bad, very bad. Today can be one of the good days. The Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus, sextiles Jupiter and conjuncts Venus. No matter what our plans might be for the day, there could be some interesting and unexpected surprises in store for us. Today is a good day to try out new things, do something different and take some time to be in contact with good friends. We want to be free, able to do what we want the way we want to do it. We’re looking at broadening our reach, expanding our scope. We are in the dark side of the Moon, so let’s consider our alternatives and options without necessarily laying the foundation stones for our new activities. Today is a day to take free and easy. In so doing, we could also discover that we are able to streamline our operations, be more effective with less expenditure of energy. Today is a good day to note those mini-miracles in our lives, even if such miracles seem to be silly things like finding a parking space in a hectic traffic grid, bumping into an acquaintance and taking the time of having a coffee or tea with them, or discovering a means to get more things done in a shorter period of time. Toward the latter part of the day, the Moon moves into Aries where it squares Pluto. Friday evening we need to watch for impulsiveness whereby once again we could be pushing the envelope, doing what we please without considering the possible ramifications of our actions. Some forethought would go a far way to getting what we want without stepping on other people’s toes.

Saturday, April 5th – New Beginnings Out of the Gate – Mercury, Mars, Aries Lunation, Sun. Saturday has the Aries Moon conjunct Mercury, square Mars and then conjuncting the Sun and giving us the Aries New Moon. While the earlier part of the day could have us wanting to do our own thing all the while that family issues and home projects are pulling at us, the latter part of the day gives us the Aries Lunation and the opening of the starting gate for all those Springtime projects we have envisioned and planned for. This Lunation does create a Cardinal Sign T-Square by the Aries New Moon squaring Mars in Cancer and squaring Jupiter in Capricorn. The missing Element is the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. We might be so self-absorbed, self-involved and downright selfish not to take into account the wishes or needs of our significant other[s]. We might be feeling somewhat regal, a law unto ourselves, and pushing our own interests forward with no regard to the impact upon other people. Although we’re champing at the bit to get on with our projects and our own personal interests, it would be wise to keep in mind the adage about karma: ‘what goes around comes around’. We could easily be setting into motion the groundwork of a battle royal with some of the special people in our lives. If we go there, then we might have hell to pay both in losing certain friendships and in creating greater turmoil for our lives. And with all that is going on in the world at large, isn’t there more than enough turmoil to deal with?

Sunday, April 6th – Ratcheting Up, Settling In – Venus Aries, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday has Venus leaving Pisces and entering Aries, a Sign of its Detriment where Venus is not comfortable. From the Pisces Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Water Sign of a few days ago and the latter half of last month, we now have a Stellium in the Cardinal Fire Sign as Venus joins Mercury and the Sun in Aries. We may think highly of ourselves right now, be focused on our own personal interests with little regard for other people’s interests or opinions. As Venus enters Aries, Venus squares Pluto. This week has had a great deal of Pluto energy, first with Pluto turning retrograde, then Mercury square Pluto and today with Venus square Pluto. Our interactions with others could be intense today, especially in light of the fact that we’re coming off the Aries New Moon and have today the Moon in Aries square Jupiter and sextile Neptune. Our expectations for other people might be great with a tendency for us to hold others to a higher standard than that to which we hold ourselves. We have to be careful that we, or other people, don’t draw lines in the sand and create a potentially adversarial relationship. Our interactions can be passionate but also strident. If we go there, we could find some of our relationships are severely tested even to a breaking point. We may carry illusions of other people and today would provide the opportunity of seeing things from their core scenario and the fundamentals of the relationship. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Taurus where it trines Pluto. Any relationship stresses could be smoothed over later in the day. This Sunday is a good day to note the energies operating and how they are manifesting in our lives. For this Sunday could be an encapsulation of the month whereby the first half of the month seems to emphasize impetuousness and self-focus and the latter part of the month allows opportunities of putting the abstract into manifestation, taking our dreams and creating the best practices approach to make them real and come true. So too for this Sunday. From the passion of our self interests we can use the latter part of the day to line our ducks up in a row and focus on the particulars regarding how we plan to achieve our planned intentions.