March 24th – 30th

This week, the first full week of Spring, has some really pleasant energies. With the Vernal Equinox and the Christian holy day of Easter this past week, we may feel as though life is born anew. And with the energies this week, we may be feeling like there’s a new bounce in our step with interesting surprises awaiting us. Especially toward the latter part of the week, it would be wise for us to work with peripheral vision, keep our ears and eyes wide open and look for the magic.

The week starts with the Moon in Scorpio and various sextiles and trines. The early part of the week is a good time for us to clear out the debris of the past, all the while that we are considering a rebirthing of our activities and blueprinting our plans for the future. The latter part of the week has various Uranus energy configurations. Things can come out of the blue. We might have a good reminder of the paradigm shift on which we are in process of crossing the threshold. We may get some strong reminders to get out of our own way and allow the universe to do its work. Unexpected situations and some wonderful unanticipated events can crop up. We are likely to find that spontaneity and acting on impulse are far more rewarding than following the same old script.

Yes, this week is a week of excitement and thrilling adventures. We just have to be open to the magic and the miracles and not overly schedule our week or plan things down to the most minute detail. We may feel caught up in a whirlwind of activities and possibilities. And why not? The weekend takes on a more grounded approach and we could find that we need to take care of certain responsibilities or prior commitments all the while that we want to further explore some of the incidents that occurred during the latter part of the week.

This week offers another indication that we are in process of stepping onto the magical mystery tour. En joy the ride.

Monday, March 24th – Inspired to Focus – Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Saturn, Mars. Monday has Mercury conjunct Venus in Pisces. Our thoughts can be highly spiritual in nature with a desire to help those less fortunate or those having a difficult time during this tumultuous period of transition. Our sensitivity is likely to be turned up severalfold. We also have more Water with the Moon in Scorpio trine Mars in Cancer. By Sign, today gives us a Grand Trine in the Water Element with all three of the Water Signs being transited. Our emotions are strong, passionate and we may have a great determination to clear certain things from our pathway. The Scorpio Moon also sextiles Pluto and sextiles Saturn. We might use this day to focus on a best practices approach, figuring out the most expeditious and effective ways to get things done. We could have a reservoir of strength, a reserve of persistence and fathomless determination today. It’s time for us to ‘git ‘er done’, and we can accomplish more today by our force of will and our focused attention than we might even imagine. The energies allow us to strip away, restructure and rebuild and start from a stronger position than we had before now. We may realize that the Teacher, Savior, Rescuer is none other than ourselves.

Tuesday, March 25th – Moving the Pieces – Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune. Tuesday continues with the heavy emphasis on the Water Element, as the Moon continues its transit of Scorpio. Today the Moon trines all three planets in Pisces: Venus, Mercury and Uranus. The Moon also sextiles Jupiter but squares Neptune. Today is one of those days when we can get an Archimedes moment, the ‘Eureka’ of awareness gained by our intuition and insight. We are likely to be looking at the changes we want to incorporate in our lives, changes that allow us greater freedom of movement and more autonomy in our actions. We no longer want to be held down or held back by circumstances beyond our control. We want to do the dance of life and we are far more cognizant of the changing rhythms. ‘Victim no more’ may be our call out to the world today. While we can come up with some brilliant ideas regarding how we can make necessary changes, we also have to be careful and take things one step at a time. The steps may not be sequential or linear. Our actions can supersede the linear reality of the past and enter a world of possibilities, the asequential reality that offers things coming out of the blue. Let’s be open to changing our perspective, a broadening of our viewpoint and be receptive to the possibilities. It would be wise to keep our cards close to our chest, not reveal all that we are either considering or planning, for we could have some naysayers warning us that to divert from the ‘tried and true’ could prove disastrous. While it is important for us not to get carried away by change for the sake of change and essential that we take moments to evaluate and check our movement, it is equally necessary that we not assume the old program will benefit us in the future, much less the present. Let us go bravely into uncharted waters but with vigilance and awareness. Change beckons. It is a question of how we decide to move the various pieces. Like a chess game, after each move we might consider the permutations of what could come next.

Wednesday, March 26th – The Nickels Drop – Saturn. Wednesday is often referred to as ‘hump day’, for it comes in the middle of our workweek. This Wednesday is likely to feel very much of a ‘hump day’. After the energy and even euphoria of the past two days, when we might have felt committed to ridding ourselves of the outworn past and willing to experiment for our future; Wednesday could have us pulled up short, back to our responsibilities and even to the point of putting our desires for shifting things on hold. This Wednesday has the Moon moving into Sagittarius where it squares Saturn. While the Moon in Sagittarius could reinforce our sense of adventure and willingness to expand our reach, the Saturn square could be a bit of a dampener. We could feel constricted, blocked, as though our desire for changing things in our lives were merely idle mindless meanderings with no hope of real possibility. We might feel a little down, depressed as if the wind had been knocked out of our sails. We could go there… or we could use the energy to fine tune our recent thoughts and see what are truly practical and those that held no substance to them. Like a ‘hump day’, this Wednesday could also serve as a bridge day between the past two days when we started to clear the clutter, both physically and figuratively, to prepare for our new days ahead, and the next two days which are bound to open up a world of synchronicity, those times of magic when it is not what we do that makes things happen but rather being receptive to things coming out from the blue. We could use this Wednesday to balance our enthusiasm and insistent desire for change with a thoughtful, best practices approach. Let’s deal with what needs to be done, consider the practical means by which we can get from where we are to where we want to go, and commit ourselves to effecting the changes we feel necessary in our lives. This Wednesday is a day when the nickels can drop and we become fully aware of how we want to restructure our lives.

Thursday, March 27th – Crossing Dimensions – Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Sun. Even if yesterday took a bite out of our Springtime exhilaration, this Thursday is likely to find it back again and with increased vigor. The energy of Monday and Tuesday may be exponentially increased on this Thursday. For Thursday has Mercury sextile Jupiter and Mercury conjunct Uranus. And the Sagittarius Moon trines the Sun. We may be operating on all eight cylinders today, feeling energized, upbeat and ready to put the pedal to the metal. We do have to be careful not to get ahead of ourselves, and let’s remember that increasingly the energy is not so much what we do or our control over situations. Rather, our greatest benefits will come from being aware of the energies operating around us, the shapeshifting of circumstances and conditions, and being ready to jump when it’s time to jump. This Thursday can have us stepping across dimensions, moving out of the physically dense realm of duality into a space-time continuum of limitless possibilities. In other words, it is not a question of what we do but rather having our antennae up, our eyes wide open and being in the right place at the right time. Today has an element of magic about it, so let’s note those surprises and unexpected situations that may arise. Things can easily flow today if we allow them to unfold according to their own natural rhythm. We may hear from people we haven’t heard from in a while. We could make contacts that could be truly advantageous and provide opportunities we might never imagine. We are feeling inspired, upbeat and with that kind of attitude pieces to the puzzle can fit neatly together without our having to force them, control them or even direct them. This day can be one of those mind-blowing days when everything seems to be going our way… as long as we are not determined to control the way it’s going.

Friday, March 28th – Believe it Or Not, the Magic Continues – Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday had Mercury very much in play with its interactions with Jupiter and Uranus. This Friday now has Venus sextile Jupiter and conjunct Uranus. And for added amusement Jupiter sextiles Uranus today. We may have felt so inspired yesterday, so at the top of our game, that we might have assumed that the rug was about to be pulled out from under us. With the volatility of these times, with extremes being more than extreme, and our sense of stability continually rocked, it would not be surprising for us to assume that if things get really good then they can get equally as bad further down the road. We could start this Friday waiting for the other shoe to drop. The early part of the day has the Sagittarius Moon square the three planets in Pisces: Venus, Uranus and Mercury. Although we would like good things to continue, we might fall back into a victim mode and believe that the heavens are going to open up and strike us dead. Aaargh. Enough already of the old conditioning of the patriarchal finding disfavor with us and punishing us mercilessly! Even if we go there, the Sagittarius Moon also sextiles Neptune, so we can hold out a flicker of hope that such fears don’t become a reality. And why should they? The Moon then goes Void-of-Course making no further connections as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn. The energy drops down and our early morning anxieties can also drop away. There may not be a great deal of energy to get things done. And that may be the beauty of this day — that it is not what we do or what we try to do but rather the universe taking hold and allowing the magic to continue. For today’s Venus sextile Jupiter and Venus conjunct Uranus and Jupiter sextile Uranus can be especially pleasant. Things may occur on their own accord and not by means of our controlling them. We could have some wonderful interchanges with other people, bumping into people or meetings with remarkable individuals. The mirror of possibilities with a kaleidoscope of characters can be both intriguing and liberating. Let’s keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision, and allow ourselves the time to take advantage of situations that could come out from the blue. This Thursday and Friday are special days. They don’t occur everyday but they are likely to provide indications of how the future, our future, can be lived. The old paradigm is breaking down, the new paradigm yet to be fully revealed, but the hints along the way can make us aware that we are moving into exciting, liberating and abundant times. Yes, believe it or not, the magic continues and eventually becomes the modus operandi of our lives.

Saturday, March 29th – Ground Control – Pluto, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Mars. Saturday provides a sense of grounding to the whirlwind energies swirling around this past week. The Moon is in Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto and trines Saturn. The Moon in Capricorn also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with its square to the Sun in Aries and opposition to Mars in Cancer. Although this Saturday may ask us to sort through the various experiences and new interests of this past week, we can do so in a focused manner, considering those situations that truly have meaning for us and ridding ourselves of those that might have been merely exciting diversions. We can get a lot done today. Some of our involvements may be necessary errands, taking care of matters we put aside as we enjoyed the synchronicities of this past week, and starting to build the basics for our new endeavors. We may feel as though we had taken on too much this past week. By clearly evaluating and paring down to the fundamental essentials, we don’t have to feel on overload. If we try to do everything, then we’re likely to be back in the old pickle of overwhelm. Let’s give ourselves some time to weigh the pros and cons of our different activities. We don’t have to be deliberate in discarding the cons, but it would be wise to prioritize and concentrate on those matters that call to us without spending time on those affairs that may be socially appropriate or what is expected of us but have no real purpose for us.

Sunday, March 30th – Off to the Races – Sun, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus. Sunday could be ratcheting up the energies again. With the Sun square Mars we might feel conflicted between what we want to do and what we need to do around our home or with our family. We would probably far prefer to be off and running, free as the wind, and as fast as a cyclonic force. If we aren’t impetuous, this Sunday could be one of those days when we can have it all. The Capricorn Moon conjuncts Jupiter and sextiles both Uranus and Venus. We can do what is appropriate and gain some points for being attentive and taking care of what needs to be done. And we can also find time to do our own thing, explore new terrain and enjoy special moments with those people who matter to us. The key to this day is to plan but to keep time periods open for us to fill according to what is going on at the moment. The idea for us, today and especially during these times, is to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. Today we can handle our responsibilities and other people’s pulls on us and also carve out time to do whatever we choose to do. We might have the opportunity of learning to use time in a qualitative manner rather than just a quantitative manner. The quality of time is figuring out what our productive time cycle is, whether it be five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, an hour, two hours or whatever works best for us. Whatever our productive time cycle is, during that time we can be at our optimum, focused and effective in dealing with our responsibilities, thereby freeing up more quantitative time that we can do with as we choose. Let’s remember that in changing paradigms, the parameters also change. One of the key shifts is from a sequential, linear, objective and quantitative reality to an asequential, non-linear, subjective and qualitative reality of synchronicities. The more we work with the energies and not try to control matters, the more productive we can be. In other words, we can allow the universe to do its work, and we can become co-creators of our destiny rather than trying to force the energies to our will, exert control and attempt to master the universe.