March 17th – 23rd

This week has the last few days of Winter and the beginning of Spring. We may be preparing for a Spring holiday, Easter or Spring projects around the house. This is a week to blend pleasurable activities with addressing details and outstanding matters. The more we can tie up loose ends, the less encumbered we shall be as we come more into the Spring period and look to start up new projects and try out new interests.

Apart from the beginning of Spring on Wednesday – Thursday, we also have the Libra Full Moon on Friday, Good Friday in Christian theology. The symbolism of the crucifixion of Jesus may not be lost on any of us, no matter our religious beliefs. This Full Moon has the Sun Moon opposition square Pluto in Capricorn. Once again, we may be asked to question whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand. The potential fall from grace, already evidenced recently in a public humiliation and forced resignation, is strong now. We can become increasingly aware that things can change without a moment’s notice.

The issue of ‘adapt or die’ may force us to look at the characteristics and aspects of our lives and determine those that we want to maintain, reinforce and focus on and those that we are ready to let go during a good Spring cleaning.

Just as Easter represents in Christian theology the resurrection and ascension following the crucifixion, the Vernal Equinox offers the sense of renewal, rebirth and regeneration. Aided by the Pluto energies, we have the opportunity of inventory taking and discerning what is truly meaningful to us and that which is merely a distraction or dross to be cleared away.

The week can be intense so it would be wise to be certain to incorporate periods, moments, events of celebration and joy at the beginning of a new year, for the Vernal Equinox does speak to the beginning of a whole new cycle.

Monday, March 17th – Oh, Danny Boy – Mercury, Saturn. Monday is St. Patrick’s Day and while we have a Leo Moon prodding us toward fun activities and creative venues, the day also has Mercury opposed Saturn. Our desire for enjoyment today could be marred by our feeling of overwhelm, slightly disheartened and bogged down by outstanding matters or delays in moving forward. If we don’t feel victim to circumstance, we could use this day to productively blueprint our plans and blend a visionary sense with a practical approach and methodology. Such a tendency would be a best case scenario. What we have to watch for is having expectations or being a little too critical either in our self-evaluation or in the standards we choose to hold others to. Today is one of those days to keep in mind the old saying: ’Life’s too mysterious. Don’t take it serious.’ But serious we might take it and then we are likely to feel at the mercy of the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. Let’s focus on having some fun times, not overdoing any partying in which we might choose to engage, and not hold high standards demanding perfection in an imperfect world.

Tuesday, March 18th – Home Projects – Mercury, Mars, Neptune. Tuesday continues with the Leo Moon, which today opposes Neptune. We also have Mercury trine Mars. We may still be feeling the somewhat depressing effects of yesterday’s Mercury Saturn opposition and we could have great expectations today. Our interactions with others could prove difficult if we do not cut other people some slack and try to see things from their perspective. With Mercury trine Mars, today is a far better day to tend to things around our own home rather than gathering rocks to throw at other people’s homes. We can make plans regarding how we might want to make changes around our home, contact family and close friends, and look at both tying up loose ends and preparing for the Spring period. Taking time to think things through, considering our possibilities without launching ahead and envisioning what we want to create would all be good ways to use this day. We may find that we are sorting through potentials, getting enamored by some or many but the key disposition to keep in mind today is to look before we leap. Let’s take time to reflect on where we want to go and how we want to get there.

Wednesday, March 19th – Taking Care of Business – Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus. Wednesday has the Moon moving into Virgo where it trines Pluto, conjuncts Saturn, sextiles Mars and opposes both Mercury and Venus. Today is a day to get real, to evaluate with a critical eye our activities and our intended plans. We can accomplish a great deal if we keep our eye on the ball and focus on what needs to get done. While distractions might grab our attention and attempt to gain our focus, it would be wise to attend to the daily routine and the specific details of our projects. Let’s keep in mind that the journey is a series of steps. Today is a day to take things step by step. We can look up, stare off at the horizon and even engage in wishful meanderings. But in so doing, let it be a brief interlude from our responsibilities and everyday obligations. This is the last day of Winter with Spring around the corner and coming in later today or early tomorrow morning, depending upon where we are on the planet. Let’s use this day to wrap up loose ends of this Winter period and even the year ending. Remember, in astrology and in nature in the northern latitudes, Winter brings closure to the natural year and Spring begins the new year. By concentrating on taking care of business, we can bring things to completion and be ready to take advantage of the new beginnings that Springtime offers us.

Thursday, March 20th – To Begin Again – Vernal Equinox, Sun Aries, Jupiter, Uranus. Thursday, Wednesday evening in some locales, gives us the Vernal Equinox, the beginning of the Spring season, as the Sun enters the Cardinal Fire Sign Aries. We are at the beginning of the zodiac year, the natural new year in the northern latitudes. We may feel a burst of energy and the sense of breaking out from the doldrums and wanting to initiate new activities and develop new interests. The Moon in Virgo contributes to the sense of expansion thanks to its trine to exuberant Jupiter. Today is a good day to expand our perspective and broaden our reach. We may find that we want to do more, that we are looking to take on more activities especially with the weather inevitably warming up as we come more into Spring. The Moon also opposes Uranus, so we should we aware that unexpected situations might arise for us to address or deal with. We could be feeling our oats wanting to stretch and do things differently. A little experimentation, testing the waters, finding something that appeals to us, even if only an impulse buy or a spontaneous action, would be good ways to kick off Spring. Let’s remember that the season we are moving into is one when we want to express ourselves, focus on ourselves and not necessarily with a great deal of finesse as much as the primal scream of self-assertion. Let’s make this Thursday a ‘me’ day and allow ourselves some special time just for ourselves.

Friday, March 21st – Transition Points – Libra Full Moon, Sun, Pluto. Friday has the Moon moving into Libra and the Libra Full Moon. This Libra Full Moon can be especially powerful due to the Sun square Pluto and the Sun Moon opposition square Pluto. In Christian theology, this day is Good Friday and we may all feel on the cross or at the crossroads. We are being asked to get real with ourselves, to strip away the non-essentials and concentrate on the fundamentals, the core, the heart and soul of any and every matter. Although it may seem as though the security of living is slipping away beneath us, we are having the opportunity of doing a serious inventory taking of our lives, see what is truly important and what has been either a distraction or fluff, and then determine whether we get rid of the superfluous. Let’s remember that if we don’t eliminate the dross from our lives, the universe could well do it for us. This day and period could be quite intense and extreme in its actions. People could be acting out today, significant individuals could step off the stage and the potential for explosive actions can certainly not be counted out. Geophysical activity of earthquakes and volcanoes could be happening today, and it would be wise for us to keep in mind that life and living is a dynamic always in flux and not a stasis of a fixed status quo.

Saturday, March 22nd – Preparations and Get-Togethers – Mars. Saturday continues the intensity of yesterday’s Full Moon with its square to Pluto. Like a massive underwater eruption, the ripples can continue on into today. Not only are we feeling the influence of yesterday’s major energies but today has the Libra Moon square Mars. The Mars Pluto opposition that we have been feeling for a while and which was exact at the time of the New Moon back on the 9th is being re-enforced now both by yesterday’s Full Moon and today’s Moon square Mars. This Friday and Saturday could prove over the top. Nothing is likely to be done in half measure and we have to be especially careful that we don’t get sucked into the whirlwind of intensity that could have people lashing out verbally or physically and the eruptions that might be evident. We don’t have to run for cover, but it would be wise not to be overly reactive to the things going on around us or in the world at large. With tomorrow being Easter and with the Libra Moon, we might want to use this day either in preparation of social gatherings tomorrow or enjoy get-togethers today with those special people in our lives. We may have a sense of endings going on, whether people moving out of our lives, or projects coming to a close. Such situations remind us of the cycle of endings which turn into new beginnings. We are now into the Spring season, a time of new beginnings but with the recognition of orbs and spheres of influence we have to realize that we’re still on the threshold between Winter and Spring.

Sunday, March 23rd – Awaken and Rise Up – Jupiter, Neptune. This Sunday is Easter Sunday, one of the major holy days in Christian theology. While this day speaks of the resurrection and ascension of Jesus to become the Christ, Easter Sunday also gives us the symbolic indication of our own individual resurrection, renewal and rebirth which occurs with the promise of Springtime. Today the Libra Moon squares Jupiter and trines Neptune. Today is a day for social engagements, some of which may be obligatory that we do only because it is socially correct for us to do so or because we have commitments to keep. Other get-togethers can be fun times of gatherings with friends and the opportunity of discussing plans and considering possibilities. For each one of us, no matter what our religious or philosophical beliefs, we can use this Sunday to enjoy the beauty of our lives and the prospects for our future. Today is a great day to gift ourselves and gift our friends. We are looking at throwing off the shackles of bondage of the past and far more interested in the promise of our future. Let’s awaken, rise up and realize that we can start anew with a disposition of gratitude and an appreciation for the opportunities we have to express ourselves and realize our potentials.

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  1. V. F. Morganti March 17, 2008 4:57 am

    Hi! I am soooo glad to be able to see your views and insightful comment on your very informative web site. I moved from the Greenwich area a couple of years ago and, though I really missed you after you moved to California, I miss you even more now!! Things you advised me about just before I moved were so “right on the money”’s uncanny!

    I hope to be contacting you quite soon for a consultation; I really need a Frank Don “tune-up”!