March 10th – 16th

This week is the last full week of Winter, officially. This week sees two Sign changes as first Venus then Mercury move out of Aquarius and move into Pisces. By so doing, these planets end the Stellium of three or more planets in Aquarius and create a Stellium in Pisces as they join both the Sun and Uranus in the Mutable Water Sign and the last Sign of the Zodiac wheel. Yes, Winter may soon be officially ending but its energy and influence linger on.

We are still feeling the influence of last week’s Mars Pluto opposition that brought us various incidents and activities typical of the Mars Pluto interplay. The killing of rabbinical students in Israel reminded me that the Mars Pluto adverse aspects often parallel issues associated with assaults, war-like actions and suicide bombings involving Israel. This configuration also indicated increased geophysical activity and warning signs have been noted in Mexico, Oregon and the Aleutian Islands regarding a possible significant geophysical event. We also had a call from various Democrat leaders in the US for the two frontrunners for their party’s Presidential nomination to stop the sniping at each other. Headlines also blared the news of the devastating accounting of foreclosures in the US housing market. Both by means of its influence through the New Moon and by its orb, this Mars Pluto opposition continues on through next week.

We have to maintain caution and vigilance to be careful not to allow some insignificant event, or significant event, be a trigger for unleashing wrath or ire. It would be wise to avoid knee-jerk reactions assuming that an immediate response will stop the bleeding or avoid the pain.

Although we may be feeling the impact of Mars Pluto, this week has some pleasant energies. We can begin to move ahead with plans and can come up with a best practices approach. We do have to be careful not to get suckered into believing either that everything is turning in a more positive direction or falling prey to dire forecasts. The roller coaster continues its ride with some ups and downs, but this week mostly has some up qualities associated with it.

An element of conservatism regarding our finances, perhaps seen as an exercise of how we can stretch our dollars, will make us feel more on top of things and less at the vagaries of inflation, increased costs and less disposable income for us to work with.

Interactions with others can be deep and meaningful as long as we stay detached and objective and not allow our emotions get entangled with other people’s issues or problems. I often remind clients that misery loves company and not to make it their company.

Compassion and caring are one thing but dysfunctional codependency is a lose-lose scenario for all concerned.

This is a good week to get our house in order, financially and environmentally, get together with good friends and have meaningful discussions about the importance of those special people in our lives and brainstorming some of our plans for the future.

Monday, March 10th – It’s a Beautiful Day – Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Mars, Saturn. Monday can be one of those primo days. We start the day with the Aries Moon sextile the three planets in Aquarius — Neptune, Mercury and Venus. We have a burst of energy and are looking towards our future and how we can implement our plans. Nothing may seem impossible, and it never is. Conversations with others might prove good sounding boards in honing and refining our ideas and plans. People may make us aware of options and alternatives that we don’t see for ourselves. The more we can be open to greater understanding and more information, the more we can focus our dreams and consider the ways to make our dreams come true. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Taurus where it sextiles Mars and creates an Earth Grand Trine by trining Pluto in Capricorn and trining Saturn in Virgo. From the thrust of energy with which we began the day, we can now neatly fit the pieces into the puzzle. We can devise the most effective means by which to structure and execute our plans. We could find ourselves being incredibly resourceful and determined. No matter what the world might be doing, or what the headlines may be blaring. We’re determined and prepared to take on the world. We’re aware that we have the tools, the capability and the resources, no matter how limited, to pull off our goals. We may need a little help from our friends, but we have able supporters to assist us and provide a more objective perspective regarding a best practices approach.

Tuesday, March 11th – Moving Right Along – Jupiter, Uranus. Tuesday keeps the energy and focused determination on Monday moving right along. Today, the Taurus Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Uranus. We can broaden our perspective, widen our sphere, all the while that we are adjusting and shifting our technique as things go along. We are likely to feel upbeat, open to the challenges, and able to think outside the box and come up with streamlined ways to get things done. If we could get off the track, do something out of the ordinary, then we might come up with one of those ‘Eureka’ moments when sudden realization gives us an innovative way to deal with things. We are looking to stretch and be more effective with less expenditure of energy. Let’s be certain that we allow ourselves to be spontaneous and to try things differently or try different things. If we go out shopping, we could come up with interesting bargains or discover that item we’ve been ever searching for. There is an element of the miraculous today that can be uplifting and have us feeling that not everything is going downhill.

Wednesday, March 12th – Bumps in the Road – Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Venus Pisces. If life were strictly a smooth autobahn, we could slide quickly and easily through life. Nice concept perhaps, but it would also mean that we weren’t learning from the glitches or the road bumps along the way. Wednesday could provide some of those bumps in the road. Although we start the day with the Taurus Moon sextile the Sun, continuing our nary a worry in the world attitude that we have embraced the past two days, we do hit some glitches as the Taurus Moon squares the three planets in Aquarius — Neptune, Mercury, Venus. While we had people praising and cheerleading our intentions on Monday, Wednesday could have our supporters turning into naysayers. We may have skipped over details or now realize that the execution is far more difficult than the conceptual manifestation in our minds. Wednesday is a day when we might have to re-group, reconsider and find that the resources we thought were available are a great deal less than we had imagined. The sense of wrong calculations could be reinforced by the Moon moving into Gemini where it squares Saturn. Responsibilities and neglected details could put monkeywrenches into the spokes of our wheels. Instead of falling into depression, feeling bummed, or accepting a victimized role, let’s realize that re-tooling and re-defining are always important characteristics for us to get things right. Late in the day, Venus moves into Pisces ending the Stellium of three or more planets in Aquarius and creating a Stellium in Pisces as Venus joins the Sun and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign. Our emotions are being highly sensitized. We may feel greater compassion for other people, but we do have to watch for being the dry sponge taking to water, soaking up the energies, emotions and vibes of our surroundings and the people around us.

Thursday. March 13th – The Depth of Passion – Venus, Pluto, Uranus. Thursday has Venus sextile Pluto and the Gemini Moon square Uranus. Our relationships can go to a deeper level as we question who we are, why we are here and the intimacy of our personal connections. We’re not interested in superficial interactions. We want depth, passion, intimacy and authenticity. While we want to go below the surface and see what is truly going on, it is by means of how things feel to us that we will come to a judgment and not by means of the reasoning mind. Although we are feeling deeply, such depth can also be a little scary. If we feel swept up by our emotions or consumed by our passion, we could find ourselves bolting from the situation. Today is a day to give everyone some slack, suspend judgment and recognize that each of us may be trying to stretch beyond our comfort zone. Once beyond our comfort zone, a sense of the emperor with no clothes could set in and, feeling violated or too fully revealed, we could run swiftly from the arena. No judgment, no opinion as to how we do, let’s allow ourselves to feel more deeply and embrace the depth of passion today.

Friday, March 14th – All Over the Place – Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Mercury Pisces. Friday could prove exhausting. There is a great deal of energy that could have us fixing up, reworking, moving ahead, stepping back and going beyond the Texas two-step — all over the place. Mars sextiles Saturn and early in the day the Gemini Moon trines Neptune, trines Mercury and squares the Sun. We may be making plans for the night, for the weekend, for the week ahead, months ahead, ad infinitum. Our tendency to overschedule could be strong today. We may feel that we have to meet certain obligations all the while that new interests and new proposals grab our attention and draw our interest. We may be trying to cover so much ground that by the time the latter part of the day arrives, all we want to do is go home and catch our breath. Nice concept but we may have already scheduled ourselves for the evening hours, for the next day, next week, and on and on. Although the Moon moves into Cancer, the Moon then opposes Pluto, trines Venus, sextiles Saturn and conjuncts Mars. Even if our plans change for the evening, the only change is likely to be the venue and not the participation list. This Friday could prove an exhausting day where we are going from one thing to another, trying to cover all bases and adding more bases for us to eventually cover. Judiciously spreading out our commitments would be wise, for otherwise we could be on overload this Friday. Mercury moves into Pisces late in the day adding to the Pisces Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Water Sign as Mercury join Venus, the Sun and Uranus. Our intuitive sense can sharpen but our attention to details could be less strong.

Saturday, March 15th – Brilliant but Belligerent – Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter. Saturday has Mercury sextile Pluto which can strengthen our intuition, give a piercing intellect and provide the ability of coming up with the right answers for any problem. Heart-to-heart talks can get to the core of a situation. But we do have to be careful to maintain diplomacy and considerate of other people’s feelings. Our straight from the heart approach can be on-target but also strike to the heart. With Venus opposed Saturn we have to be careful that people aren’t too sensitive regarding what is being said, misconstrue the words or misinterpret the intention. Past relationship issues can get in the way and there could be a tendency for people to go through their files and bring up past cases of inappropriate behavior or unintended hurts. We may have to walk the balance beam today between what we say and how we say it. The more we can see things from the other person’s perspective, the less likely we are to fall into a gnarly pit of brambles and briars. The Cancer Moon opposes Jupiter. There could be a tendency towards the too muches — saying too much, going too far or trying to resolves too many things.

Sunday, March 16th – Those Magic Moments – Venus, Mars, Uranus, Sun. No matter what havoc we might have caused or may have been entangled with over the intensity of the past few days; the frenetic energy dies down and we can catch a breather and even enjoy some special moments. Venus trines Mars today. We are far more considerate of other people, able to see their perspective, and far more interested in creating win-win situations rather than winning our point or being numero uno. The Cancer Moon trines Uranus and the Sun. We’re feeling more motherly, wanting to comfort and nurture. Even Type A personalities can take a breather today. This Sunday can be a special day of enjoying a respite from our everyday lives, taking a leisurely walk out of doors or enjoying a meal and chatting around the table. This day is also a good fix-up day when we take care of home projects, move things around or do a pre-Spring cleaning. We may enjoy time with our family or extended family of good friends. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course and we might just take the time to nap on the couch or sit back and watch the world go by. In the evening hours, some form of recreational fun would be a good way to prepare for the week ahead.