February 4th – 10th

This week has the Solar Eclipse on the 6th – 7th with the Aquarius New Moon and the ushering in of the Chinese New Year of the Brown Earth Rat.

This week is also the second week of this year’s first Mercury retrograde. Are we having fun yet? I know I’m not the only one that has been vexed by this Mercury retrograde, but to mention three of my Mercury retrograde incidents: [1] the need for my car to be jumpstarted. Yes, transportation and travel can have problems during Mercury retrograde; [2] the inability to use a computer program after it indicated a successful installation. With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius we have to watch for computer glitches or other high tech problems. I wonder what that indicates for Microsoft’s bid to buy up Yahoo; [3] a disconnect of a plumbing connection at our rural home that had me under the house for a couple of hours making the reconnection. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is in the Sign ruled by Uranus, which presently is transiting Pisces, a Water Sign.

To assure me that I am not alone in the vexations of Mercury retrograde, someone sent me an email with a story from boston.com with the headline: ‘Automated calls mistakenly tell parents of student absences’. The story went on to recount that a longtime employee of the Medford school system sent out by error 2,100 messages to parents saying their children were not in class, causing worried parents to descend upon the school district’s schools fearing that their children were missing. Yes, Mercury retrograde is known for its miscommunications and misunderstandings. And this week is the second week of three with Mercury retrograde.

While Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong will’ may be the backdrop of the week, let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Brown Earth Rat and its promise of increased prosperity, decreased international violence but with a vigilant heads-up regarding natural catastrophes. This Aquarius New Moon accentuates the Aquarius Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign. Now is a time for us to consider the possibilities for our future and to determine how we can take our life’s journey as the path less traveled, doing our lives in accord with our own unique talents and emphasizing our individuality.

This week also has Venus sextile Uranus at the time of the New Moon, and the weekend closes with the Sun conjunct Neptune. New Year celebrations can be fun events with an interesting circle of friends. Changes are in the air and we may seek to embrace the possibilities while questioning whether we need to master situations or instead be open to the synchronicity of the new paradigm whereby the universe does much of the work and we find ourselves in the right place at the right time. A combination of both will give us our rightful place of being co-creators with the natural unfoldings.

Some pleasant times this week are in store for us, especially if we are willing to stretch and test the waters of new experiences.

Monday, February 4th – Keep It Coming Now – Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. We started the month with a Venus Jupiter conjunction and we start this week with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter and Venus and sextile to Uranus. The sense of good times could be upon us. It may be illusory but what the heck. We can see where we can broaden our pursuits and recognize the right people with whom to connect in order to advance our interests. This day can be somewhat magical. Not only do we have the ability of expanding our scope but we can also think of the most expedient and streamlined methods by which to get things done. This day is one of those days when we cross the threshold and embrace the subjectivity of time, the qualitative aspect of time rather than the quantitative measure of time. Yes, we can accomplish more today in a shorter period of time than would normally take us. This Monday is a good day to make our contacts and connections to further our goals. Let’s just not fritter away our time or our energy on wasteful expenditures. Our desire for change can be strong today. Let’s take care of what needs to be done and then allow ourselves to consider alternatives and options we might wish to develop in the future. The energy is strong in the early hours of the day and then falls off, as the Moon goes Void-of-Course making no further aspects and connections to the planets for close to twenty-five hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius tomorrow. We may have a thrust of energy to begin the day but then it peters out, so let’s get as much done in the early hours and then go on cruise control later in the day.

Tuesday, February 5th – A Breather or a Misnomer – Moon Void-of-Course. After such a great beginning to the week, Tuesday falls flat. The flattening sensation we might have felt in the latter part of Monday, as the Moon went Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn, continues on into this Tuesday. Yes, for close to twenty-five hours on Monday-Tuesday, the Moon is Void-of-Course and the energy is not there to accomplish much. We are also in the dark side of the Moon just before the New Moon tomorrow or Thursday depending on where we are located on planet Earth. And add to these two energy patterns the fact that we have Mercury retrograde, this Tuesday could be a breather or just a mixed-up day. Interesting to note that this is also the day in the US of Super Duper Tuesday, Mega Tuesday, Tsunami Tuesday or however you wish to term the fact that today in the US there are multi-state primary elections for the delegates to the nominating conventions of the two major political parties for the US Presidency. Hmmm, not a great energy pattern for such a thing. If the two major political parties come close to deciding their Presidential candidates through this Tuesday’s elections, it might not augur the strongest scenario for the election in November. It is a long way from February to November and voter fatigue could easily set in potentially opening the door to an independent run by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. One can only hope, or I should acknowledge my own personal preference. For us, this Tuesday is one not to have great expectations. The energy is not the strongest today and while we may have great intentions yesterday with a thrust of enthusiasm and energy, we might feel today as if we are only waffling about. Later in the day, the Moon exits Capricorn and enters Aquarius setting us up for the Aquarian New Moon, the Solar Eclipse, and the Chinese New Year of the Brown Earth Rat.

Wednesday, February 6th – Lovely Brown Earth Rat – Aquarius Lunation, Solar Eclipse, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Uranus. Wednesday for many of us, Thursday for others of us, gives us the Aquarius New Moon, a Solar Eclipse and the Chinese New Year of the Brown Earth Rat. The words of film legend James Cagney speaking “Why you dirty rat!” don’t apply; this rat is far from dirty, for it initiates the beginning of the Chinese zodiac wheel, tying in with 2008 in numerology being a 1 year. With the Aquarius New Moon and a Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign in Aquarius with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune in the Fixed Air Sign, this is a time to dream our dreams and allow ourselves to consider the possibilities for our future. We are on the threshold of the old age of linear, sequential reality and a new paradigm of non-linear, asequential reality. Yes, increasingly we are likely to find that we have stepped aboard the magical mystery tour where life does not occur step-by-step but rather things come out of the blue and things can turn on a dime. We’re moving into exciting times and this day and this fortnight allow us to plan and strategize our intentions for the future. In so doing, let’s write our goals in pencil with a large eraser instead of carving our plans in stone. Unexpected situations and changing conditions can alter our plans, shift our direction, and ask us to focus on the process instead of the completion. This Wednesday also has Venus sextile Uranus. Connections with others can provide some wonderful surprises. This day can be one of those days when we ‘bump’ into people, hear from people unexpectedly, and enjoy new contacts with interesting ramifications. Whether we celebrate the Chinese New Year or not, this is a time for us to celebrate the potentials and possibilities.

Thursday, February 7th – Ear to the Railroad Track – Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. This month has some real whipsaw energies thanks to the length of the Void-of-Course Moons. There are times when we are going great guns with incredible thrusts of energy and other times when the energy seems flat with no energy to move things or much less do anything. Late Monday into Tuesday could have provided one recent instance when the Moon was Void-of-Course for close to twenty-five hours. This Thursday provides another instance. We start Thursday with a great deal of energy, thanks to the Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune and trine Mars. We may feel that we have a personal Manifest Destiny. We know where we are going and we have the panache and persuasiveness to pull it off. We can accomplish a lot in the early morning hours. Phone calls may provide grist for the mill regarding our plans for the future and plans for get-togethers. We could be talking a blue streak early in the day. Our intuition is attuned and the right words fall into place in our discussions. Our thoughts may be racing with various prospects and our ability to get things done could be impressive. Suddenly, like the air deflated from a balloon, we might feel as though the energy has left us. Yes, despite that early thrust of energy, the Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost ten hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aquarius and before entering Pisces. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Pisces where it sextiles Pluto. Some of our ideas and thoughts earlier in the day can now find a format, structure and the most effective ways of accomplishing our goals. Our intuitive sense may help provide an essential and focused means to move from the abstract into practical reality.

Friday, February 8th – The Question of Reality – Saturn, Jupiter. Friday could have us feeling pushed and pulled in two different directions. The Pisces Moon opposes Saturn and sextiles Jupiter. Although we could have a strong visionary sense, we have to be certain to take care of the specifics and be aware of all the necessary details. We could easily get carried away with what we want to do and how we want to broaden our scope. Such an attitude could be meaningless unless we maintain a firm grip on our circumstances and our conditions. If we don’t run ahead of ourselves, today could be a great day to blueprint, theorize, and strategize. We can address our responsibilities, tie up loose ends and then look forward to moving into new directions. If we feel encumbered by our obligations, we might get resentful, feel down about our situations and then look to recreational forms of escapism in order to distract us from our everyday routine. Let’s deal with outstanding matters and then once completed consider ways to enjoy the evening.

Saturday, February 9th – All at Once – Uranus, Venus, Mars. Saturday could have us all over the place. No matter what our plans might be, something unexpected could crop up that alters them. This day has the Pisces Moon conjunct Uranus, sextile Venus and square Mars. We may have things we intend to do today, but we could also find ourselves enticed to do things on the spur of the moment. We want to be free to explore and act spontaneously. We might add on some activities today, social gatherings or community affairs, but this day could certainly see us hopping. We do have to watch that we don’t exhaust ourselves. We could have so much going on that we run ourselves ragged. Since we may be going from one thing to another, it would be important to keep attention on our driving. We might easily get distracted and lose focus, thereby creating the possibility of an accident. Too much is too much, so on this Saturday let’s try to slow it down and realize that we don’t have to do it all, even though we are likely to be tempted to do it all at once.

Sunday, February 10th – Who, What, Where – Sun, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury. Saturday evening, early Sunday morning could have us going full speed. While Saturday gave us the Pisces Moon square Mars, late Saturday early Sunday has the Moon moving into Aries and the Moon square Pluto. The Mars Pluto opposition, exact again on March 7th, is at play and we might find our personal interests in conflict with everything that is going on. We have to be careful that we don’t feel like we’re banging our head against the wall. The Aries Moon squares Pluto and also squares Jupiter. Much of our recent exuberance and our sense of personal ability could seem at odds with the conditions in the world around us. If we don’t draw lines in the sand, then we can think our way out of difficult or confrontational situations. The Moon sextiles Mercury and allows us to see how we can do the necessary tai chi moves to deal with the circumstances in which we find ourselves. This Sunday also has the Sun conjunct Neptune. If we draw upon our intuitive sense and the inner voice within, we can realize that our intentions can go a long ways towards creating our reality. If we feel overwhelmed by the conditions around us, then we might feel confused and even powerless to do anything against the apparent prevailing trends. Why go there? Our reality is often shaped by our disposition. Let’s have a little faith and keep in mind the slogan of the New York Mets baseball team: ‘you gotta believe’’.