February 18th – 24th

This week continues with the push pulls we have come to experience and even expect. Should we be surprised? Not really, since we are living in a time of great volatility. Yes, life at this time is quite volatile.

And this week has various energy switches to increase the level of volatility. This week has Mercury ending its three-week retrograde cycle and turning direct. The Sun leaves Aquarius and moves into Pisces. We have a Lunar Eclipse with the Virgo Full Moon. The Sun is aspected by Pluto and later by Saturn. Added to all this, we have the daily Moon energy configurations that provide us with some real ups and downs. Yes, this week can have us doing the dance.

We should certainly count our blessings and especially with Mercury turning direct. This Mercury retrograde has brought reports of travel delays with the intense weather conditions creating major tie-ups on various highway Interstates, difficulties with computers and high technology as seen this past week on Monday for users of Blackberry smart phones when they experienced a three-hour outage, and the usual miscommunications with people leaving voicemail messages without leaving their callback number or, as I pointed out in a previous post, the inadvertent and erroneous mass voicemail message calling parents outside Boston by a school district that their children were not in school. I am certain there are other Mercury retrograde scenarios that occurred, but most of these hopefully should be in our past. Although Mercury is turning direct on Monday, the days just before and just after Mercury turns are often punctuated with confusions, misunderstandings, miscommunications, travel issues and the like. And we shall still be in the ‘shadow’ of Mercury retrograde into the early March period. Care still needs to be used in our communications, decisions and expenditures.

If we can navigate the choppy waters, this week allows us to prioritize, strip away elements of illusion, tie up loose ends and prepare for the coming of Spring next month, our time of renewal and regeneration.

Monday, February 18th – Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance to the Music – Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Mercury direct. Monday is Presidents’ Day in the US, a holiday for some, another shopping sale day for many. The day starts off without a great deal of energy. The Moon finishing its transit of Cancer is Void-of-Course, making no further connections to the planets until it enters Leo. We may start the day somewhat lethargic, unable to get in gear, and feeling like we’re spinning our wheels. Venus has just moved into Aquarius as of yesterday and as the Moon moves into Leo, the Moon opposes Venus. Although we might be ‘up’ for a good time, get-together with friends and wanting to enjoy a break from our routine, we do have to watch for a potential tug of war with other people. We may know what we want to do but we could also be reluctant to go along. People may be somewhat boisterous asserting their own interests and neglecting the concerns of others. And with Mercury turning direct today, the possibility for misunderstandings and miscommunications cannot be underestimated. People may not show up on time, could get lost, or just have a disconnect regarding plans made. It would be wise to use this day to celebrate and to recognize that some of the dark cloud of the past three weeks is passing overhead and away from us. Not only can we be feeling the sense of Mercury turning direct but this sense of endings and beginnings can be reinforced by the fact that the Sun tomorrow exits Aquarius to enter Pisces. This Monday is a day to tie up loose ends, take a hiatus from our routine affairs, and recognize that we are about to step into a new phase of our life’s experience.

Tuesday, February 19th – Visionary Zeal – Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Sun Pisces. Tuesday is the first full day of Mercury direct, and today the Leo Moon opposes Mercury. Our pull may be between our own personal interests and the good of our community. We may feel that we are operating in the best interests of all concerned but we do have to watch an attitude of the patron, the benevolent dictator whereby we know what is right and good for those with whom we are in contact. We also have to be careful that we are not trying too hard. We may be passionate about some future goal, assume that we have the capability and resources to pull it off, but we could also be coming from a sense of overconfidence. The Sun today moves into Pisces, the last Sign of the Zodiac wheel. As it enters Pisces, the Sun sextiles Pluto. If we would restrain any sense of invincibility and overconfidence, then we could use this day to envision where we want to go in our lives and blend both an intuitive sense with a best practices approach to come up with a strategy, methodology and pragmatic means to achieve our goals and realize our dreams. We are likely to feel passionate today. The sense of spirit in action can be strong and nothing we do is likely done in half measure. We do have to be aware that we’re moving towards tomorrow’s Virgo Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse. It is essential that we be aware of the details, address the specifics and pay attention to the particulars before moving forward and avoid rushing headlong without plan, thought or consideration.

Wednesday, February 20th – Going Somewhere, Passionately – Neptune, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Sun, Lunar Eclipse. Wednesday starts off with a bang as the Leo Moon opposes Neptune and sextiles Mars. Although we are energized and ready to go, we also need to avoid mimicking ‘wrong way Corrigan’, heading off in one direction that turns out to be the opposite direction intended. We could be champing at the bit. If we could slow things down, then we might avoid some costly mistakes. The day does slow down as the Moon goes Void-of-Course for a little over six hours, making no further connections as it finishes its transit of Leo before entering Virgo. As the Moon moves into Virgo, the Moon trines Pluto. If we have restrained ourselves from inappropriate actions and have not blown ourselves out chasing mirages, then we can truly focus on the structure and purpose of our lives by attending to what needs to be done and making sure that we are building upon rock and not solely sand. Late in the day, early Thursday in Europe, we have the Virgo Full Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse offers us the opportunity to move beyond the old paradigm of service / self-sacrifice, of martyr / savior, of sin / redemption, of the duality of the old paradigm. Now is a time for us to clean house, to look at our conditioning and learned responses, question whether they have served us or have encumbered us, and to clear away the debris of the outworn, the useless and the ineffectual of the past. Increasingly, we have the privilege of becoming co-creators of our lives, of our destiny. No longer do we have to be under the weight of authoritarian beliefs that enforce rules and regulations without nurturing or encouraging the talents and expression of each one of us. We are likely to feel increased passion today. We may not know exactly where we are going, but we are interested in going somewhere, passionately.

Thursday, February 21st – Nose to the Grindstone, Eyes to the Horizon – Saturn, Jupiter. Thursday has the Virgo Moon conjunct Saturn and trine Jupiter. Although Jupiter and Saturn are quite opposite in their influence, the former representing expansion and the latter representing contraction, these two energies can be complementary allowing us to expand, and to do so without limitless expansion that would eventually diffuse the energy but rather to expand within a framework and a structure. This Thursday can be like that so long as we don’t buy into the battle of dualities but instead integrate the two energies. We may have responsibilities to attend to today, and we may be desirous of broadening our scope. We do not have to go into friction to do so. On the contrary, we can deal with our routine affairs, all the while seeing how we can stretch. Thursday is a day when we can take care of the details, concentrate on the specifics and in a step-by-step manner increase our activities and expand our operations. To do so is to appreciate and respect the sense of duality that creates completion. Similar to the Tao whereby we have a circle of two opposites. Within that circle, we have the yang energy on one side and the yin energy on the other side. Within the yang we have the apparent seed of its opposite, the yin energy, and within the yin we have the apparent seed of its opposite, the yang energy. Both are contained within the circle, a geometrical symbol of movement and of cycles. This Thursday is a day for us to use both energies to come to a best practices approach for our lives.

Friday, February 22nd – Slow it Down – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mars. Friday has the Virgo Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square by opposing Uranus in Pisces and squaring Mars in Gemini. We may be trying to do too much today. Not only do we have to handle those things we have put on our ‘to do’ list, but we could find unexpected situations cropping up that also demand our attention. We might be juggling a lot today with several things either falling between the cracks or a tendency for us to merely gloss over things in order to cover all the bases. Today is a day for us to slow it down, take a deep breath and try to get hold of a pace that works for us. Otherwise, we could get anxious, demanding and critical of other people, or of ourselves. While this day in numerology is a master day and a day of the master builder being the 22, we could waste the opportunity of blending the conceptual with the practical and rush through our day’s events. This Friday is one of those days when we might just have to remind ourselves that haste makes waste. We could handle a lot but we need to find our pace and keep to it.

Saturday, February 23rd – Enjoying the Moment – Pluto, Venus, Mercury. Saturday gives us a Libra Moon, which today squares Pluto and trines both Venus and Mercury in Aquarius. Today is a people day, a day to get together with others, ruminate about our future plans and have sounding boards to bounce off all possibilities. We start the day a little bit off center. We need to watch that we’re not drawing lines in the sand whereby either we ourselves or someone else is placing demands on the other. Let’s cut everybody a little slack today and not get too ramped up about what we feel we should do. This Saturday is a day to cool things down and enjoy some leisurely moments. Hiatus times are essential in our lives. They allow us to step off the track, get a fresh perspective and then without a great deal of input from our usual circumstances, consider where we want to go and what we want to do. The more we can do things on the spur of the moment, the more likely we are to experience serendipity, situations and connections that come about unexpectedly with some wondrous implications.

Sunday, February 24th – Here or There – Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune. This Sunday could feel like we are being pushed and pulled in different directions. With the Sun opposed Saturn we may feel exhausted today, as though the wind had been knocked out of our sails. We need to suspend judgment about our actions or our situation. We could be somewhat hard on ourselves, but it’s likely that we just don’t have the energy. Feeling rundown, we could easily get down on ourselves. We may have various errands to run today. If we could work with time management and streamline our activities, we could save ourselves some running around and might be able to consolidate several different chores. Although we might want to play catch-up today, it is suggested that we take some ‘fun time’ for ourselves. What’s the old nursery rhyme about all work and no play makes us cranky? The Libra Moon squares Jupiter and trines Neptune. We could easily find ourselves on overwhelm if we feel we need to get done everything that we have on our winter round-up project list. Not much fun, so let’s be sure to take some time and do things on a spontaneous level. Special times in contact with a good friend can help us look towards the future, at the horizon instead of being solely obsessed with just what is in front of us.