February 11th – 17th

This week has some pleasant energies with us able to start things up once we’ve carefully considered them, follow through and bring into greater realization our plans, a great deal of talk and discussions, and a weekend focused on our home and family matters. The week celebrates Valentine’s Day with the Sun trine Mars, and the weekend closes with Venus exiting Capricorn to enter Aquarius enhancing the Aquarian Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Air Sign as Venus joins the Sun, Mercury and Neptune.

This week is also the last full week of this year’s first Mercury retrograde. I am getting frequent reports of the vexations caused by this Mercury retrograde — computer problems, miscommunications, misunderstandings and travel delays and transportation problems. Whenever we are in the midst of Mercury retrograde, and we are in one now, it is important to check and recheck to be certain we’ve covered all the bases and that nothing has fallen between the cracks.

This week talks to different phases and allows us to draw upon the broad palette of our life’s characteristics. We start the week with an emphasis upon our personal interests, find ourselves dealing with acquisitions, revenue streams and expenses during the mid-week, a desire for socializations and chatting up a storm of possibilities during the latter part of the week and attending to home projects and family gatherings over the weekend. The emphasis this week may be on the experiential, the hands-on approach and learning by doing.

Monday, February 11th – Begin Again – Neptune, Sun, Venus, Mars. Monday starts the week with the Moon in Aries. This Aries Moon today sextiles Neptune, sextiles the Sun, squares Venus and sextiles Mars. We are likely to want to advance some of our goals and our dreams today. Even if they are small steps, even baby steps, today is a day to put our energy towards making changes in our lives that allow us to explore activities and situations that speak to us and provide us the opportunity of expressing our individuality and give us room to embrace a sense of freedom and autonomy. Some of our actions may fly in the face of conventional wisdom. If we keep in mind that conventional wisdom is based upon the standards, opinions and judgments of the past and not necessarily relevant for the present much less the future, then we can break the ties that bind and seek areas that have meaning for us. This Monday and this week is one when we might engage the admonition given by Joseph Campbell to ‘follow our bliss’. Let’s begin this week by doing something for ourselves. Although much of the energy now can be both a sense of winter doldrums and negating our personal interests for the greater good, today is a day to look out for ourselves and do something special for ourselves. Like a pebble in a pond, our self-focus can have ripple effects. The more we enjoy life and embrace our own uniqueness, the more we are giving other people the right to be themselves. Let’s be free, let’s be ‘me’ on this Monday the 11th, a day in numerology that is a master number and speaks to the ‘visionary’, that person that can see beyond the parameters of the present and consider options for their future.

Tuesday, February 12th – Fine Tuning – Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury. Tuesday has the Moon moving into Taurus and creating a Grand Trine in the Earth Element, as the Taurus Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn and trines Saturn in Virgo. Today is a day of manifestation — of moving things from the abstract and conceptual into practical manifestation and physical reality. Much can be accomplished today. We have the patience, the determination and the concentration on both the big picture and the specific details to virtually move mountains. This Tuesday can be a highly productive day. Our expenditures are well considered and we are likely to get the very most out of our efforts. If we don’t rush ourselves or get distracted by mindless diversions, then this day can be a hugely successful one. The Moon does square Mercury, so it will be important that we don’t get lost in mental meanderings and lose sight of what we are trying to do. Step by step today can lay down some solid foundations and allow us to proceed in a strategic and methodical manner. We can build upon rock and not upon sand today. Even if we feel that we are being too focused on practical, mundane matters, today is a day to do so. We can work with time management effectively, take care of necessary matters and then wrap up outstanding situations in order to have time for other ventures, other adventures. This Tuesday is a primo day if we recognize that it is a day to have nose to grindstone and deal with what needs to be done.

Wednesday, February 13th – Over the Mountain, Across the Sea – Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Sun. We all know the advice of every now and then ‘getting out of our own way’. This Wednesday could be an echo of that suggestion. Have you ever noticed that some people just need to create emotional drama and turmoil in their lives? As though life wasn’t comparable to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride with twists and turns, ups and downs; some people need to aggravate life and living to feel as though they are truly doing life. Aaargh! This Wednesday could be of that sort. While there are some great energies today, we also have temptations that could divert our attention and distract our focus. Today the Taurus Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Uranus. We can broaden our reach, add more to the mix and even take the time to do things on a spontaneous basis, especially if we made a cogent plan yesterday and moved ahead with our daily obligations. What we do have to be careful about, however, is the Taurus Moon square both Neptune and the Sun in Aquarius. If we feel we are mired in ‘same old, same old’, we could take a leap into the void of exciting and thrilling situations that could seem great at the outset, splendid for our future involvements but turn out to be mere distractions or illusionary quests into the unknown. We also have to watch for other people’s counsel today. Whether well meaning or not, other people could put monkey wrenches in the spokes of our wheels. Other people may be Monday morning quarterbacking our actions and our plans. Other people may have great plans for us that they are unwilling to do for themselves. There are times when things are going smoothly and we just have to stir up the pot to add some spice and adventure to our lives. Life is interesting enough not to ratchet up the extreme measures. It would be wise for us today to stretch and to experiment without diving into the deep end or skyrocketing beyond our present parameters.

Thursday, February 14th – That Special Someone – Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Mercury. No Saint Valentine’s Day massacre today, but a special and quite happy Valentine’s Day. The Sun trines Mars. We’re feeling energetic, ready to go, and looking more at those special relationships in our lives rather than concerned about our daily affairs. This day can be one of those days when we step out of our normal reality, call a hiatus to our routine, and do something special for that special someone in our lives, even if that special someone happens to be ourselves. We start the day with a Taurus Moon which trines Venus. We’ve taken care of our preparations and are ready to have a fun day of appreciating our connections and touching base with our relationships. The Moon then moves into Gemini where it squares Saturn and trines Mercury. Some reconnections with people from the past might provide us a mirror as to how much we’ve changed since our last encounter. We could also find that details not taken care of could trip us up. If we don’t hear from someone that we had expected to, instead of nursing our sense of slights or grievances, why don’t we reach out and touch that someone. The phone lines, emails and other forms of contact may be burning brightly today, as our communications are ratcheted up severalfold. Today is a great day for contacts and connections, taking the time to express our gratitude and heart-felt feelings towards those special people in our lives.

Friday, February 15th – Quixotic Journeys – Uranus, Neptune. Friday has the Gemini Moon square Uranus and trine Neptune. No tilting at windmills today! We might find that we have a great deal on our plate, some of it anticipated, some of it unexpected. Plans could go awry, so let’s keep in mind the importance of flexibility and adaptability, key ingredients for successful living in the twenty-first century. While things may not go according to plan today, it would be important to suspend judgment, get out of our own way, keep in mind that things do in deed work out for the best, and allow ourselves to enjoy the process of unfolding that this day could bring. Get-togethers with friends can be great fun today, but we do need to have a contingency plan. Having people’s mobile phone numbers is essential, for interruptions and delays could affect things going in accord with schedule. We may be champing at the bit, seeking to introduce greater excitement into our lives. As though life during these times isn’t exciting enough! Even if we only consider our possibilities, today is a good day to take into account our options and alternatives. We are never stuck unless we assume and accept that we are so. We don’t have to act on all the possibilities we can conjure up, but it will be freeing and enlivening to recognize all the prospects we could actually pursue.

Saturday, February 16th – Take Five – Mars, Sun, Pluto, Saturn. One of the great classics of modern jazz is ‘Take Five’, a signature piece of Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond. This Saturday could have some of that upbeat and scintillating feel to it. The early morning hours of this Saturday find the Gemini Moon conjunct Mars and trine the Sun. We may feel a thrust of energy to begin the day, ready to stretch our wings, fly and soar with the eagles on high. What a great feeling! What a wonderful prospect! Great in concept but we may find it harder to realize in practical terms. For the Moon then moves into Cancer where it opposes Pluto and then sextiles Saturn. We are feeling the Mars Pluto opposition, which becomes exact on March’s New Moon on the 7th. The push pull and the intensity are ratcheted up. Although we may feel our wings being clipped, we don’t have to go through a crash and burn. Although our initial thrust of energy may be dampened, taking care of things around the house and dealing with family matters in a methodical manner can keep us from creating greater problems for ourselves. Why not spend the morning out and about, having a coffee or brunch out, and then spend the second half of the day taking care of home projects? If we can balance our desires for bring free of obligations and doing those things we want to do with accepting our responsibilities and attending to necessary matters, then we have the best of both worlds — our head in the clouds with our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Sunday, February 17th – Home Again – Jupiter, Uranus, Venus Aquarius. Sunday continues with the Cancer Moon, which today opposes Jupiter and trines Uranus. Venus exits Capricorn ending the stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign. Venus enters Aquarius reinforcing the Aquarius Stellium with Venus joining the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in the Fixed Air Sign. Those push pulls between our responsibilities and our desire to be free can be a repeat of yesterday’s sensations. Balance is the key aspect. Negating what we have to do or neglecting what we want to do can make us very unhappy campers. Today is a good day to rearrange our lives in order to streamline our obligations and be more effective with our time. We do have to watch that we’re not taking on more than we would normally choose. People could guilt us into doing things out of some bizarre sense of obligation. Why go there if we are merely going to feel pressured and resentful? As opposed to yesterday when it was suggested that we do something fun, out of the ordinary in the morning hours and then attend to necessary matters; this Sunday is the reverse. Today it would be wise to deal with the basic necessities and then take the time to do things that put a smile on our face. The push pull between our lives as we have habitually lived them and lives that we would like to live in a best case scenario does not have to be a tug of war. It may be a balancing act but we can address both aspects, taking care of our commitments all the while that we are moving to streamline our operations and start to investigate new possibilities for ourselves.