January 7th – 13th

This week is highlighted by the Capricorn New Moon. Like a racehorse out of the starting gate, we too can move swiftly forward putting into practice our New Year resolutions. Now is a time when we could put our spirit into action, take our dreams and our goals and put the necessary structure and most appropriate means to accomplish our plans.

If we used the end of December and this last week to get rid of the old and deal with the past, then we’re now ready to move forward unencumbered. We are looking at dealing with things from a pragmatic approach. The more we can take things step by step, the better we shall be at looking at future prospects and making further plans. The key element is to keep our eye on the ball, move it downfield yard by yard, and maintain our sight on the goal line. No Hail Marys this week, no grandstanding.

This week allows us to lay the foundation stones and begin to advance our interests for this New Year. As we are on the threshold of a new paradigm, whereby things may not go exactly to plan and things may not unfold in a sequential manner, it would be important for us to concentrate on the process, adapting to changing circumstances and being flexible as unexpected situations arise. We can be productive by realizing that the process of our plan’s development has a life of its own. Like a snowball going down a mountain, gaining momentum and creating an avalanche, our projects and our involvements have their own natural way of occurring. We can be attendant to our activities but we also have to be attentive to any shifting factors involved. Increasingly, we are being asked to let go of trying to master our world and instead become co-creators of our journey. As my favorite Taoist saying suggests to us, this week is a time to ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’.

The importance of reedlike qualities may be lost on us until we come to the weekend, a time which could prove somewhat dicey due to the Venus square Uranus and the Moon’s T-Square trigger the Saturn Uranus opposition on Saturday and the Moon’s T-Square on Sunday triggering the Mars Pluto opposition. At such a time, we may recognize that the best laid plans can often come to naught to paraphrase from Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Monday, January 7th – Preparing the Way – Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury Aquarius. Monday is in the dark of the Moon, awaiting tomorrow’s Capricorn New Moon to place its signature on the next fortnight. Monday has the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter and trine Saturn. Whether we have taken a long break during the holidays, have already gotten back on the track of our routine affairs or have tried to get started with our new year resolutions during the first week of January; it is truly this week when we can put spirit into action, when we can take our plans for this new year and start to give them form. We are likely to feel enthused, ambitious and desirous of focusing on our own personal interests and ambitions. Today is a great day to blueprint, plan and strategize, lining our ducks up in a row to initiate our plans as we come into tomorrow. If we have outstanding matters still to take care of, this Monday is a good day to clean things up and clear out the clutter. We are looking at our start-ups, our new beginnings, and even if we feel that we’re champing at the bit and wanting to get on with them, it would be far better to initiate with the energy of the New Moon which is tomorrow as opposed to jumping the gun, rushing things, and trying to get things going on this Monday. Brainstorming, blueprinting, getting the necessary materials and being aware of the specific details that we’ll need are all far better uses of this Monday. This Monday also has Mercury moving out of Capricorn and moving into Aquarius. Our thoughts are moving towards utilizing the most innovative, avant-garde and streamlined methods to accomplish our goals. We can work smarter rather than harder if we are willing to experiment with new techniques and explore new methodologies.

Tuesday, January 8th – Let the Games Begin – Capricorn New Moon, Uranus, Sun. Tuesday gives us the Capricorn New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction sextile Uranus. The Capricorn New Moon occurs in the second decanate of Capricorn and takes on the Taurus sub-influence. Today, and this next fortnight, is a time in which we can work smarter rather than harder. We have the ability of creating a streamlined methodology and working with innovative means towards our goals in a structured and appealing way. Now is a time for us to launch our boats, initiate our new resolutions. We are not looking at doing things the same way, nor are we interested in ‘same old, same old’. We want to incorporate change and be more effective with less expenditure of energy. This New Moon is a great time to initiate, begin and start. It is essential, however, that we are not locked into how we think things should go. Rather it would work far better if we begin things with an understanding that there may be shifts, changes and alterations as we proceed. We may find that we’re getting some strong insights as to how we can do things more effectively and expeditiously. Let’s be open to the ‘ah-has’, the ‘Eureka’ moments, the awe and wonder of discovering new ways of operating. It would be a shame to allow this energy to pass by without utilizing it. Even if we can’t make major changes to our daily operations, let’s incorporate some small change as a symbol that we’re looking to move beyond our past and move into a far better future. As my campaign slogan in my 2000 campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives stated: ‘Brighter days through better ways’.

Wednesday, January 9th – Thoughts for our Future – Mercury. Building upon yesterday’s New Moon, today has the Moon moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius where it conjuncts Mercury. This Wednesday allows us to give thoughts to what we want to achieve, where we want to go and with whom we want to go there. Our thoughts are focused on our future direction. We may draw upon other people as sounding boards. By brainstorming with others, we can gain greater insights as to our possibilities and our potentials. As Richard Bach wrote in his spiritual classic Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah: Don’t limit the IS. Even if some of our thoughts and dreams for our future seem impossibilities, they are only so if we believe that to be true. Part of the paradigm shift into which we are crossing is the greater reality of magic and miracles or the sense of synchronicity, things coming out of the blue. Part of this two week period initiated by yesterday’s New Moon speaks to the unexpected, to surprises, to unanticipated variables coming forth. This Wednesday is a good day to verbalize our dreams, to take them from the abstract and the conceptual and to give them voice. In so doing, let’s look for kindred spirits with whom to communicate. There will be many naysayers to the concept of change, many people who want to hold on to a past that is largely crumbling away. It may not be wise to go blindly into the night, but it would be wise to give thought to our dreams, consider all the possibilities of how we can realize our goals, and recognize that out intention, our faith even if it seems blind faith at times, is a powerful instigator and supporter of even the most seemingly impossible.

Thursday, January 10th – Friends from Far and Wide – Venus, Neptune. One of the realities that we are likely to be increasingly aware of is the fact that dimensions are far thinner than we were led to believe. Our higher sense faculties of the intuitive and the inspirational are opening up. In so doing, we are likely to find that our thoughts are far more powerful than we ever gave credence to before. As the saying goes: what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. Today is a day when we may be in contact with various people from far and wide. Our thoughts may turn to our experiences with special friends. We might even find that people are reaching out and giving us a call, or that we send someone with whom we haven’t been in contact for awhile an e-mail just to say ‘hello’. This Thursday can be rather magical in our interactions with other people. We can bump into people we haven’t seen for a while or hear from people we haven’t heard from for a time. Our community of kindred spirits can be very strong and our community is not limited to our physical surroundings but rather those people who are on the same frequency that we are no matter the physical distance. Today is a day to share, communicate and revel in the fact that the world is becoming increasingly small by reason of the fact that we’re becoming increasingly attuned. Look for the magic and engage in the wonder of it all.

Friday, January 11th – Fine Tuning with Vision – Mars, Pluto, Jupiter. Friday is a masterful day. Being the 11th, today is a master number in Numerology, the number 11 being related to the visionary, that individual who can see the potentials and possibilities of an unfolding future. With the Aquarius Moon trine Mars and sextile Jupiter, we can feel a determination to carve out those situations that truly speak to us. We are looking for greater purpose and meaning in our lives and this Friday is a day when we have the drive and determination to make our greatest ambitions a reality. With the energy to achieve, we can blend our passions with thoughtful means to reach our goal. For the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius, and moves into Pisces where it sextiles Jupiter. Not only do we start the day with passion and determination, but we also have a visionary sense as to the best way to approach virtually anything. We can combine our physical energy with a strategized way of getting things done. In order to be most effective, let’s listen to our inner voice, our intuitive sense that knows what is best for us. This quality is not a question of wish fulfillment but rather being open to what is going on around us and the choices we can make in order to adapt and advance our plans.

Saturday, January 12th – Hitting a Snag – Venus, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Saturn. While it would be nice to assume that life is always clear sailing, and we might have been seduced further into that belief as a result of the energies up to this weekend, life also has its snags and complications. Saturday could prove to be one of those days. Today we have Venus square Uranus. We might be infatuated with someone, buying into the appearance or first impressions without judiciously considering all the facets or all the aspects of that person. We could also be champing at the bit, feeling that our usual relationships just are not working for us anymore. We may want excitement and thrills in our lives, but we have to watch that by eliciting such energies that we’re not opening a Pandora’s box of horrors and frights. Today is a day to go slow, although the energies are likely to be propelling us quickly. The Venus Uranus square is given greater weight by reason of the Pisces Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Uranus, square Venus and opposed Saturn. Yes, the Saturn Uranus opposition of old and new is triggered today. This opposition is one that we shall be dealing with during virtually all of 2008 and becomes exact on Election Day in the US, November 4th. This Saturday could be one when we’re feeling like we’re walking a field of landmines. We have to be nimble and quick and also recognize that things can turn on a dime. Everyone may feel somewhat out of sorts, and like a powder keg ready to blow and spout their criticisms or negativity. Expectations may be held high and emotions like raw nerves. Even the weather can be dramatic and stormy. This Saturday we may feel pulled between the need to deal with errands and the desire just to break free, explore and do our own thing. Out plans may go awry, so let’s maintain flexibility regarding our plans and be able to shift our attention if needed. Whether climate conditions or interpersonal relations, there can be some strong whipsaws and stormy weather today.

Sunday, January 13th – Off the Charts – Sun, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Pluto. We might be looking forward to this weekend being over by the time we reach Sunday or certainly by Sunday night. The two vexing energies with which we started this new year, the Saturn Uranus opposition and the Mars Pluto opposition, are both being triggered this weekend. Yesterday we had the Pisces Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square by conjuncting Uranus, opposing Saturn and squaring Venus. Yesterday we had the Saturn Uranus opposition engaged. Today, the Pisces Moon continues the Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Mars and squaring Pluto. The energy today can be like a volcano, eruptive with much discussion and effusive feelings or explosive with rantings and black or white appraisals. Aaargh. This weekend may be one when it would be wise to fly under the radar, keep a low profile and not look to engage people’s emotions for the liability of triggering an onslaught of emotions or overreactions. Fortunately, the Moon does sextile the Sun, so we may be able to maintain discretion in our actions and in our involvements. There is a saying that we never get more than we can handle. It is true, but the key element to that statement is how we handle that which we are dealt. Today, and this weekend, it is far better to handle things in a detached, objective manner rather than getting involved and entangled in what could prove a no-win scenario.