January 28th – February 3rd

Another exciting week, sports fans. Yes, this week in the US ends with Super Bowl Sunday and is the week before Super Duper Tuesday, Tsunami Tuesday, Mega Tuesday or Gigabyte Tuesday or however you wish to encapsulate the spectacle of multi-state primaries for the Presidential nominations for the two major political parties in the US. Even if we’re not engaged in either of these spectacles of bruising and fun-loving games, this week is still an active one and one that is likely to have its ups and downs.

This week is the first full week of Pluto in Capricorn, which will constantly challenge us regarding whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand. Old ways, past programs and traditional institutions are all likely to be tested with this transit. We need not throw baby out with the bath water, but for each of us it will be important, even essential, that we rid our lives of the dross of the past and build upon both our integrity and what has true meaning for us.

We have two directional changes this week: Mercury turning retrograde to begin the week on Monday and Mars turning direct on Wednesday.

Although we recognize that in truth planets do not change direction, from our geocentric perspective here on the Earth plane the apparent movement backward is similar to being on an express train and looking at a local train on parallel tracks. The local train from our vantage points appears to be moving backwards compared to our movement.

The Mercury retrograde is the first of this year’s three retrograde cycles, each lasting three weeks long. During this time, it would be wise not to make significant decisions or to make major purchases. With Mercury retrograde, it is far better to go back over things that we’ve already initiated and recheck them or correct them. It is also important that we make sure not to skip over details or forget specifics. Since Mercury deals with communications, transportation and travel issues among other things; we might expect problems with these areas and especially computer glitches. Last winter’s Mercury retrograde cycle included the incidents of the Jet Blue passengers waiting in their plan on the tarmac of JFK Airport in New York for ten hours and the motorists on a Pennsylvania Interstate being stuck for twenty-four hours, a situation that Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell attributed to a breakdown in communications among state agencies.

With Mars turning direct, we may get a burst of physical energy and might want to be more involved with our family, friends and community. We do need to be aware with the direct movement of Mars, that we are heading towards the Mars Pluto opposition, an energy configuration with which we began the year and one that becomes exact again on March 7th. While we might want to fast forward our projects and activities as if playing catch-up, it will be important for us to keep checking the parameters and the conditions as we move forward.

This week can prove to be quite volatile. But what else is new? After all, we are in a period of increased volatility, a time when things can shift dramatically, significantly and suddenly.

Ever increasingly, it will be important for us to keep our antennae up and aware of the shifting energies.

The beginning of this week can be pleasant for our relationships and for strategizing our plans. The middle of the week may force us to do more with less. And the latter part of the week can have us being extravagant and indulgent as though in the midst of the concern for uncertainties we want to put the emphasis on having a good time and party.

Monday, January 28th – Talking, Thinking, Talking – Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Mercury retrograde. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Libra creating an Air Sign Grand Trine as the Moon trines both Neptune and Mercury in Aquarius and trines Mars in Gemini. This Monday can be a great day for thinking about the future and communicating with friends. We are likely to be highly interested in what is going on with other people. People seem far more considerate of our needs and desires and there is a greater tendency to create a win-win scenario. This Monday can be an especially pleasant day for get-togethers and special moments with that special someone. The only fly in the ointment would be the fact that Mercury turns retrograde today for the next three weeks. Although Mercury retrograde can present problems regarding our communications, transportation and future goals; Mercury retrograde does not have to be a disaster. We just have to be more aware of our surroundings and what is going on. We need to be certain to read things over, dot the i’s and cross the t’s and not to act in any knee-jerk type of way. This Monday is a nice day but we do need to add on extra time and not feel like we have to be on overdrive today.

Tuesday, January 29th – Focusing Intentions – Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter. Tuesday could have us awakening with a drive and determination to focus on those things that are truly meaningful to us. We may have a passion about our lives today and this Tuesday can be a day when we can harness our energy, focus our intent and learn how to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. The day begins with the Moon still in Libra and then shifts to the Moon moving into Scorpio where it sextiles Saturn in Virgo and sextiles Pluto, Venus and Jupiter all in Capricorn. This Tuesday also has Venus trine Saturn. We can be highly effective today, if we take the time and not feel rushed to judgment. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde, so as we proceed today it would be wise to consider our means and the format by which we can accomplish our goals. We are likely to find that we can take care of necessary responsibilities and blueprint how best to move ahead with our plans to realize our goals. This Tuesday can be a very productive day when we can work with time management and get many of our routine tasks out of the way.

Wednesday, January 30th – New Approaches, Stripping Away – Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Mars direct. Wednesday gives us the Scorpio Moon square both the Sun and Neptune in Aquarius. We may feel that some of our future plans are unable to be realized due to the lack of resources. Wrong thinking!, grasshopper. Let’s always remember the truth to the wisdom that we are never given more than we can handle. While the Scorpio Moon square the Sun and Neptune in Aquarius could make us somewhat belligerent and fixed in the ways we want things to happen, we could also discover a different way thanks to the Moon trine Uranus. If we will not be as fixed and rigid as an oak, then the flexibility and adaptability of the reed can allow us to be open to other ways of doing things, the unexpected variables that we might not have taken into account but could prove right action, if not the ways we conceived it to be, to achieve our purpose. Wednesday also has Mars turning direct. We may feel a new burst of energy today, wanting to take on the world and put our mark on our actions. A key lesson for all of us during these times is to break the concept of the old mindset that we have to master the universe, be in total control of our personal world. Instead, we can learn the importance of being co-creators with the universe, of working with the energies as they are unfolding and be in synch with that unfolding in order to manifest our destiny and take advantage of our opportunities. This Wednesday allows us to see the issues of old patterns and new ways of doing things. Let’s be open to the magic and not try to force things. Everything in its time.

Thursday, January 31st – Covering the Bases – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday is the last day of January. While the year may have started off with a blast, the month could end on a fizzle. This Thursday begins with the Moon in Scorpio square Mercury. An element of confusion could be strong today. We have to watch that our emotions don’t rule our tongue, for we could say something out of a sense of frustration that could prove hurtful or could create greater problems for us to resolve. Being judicious with our finances would also prevent us from extravagance, a situation that could prove more pronounced over the next two days. Today is a day to reflect on how we can advance our interests on a shoestring type of budget. The more productive we can be without breaking the bank, the more we shall create a cushion for ourselves for any unexpected contingencies that might arise in the future. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for thirteen and a half hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio without making any further contacts to the planets and before entering Sagittarius later in the day. As the Moon goes into Sagittarius, although we’re likely to feel more uplifted, we have to be careful that our enthusiasm doesn’t open the floodgates of our financial expenditures whereby we become reckless, extravagant and overly generous.

Friday, February 1st – Doing What We Want – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun. Many people chant mantram-like “T.G.I.F” – “thank goodness it’s Friday”. People may not only be chanting that today but it may seem like the starting gates are opened today. Not only in the US where we are coming into Super Bowl weekend, but the energies open up the door to the possibilities of extravagance, indulgence and excess. Friday has Venus conjunct Jupiter. While the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm are linked up, we can expect an emphasis upon the good things in life, which is likely to tempt us towards being in the moment without considering the consequences. While being in the moment is truly an aspiration for which all of us, consciously or subconsciously, wish to attain, this Friday’s in the moment could put the emphasis on immediate gratification. A tendency towards excess could be contributed by the Moon being in Sagittarius squaring Saturn and sextiling the Sun. We may neglect the details or the means by concentrating on grandstanding and showboating. This Friday could be one of those days when enough is never enough.

Saturday, February 2nd – Scavenger Hunt but Clueless – Mercury, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mars. Saturday continues with the Sagittarius Moon, which today creates a Lunar T-Square in the Mutable Signs as the Moon squares Uranus in Pisces and opposes Mars in Gemini. The Moon sextiles Neptune and Mercury, both of which are conjunct today. This Saturday is a day when we might feel that we have to be in constant motion. We may have a sense of running around but we have to be careful not to lose direction or forget our itinerary. We could be susceptible to Grand Schemes that could only turn out to be Grand Illusions. We might be tempted to do various things today but without giving careful consideration as to what we are doing. We also have to watch that we don’t overly indulge. Seeking the thrills in life could lead to excess and leaping into situations without due diligence. Let’s slow it down today and give careful thought as to what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Sunday, February 3rd – Addressing Obligations – Pluto, Saturn. Sunday seems to get our feet back on the ground. The Moon moves into Capricorn where it conjuncts Pluto and trines Saturn. Although many people may be focused on Super Bowl Sunday, this Sunday allows us to be more realistic and focused on where we want to go. Sunday news programs may raise issues with the powers-that-be and provide in-depth treatises of how things should and could be, a delight for policy-wonks. This Sunday would be a good day for us to consider our ambitions and where we want to go with our lives. We could come up with realistic budgets and figure out how we can take care of our expenses while providing some resources to invest in our future. The times they are a’changing, and this Sunday would be a good day for us to strategize and plan for how we can incorporate the necessary structures in our lives to deal with the changing times.