January 14th – 20th

This week seems to be bubbling along with some pleasant energies until we reach the end of the week and the weekend when things could get more fractious.

The week is highlighted by the end of the Sun’s transit through Capricorn and it’s entrance into Aquarius on Sunday when the Sun creates a Stellium of three or more planets in Aquarius by joining Mercury and Neptune in the Fixed Air Sign.

Much of this week can be used for both our daily interests and our social interactions. We may find that we are tying up loose ends, considering our prospects and launching new activities. Our relationships and interactions with others seem enjoyable during the week but over the weekend we might experience some conflicts or differing opinions regarding what we want to do and how we want to do it. The less fixed and rigid we are, the more we can adapt to the shifting tides.

Let’s keep in mind that life, our life, is not a stasis but rather a dynamic. Within the dynamics of our living, there are times when things go smoothly with no hassles or irritations. Other times we have to contend with aggravations, obstacles and frustrations. This week offers us a serving of both. It would be wise for us not to be seduced by the good feelings earlier this week, and assume that they will continue on into the weekend. Although we often believe the week to be the time of our greatest challenges and the weekend to be our time for relaxation and rest, this week could prove quite the opposite. We might enjoy the activities of our week and then be challenged over the weekend. Life! You gotta love it.

Monday, January 14th – Possibilities or Grand Expectations – Jupiter, Mercury. Monday begins the week with the Aries Moon. We’re ready, set and wanting to go into a new week with the intention of putting our imprint on things. We may be very much interested in doing what we want to do, somewhat self-absorbed and certainly self-focused. The Moon squares Jupiter and sextiles Mercury. Our enthusiasm could get the better of us today. It would be wise to apply the brakes now and again, recheck what we’re doing, make a ‘to do’ list and be certain to maintain fiscal discretion. We could easily get carried away with prospects and possibilities without taking into account the long-term ramifications or the means of accomplishing our goals. This is a day when we have to be careful that we don’t create a house of cards for ourselves. We have the enthusiasm and confidence to pull things off, but we might not be taking important factors into consideration. Going slow and being open to utilizing other people as sounding boards would be advised. There could be a tendency, however, to go it alone and push the envelope of our interests no matter the circumstances or possible consequences.

Tuesday, January 15th – Lining Up the Ducks – Venus, Neptune, Sun, Mars, Pluto. Tuesday continues the Aries Moon and with some ramped-up energy as the Moon trines Venus, sextiles Neptune, squares the Sun, sextiles Mars and trines Pluto. We are determined today and looking to expand our reach. Interactions with others can be enjoyable, especially discussing plans and ideas for the future. We’re feeling confident, optimistic, good about ourselves and enjoying the company we keep. Where a problem could arise is that we could easily get carried away with our enthusiasm. We might leap ahead without checking the parameters or considering our destination. It would be wise for us to look at what we want to do, consider how we can achieve it and take things step by step. We’re gung-ho today so let’s not waste the energy by going off and leaving our directions and itinerary behind. Preparation would go a long way towards realizing our goals. We’ve got the drive and the determination. We just need to be certain that we’ve lined our ducks up in a row before we launch forward today.

Wednesday, January 16th – Juggling Friends & Realizing Goals – Venus, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. Wednesday is often referred to as ‘hump day’, falling in the middle of the work week. This Wednesday is more like the pinnacle of this week. There are some truly great energies and we may find ourselves juggling our interactions with other people and moving our plans forward systematically and with precision. Venus sextiles Neptune today. Our relationships can be close to idyllic, and our thoughts can turn to our future plans with that special someone in our lives. Not only are we enjoying the company of those around us, but we are also able to advance our personal interests. With the Moon in Taurus, the Moon creates a Grand Trine in Earth as the Moon trines Jupiter in Capricorn and trines Saturn in Virgo. Talk about a great energy for manifesting. This day is indeed a primo day when we can charm the birds out of the trees, create a win-win scenario for all concerned and achieve some of our heartfelt wishes. A problem might arise as a result of the Moon square Mercury. We have to be careful that we don’t talk too much or reveal too much of ourselves, at least to those who might not have our best interests at heart. We could also have a tendency to either hold back on spending for things that would help streamline our operations or we could be spending on things that appear significant but prove only a waste of money. This Wednesday is a day to balance both our interactions through social contacts and our ambitions of personal goals.

Thursday, January 17th – Going for the Gold – Uranus, Neptune, Sun. Thursday has the Taurus Moon sextile Uranus, square Neptune and trine the Sun. We have the ability today of working smarter rather than harder. The more we can streamline our operations, the more we can get done. Let’s consider time management today and see where we can shave off minutes and increase our ‘free time’. We may gain some rather remarkable insights today, have some interesting chance meetings and discover ways by which we can get more involved with our activities without overloading ourselves. Let’s keep in mind that not everything that glitters is gold. If we can be discerning and selective regarding where we place our energies and on what we spend our monies, then we’re less likely to be entranced by fool’s gold, things that may have an appeal but would only prove to be a waste of our time. We can be more productive with less expenditure of energy today. We just need to be certain in what direction we want to move.

Friday, January 18th – Not so Fast – Saturn. Well, this week may have been a great week up until this Friday. Today has the Gemini Moon square Saturn. If we haven’t dotted the i’s or crossed the t’s during this week, we may find ourselves forced to go back over things and make corrections. Haste makes waste. If we have been too hasty, then today we could find either that we’ve been wasteful or that we have to go back and fix up certain things that we thought were completed but have proven to be still outstanding. We could be champing at the bit today, so let’s recognize that no matter what our plans for today might be, things may take longer than we would like. Flexibility is the key but so too is attitude. Although we’ve been sailing along for much of this week, this Friday could feel like we’re hitting the wall. Let’s maintain an attitude of grateful appreciation for the good times and recognize that not all the time is a good time. Or if not having an attitude of gratitude, then let’s at least not get down in the dumps. The three day period starting with this Friday could prove stressful. No sense in getting resentful but far better for us to grin and bear it.

Saturday, January 19th – All Over the Place – Venus, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Neptune. Saturday could have us flying about. There is so much nervous energy operating today that it may be hard for us to sit still or even sit down. We could be going from one thing to another. Today has the Gemini Moon conjunct Mars and creating a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Uranus in Pisces and opposing Venus in Sagittarius. Venus also opposes Mars. Conversations could ratchet up into arguments. People may want their own way, desirous of doing their own thing, and there can be little concern for compromise or the other person’s opinion. This day could be intense. The saving grace is the Moon trine to both Mercury and Neptune in Aquarius. If we focus on the future and on possibilities rather than our mundane concerns, then we could likely avoid confrontations and conflicts. If we draw lines in the sand, somebody is likely to step across and trigger a dispute over even the most inane issue. Today is a day when we might all feel that we’ve got attention deficit disorder. It would be far better to have several different things going on today rather than trying to concentrate on one particular project or be singularly focused.

Sunday, January 20th – Testy – Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun Aquarius. Saturday night and early Sunday morning may not be the most restful period for us. If we’re trying to sleep, we could be restless tossing and turning. The Gemini Moon opposes Pluto. Our thoughts may be many and we may feel like we’re playing a game of Stratego trying to figure out the best ways of expanding our activities. The nervous energy could prove exhausting. The Moon then moves into its own Sign of Cancer where it opposes Jupiter and sextiles Saturn. Although we might want to broaden our realm and widen our interests, this day would be better used in cleaning up our homes and clearing out the clutter. The Sun moves into Aquarius today, creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius. We’re looking to our future, interested in making changes and embracing the idealistic quality of ‘what could be’. In order to make possibilities realities, it is often important to tie up loose ends, bring things to closure and complete outstanding matters. It may not be our favorite activity, but in doing so we eliminate some of the old baggage and prevent ourselves from bringing it into a new phase, into our future.