December 3rd – 9th

This week starts off in some very pleasant ways. Social engagements may be entertaining and we’re considerate of other people. Our relationships can be fun and enlivening and we’re looking to embrace the holiday spirit. We start the week with partnership-oriented Libra with the Moon transiting Libra and Venus in its own Sign of Libra sextiling Pluto.

As we come to mid-week, concerns might arise. The Moon moves into Scorpio and we have Mercury square Saturn. We may question whether we’re staying within our budget or have gone overboard splurging. It would be a good time to budget our expenses for the holidays and see where we can pare down and where less would be more. While we might feel some limitations imposed on our free-wheeling and free-spending inclinations, we can also be more effective with less expenditure of energy. We can streamline our operations and also scout out some pretty good bargains.

At the end of the week, the Sun squares Uranus. We’re not interested in restraints but rather want to stretch our wings and explore new opportunities and sample new interests. We may be doing our own thing and looking at how we can make significant changes to the humdrum of our lives.

On the weekend, Mars sextiles Saturn. We may be putting the finishing touches on our holiday decorations, planning our holiday schedule and considering what outstanding matters we can put to rest before we get so involved in the holiday spirit.

The weekend ends with the Sagittarius New Moon and five planets in Sagittarius. Whatever our concerns over the past couple of days regarding our budget, expenses and expenditures, we may cast our concerns aside and focus instead on the enthusiasm, optimism and expansiveness of this time of year. We may go for it, even to the point of going overboard with a confidence that everything will work out in the end.

The week is a roller coaster, but a ride we should be familiar with by now. We’re in the twenty-first century and going back and forth between old patterns and a brand new world.

Monday, December 3rd – A Fine Romance – Venus, Pluto, Mercury, Mars. Monday starts the week with an emphasis upon relationship matters. Venus in its own Sign of Libra sextiles Pluto. And the Moon is in Libra where it sextiles Mercury and squares Mars. Today is a good day to get together with that special someone, have a heart to heart talk about how meaningful they are in our lives. This is a day when we can engage in a fine romance, taking an interlude in our fast-paced lives to spend some truly quality time with someone we cherish and deeply care about. We might have to put aside some of our errands or items on our ‘to do’ list. No matter, for this is a day to savor and enjoy the people in our lives.

Tuesday, December 4th – Feeling Groovy – Sun, Neptune. Tuesday continues the ‘feel good’ energy of yesterday. Today, the Libra Moon sextiles the Sun and trines Neptune. Social interactions are highlighted. Plans can be made for fun get-togethers. We may not be too focused on our daily commitments, but that’s not where our thoughts are or where the energy is. Today is a good day to keep the good times rolling. This is the last day of the Venus transit through its own Sign of Libra. Making contact with others, touching base with friends are good ways of using this energy. We are far more considerate of people now than we are likely to be for much of the rest of the month. If we’re holiday shopping, our purchases recently are more geared to the person’s tastes than our purchases may be in the days ahead when we may feel more the obligation of gift giving and looking at what we can get on sale. But this Tuesday is a good time to celebrate our friendships and consider plans for the future.

Wednesday, December 5th –The Bloom off the Rose – Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Venus Scorpio. Wednesday starts off with the continued sense of good cheer toward other people. The Libra Moon is finishing its transit of Libra and in so doing sextiles both Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. In the early morning hours, we are likely to continue our round of phone calls, e-mails and conversations with people both near and far. We’re feeling upbeat, impassioned and interested in the lives of others. The energy quickly shifts as the day progresses. Venus exits its own Sign of Libra to enter Scorpio, a Sign of its Detriment, where Venus is not too comfortable. The Moon also exits Libra and enters Scorpio where it conjuncts Venus. The ugly face of jealousy could raise its head. One moment we might be having a wonderful conversation with a good friend. The next moment we might find that our conversations are less revealing, less ebullient with an undercurrent of doubt and suspicion. We could decide to hold our cards close to our chest, offering only the requisite information and no more. Even our moods can change. We might feel that we’ve offered too much, given away too much and now are looking at giving less rather than more.

Thursday, December 6th – Back to the Reality – Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Uranus. Thursday has Mercury square Saturn. While we might want to broaden our scope, we might question whether we have the resources to do so. We have to be careful not to gloss over details or ignore the specifics. If we don’t get carried away by our enthusiasm, then we could learn to cope with what we have rather than overextending. Headlines could put a damper on our good feelings, raising the question of credit crunches and holiday spending. The Scorpio Moon does sextile Saturn and triggers the Water Grand Trine by the Moon trining Mars in Cancer and trining Uranus in Pisces. We can be incredibly resourceful today. We could find bargains, stretch our dollar, and be far more effective with less expenditure of energy. But we do need to keep focused and not get distracted by the way we want to see things. Today is a day for us to see things clearly and in their naked truth. We may not like everything that we see, but once we are clear and aware of the parameters, then we could move forward judiciously and effectively.

Friday, December 7th – Under One’s Skin – Sun, Uranus, Neptune. Friday could have us champing at the bit. We want to break free of restraints or restrictions. We want to do what we want without anyone clipping our wings. We could be itching to get on with things, to make changes and possibly solely for the sake of change. The Scorpio Moon squares Neptune. What we have to watch for is buying into illusions that seem to remedy our sense of frustration. The new and unique might entice us but they could also lay a trap of needless expenditure and heavy expense. It is important that we find some sort of escape valve to let off some steam. Doing something different, even if the different thing is a mere trifle, would seem a good way to seek release. Otherwise, we would have to watch for indulgences and drinking too much to escape from our daily existence. We want change but let’s keep the expense to a minimum without creating collateral damage or delusional costs.

Saturday, December 8th – Taking Care of Business – Mars, Saturn. Saturday has Mars sextile Saturn. Today is a good day to get our house in order whether preparing our home for the holidays with decorations or attending to outstanding matters that we want to bring to closure before the end of the year. Saturday may be a day of errands whereby we’re going around and checking off things on our ‘to do’ list. This sort of activity may not be what we want to do, especially with the Moon in Sagittarius. We may want to be out and about, having a good time, exploring the world, and shopping for the holidays. The Moon does square Saturn. We may rebel against the errands that we’ve scheduled and want to get out of Dodge. If we bite the bullet and take care of the business at hand, we can effectively and productively handle our tasks and clear the decks for good times later on.

Sunday, December 9th – Anywhere but Here – Sagittarius New Moon, Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Neptune. Sunday gives us the Sagittarius New Moon with five planets in Sagittarius. With its influence for the next two week period, we may find that we’ve gotten wind in our sails, looking to expand and seeking to broaden our reach. Travel plans may be discussed even initiated. The Moon conjuncts the Sun and Mercury, squares Uranus and sextiles Neptune. While we may be gung-ho to embrace new adventures and set into motion our goals for the future, we also have to maintain a sharp eye for unexpected situations that are likely to arise. Today is a day when we may be feeling especially upbeat, generous to a fault, and willing to bet our chips on better days ahead. Good feelings, nice concepts but we also have to be careful that we’re not aware of all the conditions or circumstances that could impact our plans. Let’s remember the old saying that the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. Not that we’re looking to go to hell, but we are looking at expanding our activities, getting more involved with lots of things and may have the best of intentions. Unfortunately, we might also find that our eyes are bigger than our stomach and our intentions are not matched by our resources. We also have to be aware of unexpected situations that could crop up to impinge upon our plans. Or as Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote: the best laid plans of mice and men are likely to come to naught. Let’s be exuberant, enthusiastic and excited but let’s also keep a grip on reality and be vigilant regarding unexpected situations that might come up.