December 31st – January 6th

This week celebrates the concept of ‘out with the old, in with the new’ as we end the year of 2007 and enter 2008. No greater truth in this statement than this threshold crossing into 2008, for not only are we ending one year and entering a new year, but the crossing from 2007 into 2008 also represents the ending of a nine year cycle and the beginning of a new nine year cycle. In numerology 2007 has been a universal year of a 9, and 2008 is a universal year of a 1. Yes, out with the old, in with the new.

Change is not always easy, and we are certainly likely to see the uneasiness of it during this week. With the most significant energy configuration this week being the Mars Pluto opposition, champagne bottles may not be the only thing popping over the course of the week. This opposition can in deed wreak havoc and its influence is already noted by the assassination of Pakistan former prime minister and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.

With the Mars Pluto opposition casting a pall over the week, we might experience more incidents of intense energy releases. Such releases could take the form of further violent activity amongst humankind, atmospherically with intense cyclonic winds during storm systems and even geophysical phenomena of earthquakes or volcanic activity.

In our own lives, we may find things ratcheted up several-fold this week. What we need to be careful of are knee-jerk reactions and making assumptions based upon limited information. This week would be a prime week for misjudgments and miscalculations. The more we can slow things down, not get caught up in a whirlwind of activity or overload, the better we shall be to handle situations.

It would be wise for us to clean house this week, to rid ourselves of the clutter of busy work and to prioritize our activities and to concentrate on where we want to focus our interests.

Everyone may be a little on edge this week, questioning and wondering where we go next. This week may be better spent doing an inventory taking and eliminating the dross of the past rather than fully initiating our New Year resolutions. There will be time for that with far better energies as we come into next week with its Capricorn New Moon.

Monday, December 31st – Other People’s Issues – Sun, Mercury, Mars Gemini. Monday is New Year’s Eve and the energies are certainly appropriate for socializing thanks to the Libra Moon. This Libra Moon squares both the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, so it will be important for us to recognize that we may be overly considerate of other people’s needs or could find ourselves taking care of other people’s matters. The question as to where we put our energy is important today. Plans made may seem obligatory, and we could feel as though we’re doing things that we’ve committed to but would rather not do. Let’s keep in mind that plans are made during a particular space time coordinate and that in the present time such plans just might not work for us. Even if we have to disappoint other people, we need to see what we want to do in the moment. Ending the year kowtowing to other people’s needs may not be a great way to end the year and begin the new year. Today also has retrograde Mars moving out of Cancer and moving into Gemini and closer to exactitude of the Mars Pluto opposition that occurs on Wednesday. If we plan to go out and about on New Year’s Eve, it would be wise to be certain of weather conditions and to recognize that everyone out there may have a very short fuse.

Tuesday, January 1st – Better Together – Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune, Pluto, Mars. Although we’re increasingly feeling the Mars Pluto opposition exact tomorrow, this first day of 2008 can be especially pleasant. For much of the day, we have the Libra Moon which creates a Grand Trine in the Air Element by trining Neptune in Aquarius and trining Mars in Gemini. The Moon also sextiles Pluto. Today is a great day to get together with a good friend or our significant partner and reflect on where we want to go and what we want to do. A drive in the country, a walk in the park, or some other form of stepping out of our regular routine would be a good way to bring in this new year. Let’s keep in mind that this new year of 2008 is all about new beginnings. Although some beginnings and changes might not always be our favorite, the more we can use this day as a day to focus on our hopes and wishes and not feel tied to the restrictions of our past, the more we are launching the new year in a most positive framework. Even if we choose to stay home and merely stay put, let’s allow our minds to wander and consider all the possibilities for ourselves during this coming year. No matter the backdrop of the world at large or the world around us, it would be wise to keep in mind, almost mantram-like, the concept that what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. No place for negative thoughts or falling into fear-based thinking. Now is a time for us to embrace the idea of being co-creators of our destiny with our natural unfolding.

Wednesday, January 2nd – More Than Champagne Bottles Popping – Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun. If we’ve been seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, this Wednesday could offer a different perspective. Today has Mars opposed Pluto, an energy configuration that is likely to daunt us now and again in March. Although this year represents a year of new beginnings, some times in order to get to new beginnings we have to get rid of and eliminate certain things from our lives. Whether we’re ready to do so or not, this day can bring a major exclamation mark to our lives and the world in which we’re living. Make no mistake about it. Mars opposed Pluto is a major energy configuration, very dramatic and very intense. The energy is a major release point and like a volcanic eruption it can either be quiet and effusive whereby there is a constant but gradual venting like the lava flow of Kilauea or it can be explosive like the blow out of a Mount St. Helens. Either way, the landscape is transformed significantly. We may feel the same way today. Hopefully, we can mitigate the potential for explosive force and find our transformations and changes to be more a natural unfolding instead of a radical ripping apart. Wednesday also gives us the Moon in Scorpio, a Sign co-ruled by both Mars and Pluto. The sense of getting rid of the dross and getting down to the basics and the fundamentals can be reinforced. The Moon sextiles Jupiter, sextiles Saturn and sextiles the Sun. If our focus is to do an inventory taking with the idea of clearing away the old and the outdated, then we can harness today’s energy in a form of restructuring and shapeshifting our lives, our schedules and our projects. We do not have to be controlled by the energies swirling around us. Through our awareness, we can work with the energies and do the necessary tai chi moves to skirt potential disasters and flow easily with the energies.

Thursday, January 3rd – Looking for the Out – Uranus, Neptune, Mercury. Thursday continues with the Scorpio Moon which today trines Uranus, squares Neptune and sextiles Mercury. We could be looking at making changes today, streamlining our operations and embracing the concept of working smarter rather than harder. The more we can expedite our activities, the better it will be for us to be able to consider new projects and new interests. We may continue to weed our garden of those involvements that no longer work for us. We may feel that we have to get lean and mean with our lives, focusing on those things that truly speak to us while stepping away from the extraneous or things that are merely a waste of our time. We do have to be careful that we don’t jump at things based on our desire for change or based on the image without considering the details or the specifics. Our thoughts can be perceptive, our conversations to the point and our insights quite remarkable. We just have to watch that we don’t get carried away with ourselves and assume that we are super human.

Friday, January 4th – Somewhere, Someone Beyond – Venus. Friday has the Moon moving out of Scorpio and moving into Sagittarius. The intensity of the week can suddenly lighten up. Even if we’ve been somewhat withdrawn, focused on clearing the decks and preparing ourselves for the year ahead, Friday sees a brightening and a far more exuberant and engaging quality. The Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Venus. We are likely to look at socializing today and this evening. We may not feel content with our lives as they have been. We might want to stretch beyond our normal parameters. The different, the exotic and those with experiences broader than our own can be quite appealing today. We are looking to be worldly, to embrace people and cultures that are different to our own. Whether we engage in contacts with people foreign to our culture or we choose to dine on ethnic cuisine, we may seek to move beyond our normal circumstance. Our enthusiasm today may be quite contagious and we’re likely to find a supporter[s] for broadening our experience and social circle. This Friday can be a fun day, one to start the move beyond our inventory taking and clearing away of earlier this week and begin to add uplifting and exciting ingredients for our future.

Saturday, January 5th – Picking Up the Pieces – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus. Saturday has the Sagittarius Moon creating a T-Square in the Mutable Signs by squaring Saturn in Virgo and squaring Uranus in Pisces. The sense of being betwixt and between can arise today. Let’s keep in mind that for much of this year we are likely to do the dance between the old, traditional ways and the new, innovative approaches as Saturn and Uranus continue their opposition. This Saturday could find us dealing with errands, responsibilities and the fine details of our everyday lives. At the same time, we may be champing at the bit to just chuck it all and do things on the spur of the moment. We may feel somewhat anxious today, perhaps a little out of sorts as we deal with habitual patterns all the while resenting that we cannot fully break free. It would be important for us to try and give time and energy both to our obligations and to our whims. If we don’t attend to our errands, we could create a backlog that will only slow us down. And if we don’t allow ourselves to act spontaneously based upon our whims of the moment, we could both lose some interesting opportunities and also resent the rigidity of our lives. We may not get it down perfectly to begin with, but over the course of the year, we shall have the opportunity of creating the suspension bridge between the old and new. We may go back and forth for awhile until we have created the slats of the suspension bridge, get to the other side of our new way of being and can then cut the ties to our past and let the past be the past. Today is a day for us to learn the juggling act between our old and the new.

Sunday, January 6th – Me or Thee – Sun, Uranus, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Pluto. If we think of Sunday as a day of rest, this Sunday could certainly challenge that concept. This Sunday could prove a very active one and may feel akin to a high wire act. The Sun sextiles Uranus. We are looking at instituting changes, shapeshifting and embracing the new year in a new way of expressing ourselves. We want to be free. We want to be ‘me’. Great in the abstract but not everyone may necessarily applaud our desires or our intentions. This day also has Venus square Saturn. People from our past, or past relationship issues and certainly the old modus operandi of our relationships can come forward to enforce how we are known by definition based upon our past experiences. We might feel as though other people are putting monkey wrenches in the spokes of our wheels and creating limitations to our full self-expression. For much of the day, we have the Sagittarius Moon which today sextiles Neptune, opposes Mars and conjuncts Pluto. We could easily get caught up in dreams of what could be, the potentials of our lives if we did not have the restrictions, the limitations, the demands of people who have known us. Similar to the energy this past Wednesday, things could ratchet up and prove to be quite intense. We have to be certain not to build up a head of steam that might only be released by an explosive outburst. Let’s be certain to find ways to vent any frustrations, deal with people without anticipating their acceptance of our desires or new interests. Often it is best for us to keep our cards close to our chest and not reveal everything that is going on with us. This Sunday is one of those days.