December 10th – 16th

This week is under the influence of this past Sunday’s Sagittarius New Moon with five planets in Sagittarius. We may be on fire, feeling our oats and even looking to sow some of them.

This week is also the last full week of Jupiter’s transit through its own Sign of Sagittarius and the last full week of Saturn direct. Next week Jupiter moves into Capricorn and Saturn turns retrograde. The more we can accomplish this week, the better it would be. Next week, we might have a splash of cold, hard reality. Things could take longer and we might not have the enthusiasm we feel this week. We are likely to feel exuberant this week and looking to add sparkle to our lives through the holiday activities.

This week begins with Mercury square Uranus, my least favorite energy configuration for travel. There can be traffic problems, air travel issues and also verbal misunderstandings and computer difficulties. No matter what we have planned for this week, we should keep aware that things may not go according to schedule.

Apart from Monday’s Mercury Uranus square, most of the week is very pleasant. There are some nice energies for get-togethers and social interactions. Whether we are meeting people for lunch, holiday parties or merely connecting with them by phone, through the mail or by e-mail, our focus is likely to be geared to the spirit of these holidays. We’re filled with good cheer but it’s important that we avoid overfill.

Monday, December 10th – Missteps – Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto. Monday starts the week with the Sagittarius Moon conjunct Jupiter and conjunct Pluto. We’re in the starting blocks, ready to go. We’re feeling impassioned and looking to go for the gold… silver and bronze. Yes, we may want it all. And this energy configuration is reflective of and a prelude to tomorrow’s Jupiter Pluto conjunction. We’re in an expansive mode and not looking at doing anything by half measure. While we’re pumped up and willing to stretch our parameters ever wider today, we also have Mercury square Uranus. We could have some remarkable insights, but we would have to be careful that our ‘ah-ha’ moments aren’t truly dives deep into delusion. Being thrust forward like being shot out of a cannon, we need to be sure to check our direction, our itinerary and be open to possible problems. Communications can be off, travel problems can arise, and we could experience computer glitches. The more we can slow things down, the less likely we are to be caught in the thrashing about that could lead only to miscalculations, and missteps. As the day progresses the Moon moves into Capricorn and that could help us provide grounding and structuring the appropriate format. We may have our head in the clouds but we can also touch ground later in the day. Monday is a day to exercise some restraint and not take things at face value or assume we’ve heard things correctly. Today and tomorrow, it is essential that we not get carried away by good feelings or by our hopes and wishes.

Tuesday, December 11th – Doesn’t Get Better Than This – Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Mars, Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus. Tuesday is one of those special days. It’s gargantuan, humongous, mammoth and all those other superlatives of overly large. Today we have Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Everything is raised exponentially. If it’s good, it’s very, very good. If it’s bad, it’s very, very bad. No half measures today. We do have to watch for excess and indulgence. People could easily overreach today. But we’re likely to feel expansive, enthusiastic and exuberant. Not only do we have the Jupiter Pluto conjunction egging us on. Venus trines Mars, part of the Grand Trine in Water we’ve been experiencing over the past few weeks with Venus now in Scorpio exactly trining Mars in Cancer today and next week on the 18th, Venus trines Uranus. Our interactions with others can be especially pleasant. The sense of nurture and comfort can be strongly felt today. We also have the Sun sextile Neptune. Friendships matter, and we may find ourselves seeking to contact people near and far. We’re feeling good about life, looking to give a little tenderness and are far more interested in what’s going on with other people rather than just singularly focused on ourselves. All this ‘feel good’ quality is enhanced by the Capricorn Moon sextile Venus, opposed Mars, trine Saturn and sextile Uranus. Today is a day when we could literally move mountains if we use some forethought and strategic planning as well as our confidence and optimism. This Tuesday is one of those days when we might say to ourselves: it doesn’t get better than this.

Wednesday, December 12th – Fixing Up – Venus, Saturn. This Wednesday has Venus sextile Saturn. We can polish our image, even to the point of a personal makeover. We have the ability to both stretch a dollar and also find the most effect and streamlined methods to deal with our routine responsibilities. Planning is everything and while we’re still feeling the exuberance of recent days, this Wednesday also gives us more of a focused, systematic approach to our activities. We are more likely to dot the i’s and cross the t’s today. If we are involved with holiday preparations, today is a great day to deal with the details, look at the specifics of our plans, and begin to address the pieces that make up the total picture. Much can be accomplished today. We just need to take the first step and allow things to unfold in a methodical and reasonable manner. If there have been relationship issues we’ve skirted, this Wednesday gives us the energy to deal with them in a clear, precise manner and to provide a diplomatic resolution to any outstanding conflicts.

Thursday, December 13th – Limitless Possibilities – Mercury, Neptune, Venus. Thursday has Mercury sextile Neptune. Our mind is optimistic and we’re looking at all sorts of possibilities regarding social get-togethers with friends and regarding our prospects for the future. This day is one when we could get lost in our reveries. Our communications can be pleasant and uplifting. Where a problem could arise is with any parade rainers or naysayers. The Aquarius Moon squares Venus and we could become resentful if we have anyone trying to pop our balloon. Now is a time for us to float free and consider what could be without limitations. We’re not interested in restrictions or the reality of the situation. We could easily spend more than we should based upon what we want rather than keeping strictly to our budget or reasonable expense. If we can keep ourselves from going to extremes, this day can be quite pleasant. This Thursday is a day to dream but not to commit. Today is far better to write in pencil with a big eraser rather than carve our intentions in stone.

Friday, December 14th – T.G.I.F. – Neptune, Mercury, Sun. This week is one to enjoy the holiday spirit with fun times and social gatherings. This Friday has the Aquarius Moon conjunct Mercury and the Moon sextile both Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius. If we have taken care of our responsibilities earlier this week, then the mid to latter part of the week can be more of a coast. Even if we have things we need to do, we’re likely to put them on hold in order to socialize and focus on having a good time. Yes, it’s holiday time and we’re looking at bringing to a close a year that for many of us cannot end too soon. Friday night can have us partying, gathering with friends or reflecting on past good times. Although we might normally say thank goodness it’s Friday based upon our work week, this Friday the T.G.I.F. may just mean that we have another day to enjoy the holiday cheer and spread it around with our interactions and holiday party gathering. We may feel of the sense of our daily routine looming over our shoulder.

Saturday, December 15th – Keeping the Home Fires Burning – Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn. In the early morning hours of Saturday, the Aquarius Moon sextiles both Pluto and Jupiter. We may awaken with a burst of energy but that burst may fizzle out fairly quickly. We might have great plans to get away on a day trip, get together with friends on a shopping spree or enjoy a day of recreational activities. Whatever our plans, we may find that we’re sticking closer to home and dealing with errands and fixing up our homes. After that initial burst of energy, thanks to the Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter and Pluto; the Moon moves into Pisces where it trines Mars and opposes Saturn. Decorating our homes, shopping for family food gatherings and doing home projects may demand our attention. We might find that our ‘to do’ list is long, as we deal with both maintenance responsibilities and the added details necessary for holiday preparations. Today is a good day to have family and friends over, share a meal or just an eggnog. We do have to watch for mood swings and indulgences. Too much alcohol and sweets could contribute to emotional whipsaws.

Sunday, December 16th – Surprising Turns of Events – Venus, Uranus. Sunday is a day when unexpected situations could crop up. Today is a day when we can enjoy the company of those special people in our lives and do something out of the ordinary. We might even find ourselves on a scavenger hunt, hunting out bargains at shopping malls, consignment stores or boutique shops. We are looking to add a little spice to our life. Holiday celebrations we don’t normally take part in can be something that we choose to do today. The Pisces Moon trines Venus and conjuncts Uranus. Today can be an emotionally warming day. We may take in the spiritual events that revolve around this time of year — pageants, chorales and other outpourings of religious and spiritual groups. And who knows? Santa could come early and on this day we might be the recipient of a wonderful gift.