November 26th – December 2nd

This week ends November and begins December. We’re in the thrust of the holiday season, and this week has its similar ups and downs. The highlights of the week are the Venus trine Neptune to begin the week and the Venus sextile Jupiter to close the weekend. On the weekend, Mercury exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius adding a fourth planet to the Sagittarius Stellium of three or more planets with Mercury joining the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in the Jupiter-ruled Mutable Fire Sign. The lowlight of the week is the Sun square Saturn at the end of the week.

This week can be a roller coaster. At times, we may feel emotionally content, even moving into the idyllic. Other times, we might feel somewhat confused, desiring the way things could be while realizing that they are not quite as wonderful as we may wish them to be.

Like the world’s equity markets, volatility seems the primary characteristic of this week and these times. Similar to market psychology that swings between the extremes of greed and fear, we too could swing between a sense of being in control of situations and able to expand our activities, and a feeling of being at the mercy of conditions and circumstances beyond our control to which we can only react . Finding a balance point during this week would be essential. Otherwise, we could swing between extravagance driven by our illusions and fear from a sense of imposed restrictions. The metronome may be in full swing, but it is our attitude and our willingness to avoid knee-jerk reactions that can keep us from being caught up in the wild motions and emotions.

Monday, November 26th – Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn. The early hours of Monday has the Moon finishing its transit of Gemini. As it does so, the Moon opposes Pluto. Whether we had difficulty falling asleep on Sunday night or our sleep state was exaggerated with racing dreams taking us all over kingdom come, we could awaken slightly out of sorts. Although our sleep state may be restless, Monday does have some good energies as the Moon slips into its own Sign of Cancer where it sextiles Saturn. Monday is a good day to get our house in order — whether it is straightening things around our home, scheduling our week’s activities in a clear manner or attending to and resolving outstanding matters that have been nipping at our heels. We might consider family plans for the holidays, get-togethers with family, friends and neighbors. Although we can accomplish a great deal today, this Monday is also a splendid time to spend quality time with our special someone or special friends. Venus trines Neptune today and our social interactions can be light, sparkling and allow us to engage in the wide world of limitless possibilities. What better day to share our thoughts and feelings with others? None, for today we have an appreciation of those special people in our lives. We are in a nurturing, comforting and even accommodating manner. Today is a day when we can deal with our responsibilities and still have time to stop and enjoy some idyllic moments.

Tuesday, November 27th – Accelerated Makeovers – Mars, Venus, Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Mercury. Tuesday has a great deal of ramped-up energy. Perhaps yesterday we enjoyed a brief interlude, a momentary reprieve from the hurly-burly of life in the 21st century. But that was then, this is now. This Tuesday continues with the Cancer Moon which conjuncts Mars and squares Venus. Our physical energy may be stronger. We might be somewhat aggressive, self-assertive to the point of stepping on other people’s toes. We want what we want, and even what we want can go through some radical shifts and changes. The Cancer Moon creates a Grand Trine in the Water Element as the Moon trines Uranus in Pisces and trines Mercury in Scorpio. We’re looking to make changes to our daily schedule. We want to streamline our operations in order to have some gaps that we can fill on impulse, at the whim of the moment and in an act of spontaneity. Today is a day when we might experiment with various things, making changes in our living environment or considering a personal makeover. We want to test the waters and not be inhibited by other people’s definition of us or what is expected of us. This can be a highly emotional day. If there are storm clouds overhead, the downpour can be intense and unforgiving. Whether those storm clouds are physical atmospheric conditions or our own personal emotional circumstances. This day is not a day when we’re looking at doing things by half measure. We want to take machete in hand and cut our own path, seeking freedom of expression and the freedom to be… whomever we choose to be.

Wednesday, November 28th – Brand New Day – Sun. Wednesday has the Moon moving into Leo where it trines the Sun. Although we may have felt quite emotional over the past two days with some peak feelings and some slight irritations, Wednesday can have us feeling at the top of our game. As though a weight has been lifted from us, we’re feeling far more creative, dynamic and ready to conquer the world or, at least, expand our activities. Our prospects seem a lot brighter and we may feel confident and able to pull off our most ambitious goals. Today is not a day to sit on the sidelines but rather one to get in the game and focus on those things that brighten our day and bring joy to us. Pleasurable pursuits may entice us, and why not? We’re in the midst of a month-long holiday period. Even if we’ve felt overwhelmed by life recently, today is a day when we can see the silver lining to the dark clouds and those sunbreaks that offer us promise of a brighter future ahead.

Thursday, November 29th – Possibilities or Illusions – Neptune. Thursday continues with the Leo Moon. While we may have gotten a confidence booster yesterday and may continue in that vein today, we do have to be careful not to buy into the image and the appearance without checking the substance and particulars of any situation. The Leo Moon opposes Neptune today. We could easily become a little full of ourselves, assume that things will work out according to our wishes and buy into prospects without fully considering the specifics or the ramifications. Today is a day to go slow in making decisions or long-term commitments. We could be easily enticed by flattery or by possibilities that seem ever so real yet may be far more illusionary. We might be doing the dance with the trickster, someone or some thing that seems tantalizingly alluring but the reality being far different. While we may feel that nothing can stand in our way or stop our desires being realized, we need to get a grip and maintain a jaundiced eye and healthy skepticism regarding things presented to us or that catch our fancy. This configuration can be the type of energy whereby we buy into fool’s gold or a gambler’s folly whereby a tempting small advantage opens the door to a greater risk and possible loss. Possibilities are likely to open to us but we have to be certain to consider the conditions, the circumstances and the likely ramifications before we cross the threshold and engage in new involvements.

Friday, November 30th – Putting on the Brakes – Sun, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury. Early Friday could have us in a fool’s paradise. We still have the Leo Moon early in the day, and we might awaken ready to take on the world. The Moon sextiles Venus, trines both Jupiter and Pluto and squares Mercury. Whether we got ensnared by illusions yesterday or got involved in new interests, we keep the enthusiasm and confidence going on this Friday morning. We’re looking at enlisting the support of others, feeling confident of broadening our scope and expanding our activities. Our exuberance can allow extravagance and even indulgence. We can be generous to a fault not considering our budget or our finances but just going forward enthusiastically to the sound of ‘charge’ on our lips. While the early morning hours favor this continued self-embellishment, as the day progresses the Moon exits Leo and enters Virgo. Also on this Friday, the Sun squares Saturn. Whether self-applied or imposed by others’ limitations, we could find the brakes being applied. We may feel our upbeat feeling give way to the realities of today’s world and our own personal circumstances. Like the tidal actions of the oceans with its recent swells and crests, we may feel our energy ebbing. We might feel fatigued, lethargic and overwhelmed by what we have recently done. Now is a time for us to reconsider, take into account recent actions and see under a clearer light of day whether to proceed or to go back and rework what we have done. Although we may feel knocked back a bit, a slap of reality is not a bad thing, especially if we’ve been heading down the yellow brick road of wish fulfillment and fantasy illusions.

Saturday, December 1st – Tethered by our Responsibilities – Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Uranus, Mars, Mercury Sagittarius. If yesterday’s Sun square Saturn didn’t lay us flat, then today’s Virgo Moon could do so. All the pomp and circumstance of mid-week could come to a grinding halt as we see things from a totally different perspective. What we do have to be careful about is looking at things from extreme viewpoints. Yesterday and today we might have a tendency to take a more negative viewpoint of life. While Wednesday and Thursday could have us going through life as la-de-da assuming that everything would work out to our benefit, yesterday and today could have us seeing the darker side of life. Either extreme is… extreme. But if we do choose to go to extremes, then let’s realize that yesterday and today could have us seeing things darker than they actually are. Today’s Virgo Moon sextiles Mars but also conjuncts Saturn and creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon squaring the Sun and opposing Uranus. Whatever our expectations or plans for this day might be, let’s keep in mind that unexpected situations could arise that demand our attention and cause a change in plan. Responsibilities, obligations and commitments might get in the way of any free-wheeling attitudes we might have had. Today is a day for us to take care of our errands, address our ‘to do’ list and be certain that we’re meeting our scheduled commitments, which may not be entirely pleasant. No matter, there are days like that. This Saturday also has Mercury leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius adding a fourth planet to the Stellium in Sagittarius as Mercury joins the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto. Our thoughts and our desires are towards expanding our scope and broadening our realm. But for today we may have to put much of that on hold as we tend to the obligations to which we’ve committed.

Sunday, December 2nd – You and Me – Venus, Jupiter, Pluto. Sunday has the Virgo Moon square both Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. We may still have things that we need to deal with, things that seem limiting to our spreading our wings and exploring the four corners of the world. We might also begin to take into account the details of matters that we would prefer to see in their achieved state. If we stay focused on the specifics while maintaining a view of the big picture, then we could blend the macro perspective with the micro details and come to a fine balance of seeing where we want to go and the most expeditious means by which to get there. That’s if we concentrate on the particulars while keeping our intentions clear regarding our goals. It’s a big ‘if’ but one that could prove very successful. If we lose sight of either the overview or the details, then we could just wind up in a bigger mess by expanding our plans without considering either the conditions or the means. This Sunday also has Venus sextile Jupiter, the two good guys of the planetary realm doing a comfortable and enjoyable dance. Our relationships can be great fun. We might seek contact with those who have had a different experience from our own and engage in a pleasant sharing of our personal experiences. We could splurge on creating a special moment with someone or introduce someone to a new and exciting experience…or be the one introduced. This Sunday can be great fun and can be productive. We just have to be careful of exaggerating situations or becoming indulgent.