November 19th – 25th

This week has a mercurial quality to it. The Sun leaves Scorpio to enter Sagittarius where it creates a stellium of three or more planets in one Sign as the Sun joins Jupiter and Pluto in the Mutable Fire Sign. Uranus turns direct. And we have three Mercury aspects as Mercury in Scorpio triggers the Water Grand Trine with Mercury trine Mars in Cancer and trine Uranus in Pisces. Mercury also squares Neptune at the end of the week and Venus squares Mars to begin the week.

This is a week when we can strategize, blueprint and make plans. We are driven to get the most out of our experiences and willing to think around the curve. Our insights can be strong. We just have to watch that we don’t become over exuberant or carried away by our enthusiasms. We are looking to stretch, to broaden our realm and expand into new opportunities.

This week is a time when we can draw upon our energy, our passion and our drive, and blend our determination with an insightful, well-considered and logically-planned methodology. What we do have to be careful of is any tendency to get carried away into illusions or delusions.

In the US Thursday is a day of Thanksgiving. While some people may stuff their faces, watch incessant football games and just indulge in good old American excess, the attitude of gratitude is important both in thanks for our countless blessings and in readiness of the cornucopia that an upbeat, appreciative disposition often provides. Let’s give thanks for what we have and for the talents we have to express.

Monday, November 19th – Beyond the Pale – Venus, Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter. Monday starts the week with Venus square Mars and Mercury trine Mars. The Pisces Moon trines Mars, conjuncts Uranus and squares Jupiter. Our emotions might be sparring with our thoughts. We could easily get overly emotional, even too sensitive and have expectations of others that are not clearly expressed. Our mind is racing but we’re interested in the minimalist, not having to explain our every move nor feeling the need to justify our actions. We want to be going today and in our rush to proceed we could step on some toes. Today we have to be careful of overreach having too much on our plate and still wanting to add some exciting diversions and new interests to the mix. This day could prove exhausting if we let ourselves scatter to the four winds, jumping from one thing to another without accomplishing a whole lot. It would be wise to make a ‘to do’ list today. Even if we don’t subscribe to it, at least we’ll have it as a reference to see what we could do if we so choose to do it. Things may not go according to plan so let’s appreciate the whirlwind of activity and not get overly concerned if our expectations aren’t met.

Tuesday, November 20th – Out of the Blocks – Sun, Pluto. If we weren’t totally exhausted by yesterday’s manic Monday, this Tuesday could have us ready and set to go. We start the early morning hours with the Pisces Moon trine the Sun and square Pluto. We could be a little intense to begin the day, no longer interested in the whirligig of distractions and diversions that could have captured our attention yesterday. As the day proceeds, the Moon enters Aries and we’re on our way. We’re looking to put our mark on situations, interested in new projects that speak to us. Today, we’re looking out for number one, ourselves. Not that we’re inconsiderate of others. We’re just not as concerned about their feelings or their actions. We want to do our own thing. And doing our own thing is likely what we’ll do.

Wednesday, November 21st – Bright Ideas – Mercury, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter. Wednesday has the third trigger to this week’s Mercury Grand Trine as Mercury trines Uranus. Our ideas and our thoughts can be inspired, virtual revelations that come out from the blue. Today is a great day to figure things out, to think outside the box and come up with those ‘Eureka’ moments when we can devise the most effective and streamlined methods to accomplish our goals. Unexpected contacts can be thrilling. Surprises may be in store for us, so it is essential that we keep our eyes open and our ears perked up to take advantage of unanticipated situations. Working with peripheral vision and being receptive to spontaneous events can provide us a magic land of fun adventures. The Aries Moon contributes to the sense of awe and wonder by the Moon sextiling Neptune and trining Jupiter. We’re ready for the new and the different. We’re ready to stretch our wings and explore possibilities that peak our interest. Where a problem might arise is the fact that the Moon also creates a Lunar T-Square in the Cardinal Signs with the Aries Moon square Mars in Cancer and opposed Venus in Libra. While we’re looking at doing our own thing and can be heading off with great enthusiasm into new directions, we do have to be aware that we’re missing the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn. Our enthusiasm and excitement may grab hold of us but our ability to structure and figure out the best approach could be lacking. We could easily get carried away by the thrill of the moment without taking into account the implications or consequences of our immediate reactions.

Thursday, November 22nd – Getting on With It – Pluto, Saturn, Sun Sagittarius. Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the US, a day to give thanks for our bounty and abundance, but more often a day of indulgence as many sit back stuffing themselves on turkey and watching one football game after another. The energies for this Thursday begin with the Moon in Aries trine Pluto. Whether we are heading off to visit friends or relatives, or waiting for people to come to our homes, this Thursday is one when we’re ready to get going… wherever that might be. After that initial thrust, the Moon exits Aries to enter Taurus where it trines Saturn. Preparations made, we’re ready to settle back and enjoy the festivities of the day. If we’re not celebrating Thanksgiving, which would include everywhere other than the US, then from our initial thrust in the AM, we can accomplish a great deal as the day progresses. Today is a good day to consider how we can best fix up our home, add to our wardrobe, or generally polish our image and our appearance. Thursday also has the Sun exiting Scorpio and entering Sagittarius with the Sun creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Fire Sign as the Sun joins Pluto and Jupiter in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. We may feel a greater sense of exuberance, enthusiasm and excitement as we consider possibilities beyond our local domain. Today is great to engage our passion and then focus that drive in well-considered and well-planned actions.

Friday, November 23rd – Surprises and Confusions – Mars, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Neptune. Friday in the US is called ‘Black Friday’ since as early as dawn or before this is the day when the retailers throw open their doors and focus on the advent of the holiday shopping season. Considered Black Friday because it allows retailers more of an opportunity to climb out of the red or to enhance their profit status, this day is one when not only the tough, but virtually everyone, go shopping. This Friday has the Taurus Moon, indeed a good placement for this Black Friday since it enhances the concept of acquisition. The Taurus Moon sextiles both Mars and Uranus. If we are out shopping, our focus can be on both home gifts and also unique, iconoclastic purchases. The possibility of impulse shopping is strong, so if we go there, it would be wise to create a list, check it twice, and create a budget so we don’t overspend. The Taurus Moon also creates a Lunar Sign T-Square in the Fixed Signs as the Moon opposes Mercury and squares Neptune. Let’s be aware that things may not be as they appear to be. Whether it’s shopping or dealing with our daily responsibilities, we should anticipate unexpected situations arising and recognize that we may not be totally clear regarding our perceptions and our evaluations. Today is a day when our desire for change and wish fulfillment could actually get us into some trouble. Let’s slow down, taking time to give thoughtful consideration to our decisions and proceed with giant eraser in hand. Today and tomorrow could have us a little out of sorts, not totally grounded but seeing what we want to see. Seeing is believing, but today our beliefs may be slightly distorted or grossly unrealistic.

Saturday, November 24th – State of Daze – Mercury, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Saturn, Uranus direct. If we didn’t trip ourselves up yesterday, then we have another chance to do so on Saturday. Today Mercury squares Neptune, an energy configuration that was in play yesterday thanks to the Moon opposing Mercury and squaring Neptune. What a difference a few days can make. At the beginning of the week and mid-week, our mind was sharp and clear. We were even incredibly insightful, able to move mountains in our mind and finding the most streamlined ways of accomplishing our goals. Of course earlier this week, we had Mercury creating a Grand Trine as Mercury in Scorpio trined Mars in Cancer on Monday and then Mercury trined Uranus in Pisces on Wednesday. That’s all gone by the boards, for yesterday and today we’re dealing with the Mercury square Neptune. Add to this energy configuration the fact that the Moon has moved into Mercury-ruled Gemini and today creates a Lunar T-Square in the Mutable Signs as the Moon opposes the Sun and squares Saturn. Even if evidence indicates otherwise, we could easily suspend our judgment and buy into our opinions and what we want to be true. We could gloss over the details, want to stretch our wings, yet like Icarus we could be overwhelmed by the joy of expansion, fly too close to the Sun and burn ourselves in the process. Apart from all this confusion going on, Uranus also turns direct today. We may be champing at the bit, wanting to break free and go for our heart’s desires. In so doing, we could lunge forward without the necessary preparations, without directions and merely wind up spinning our wheels.

Sunday, November 25th – Reaching Out – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Jupiter, Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Neptune. Sunday can be somewhat paradoxical. We’re ready to embrace more activities, perhaps already caught up in the holiday spirit and wanting to have a good time no matter the costs. We want to broaden our reach, try something new and looking for excitement… no matter what comes our way. The Gemini Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Uranus and opposed Jupiter. We could be going from one activity to another, stopping momentarily if at all, before we scurry off to another event. Not only does the Moon create a Lunar T-Square but also an Air Grand Trine as the Gemini Moon trines Venus in Libra and trines Neptune in Aquarius. We’re likely to feel breezy, wanting to connect with friends from far and wide. Social engagements may be high on our list. Whether we actually meet with people in person or contact them by phone, e-mail or snail mail, we’re reaching out and wanting to touch someone, possibly everyone. This Sunday is a good day to get out and about, to not have a set agenda but rather to take us where we want to go. Interactions with others can be fun but might be brief. We’re looking for the quality of time spent with people not the quantity of time. If we could deal with a hundred, even a thousand, situations today, that would certainly be our preference.