November 12th – 18th

This week seems rather placid compared to some of the whipsaw weeks we’ve experienced in recent times. We are under the influence of the Scorpio New Moon that occurred last Friday. This New Moon influence has a Watery impact with a Grand Trine in the Water Element at the time of the New Moon when the Sun Moon conjunction trined Mars in Cancer and trined Uranus in Pisces. There is magic in the air, if we take the time to step out of our own way and be open to possibilities that may seem at best improbable.

The major energy shift this week is Mars in Cancer turning retrograde. We have already seen some of the influence of Mars in Cancer. Mars entered Cancer back on the 28th of September, turns retrograde on this Thursday and continues to move back through Cancer until the 31st of December when Mars exits Cancer and enters Gemini. Not that we’re done with the Mars Cancer transit. It does come back at the end of this Winter and continues on through mid-Spring of 2008.

Uncomfortable in Cancer, this Mars transit has certainly jangled nerves and caused great distress in the housing and financial markets. With Cancer related to home, family and real estate, we’ve seen the repercussions of the easy credit days of the 1990’s and early 2000’s as various institutions, some very formidable and once considered invincible, are struggling under the weight of bad loans and subprime mortgages.

With Mars turning retrograde, we may have only seen the tip of the iceberg, and these issues are likely to continue through the rest of this year. We might also find that with Mars retrograding, our physical energy is not what it normally is. We may feel more exhausted, at times worn out, and wondering when we can regain our energy. Evidently, it is not right now.

With the Scorpio New Moon, we are being asked to see less as more. Now is a time for us to focus on our debt structure and our finances and to get a real heads-up regarding the times in which we live. With the Uranus influence, we can pull rabbits out of the hat and figure out ways by which we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy and less expense. Inflationary pressures may put a squeeze on us, but there are options and alternatives for us to consider.

Toward the end of the week, Mercury sextiles Saturn. If we have not taken an inventory regarding our activities, involvements and our finances, now would be a good time to do so. Our mind is sharp and perceptive. We can decipher the best practices methodology to deal with our everyday affairs and to restructure our financial condition.

This week is a good time to concentrate on what needs to be done with a watchful eye towards our future goals and plans.

Monday, November 12th – Up, Up and Away – Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter. Monday starts the week with the Sagittarius Moon square Uranus, sextile Neptune and conjunct Jupiter. Unexpected situations could arise that demand our attention. No matter what our plans might be, it would be wise to have some breathing room to deal with matters that can come out of the blue. Our thoughts may turn to expanding our involvements. Consider social activities surrounding holiday plans and touching base with friends near and far. We might want to incorporate greater changes in our daily plans, looking for some escape valve whereby we can get out of the day-in, day-out of our normal everyday lives and add a little spice and variety to our activities. We do have to watch for taking on too much. These energies could allow for our eyes to be bigger than our capabilities. Let’s stretch, broaden and expand but all with an appreciation that certain new interests may be for the moment and not for the long-term. We are looking to add excitement and verve to our lives, but let’s remember that too much of a good thing is too much.

Tuesday, November 13th – Taking Care of Business – Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Saturn. We start the day with the Sagittarius Moon conjunct Pluto. As if jets were affixed to our feet, we may feel like we’re in turbothrust to start this day. We’re likely to feel impassioned, ready to take on the world and move mountains if we so choose. By harnessing this drive, we can then move into structuring our projects and our ‘to do’ list. For the Moon moves into Capricorn where it sextiles Mercury, squares Venus and trines Saturn. Our ambition and drive can be channeled into accomplishing a great deal in a short period of time. We may be so focused on what we feel we need to do, that some people might assume that we’ve become totally self-absorbed, even narcissistic. If we have made plans with people for today, it might be wise to caution them that all plans have been written in pencil, subject to revision or erasure, and not carved in stone. We may get so involved in what we want to do, that our social interactions could suffer. Priorities are priorities, and the energies for this day offer us the ability of straightening things out and reworking outstanding issues. Social engagements are better served at the end of the week and over the weekend.

Wednesday, November 14th – Tweaking Traditions – Mars, Uranus. Wednesday has the Capricorn Moon opposed Mars and sextile Uranus. Mars is in a stationary position about to turn retrograde. Don’t be surprised if some commission, authority or significant individual proposes a radical solution to the housing crisis. Traditional programs could either go by the wayside or be tweaked in order to provide an immediate solution. Placing a band-aid on a gushing wound might still the flow briefly but may not necessarily address the deep-seated matter. Today is a day when we might consider how we can change things around in our home or deal with family matters that have not been resolved. The more we think outside the box, the better we can resolve issues and matters. No drawing the line in the sand today. It would prove no point except for a confrontational situation. It is far wiser to consider our alternatives, how we can streamline situations and come to an agreeable resolution that offers a win-win scenario. We can be more effective by considering new approaches rather than relying on the ‘tried and true’ that may have been tried but are no longer true.

Thursday, November 15th – Sorting Through – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars retrograde. Thursday may seem as though the brakes have been applied, the wind knocked out of our sails or the air let out from our balloon. In other words, this Thursday seems lacking in strong energy. While the early morning hours have the Capricorn Moon sextile the Sun in Scorpio, we can sort through the particulars of our lives and do a good Fall cleaning. Getting rid of things, paring down and focusing on the essentials of our lives would help us get rid of the clutter in our lives and assist us in cleaning up our act. Mars turns retrograde today, contributing to the sense of physical depletion. This retrograde Mars can only aggravate home, family and real estate issues that have come up since the end of September when Mars first entered Cancer. This Thursday also has the Moon go Void-of-Course for most of the day, for over fourteen hours, as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius. Today is a far better day to go back over things and sort through rather than trying to initiate or start things up. There just isn’t the energy, and we might feel fairly exhausted by everything today.

Friday, November 16th – Focused Intent – Mercury, Saturn, Venus. Friday can be a highly productive day. With Mars having turned retrograde thereby sapping some of our physical energy, now is the time to work smarter rather than harder. And Friday’s energies are very much aligned with that concept. Today, Mercury sextiles Saturn. We can focus on the specifics, the details and arrive at a best practices methodology to deal with our daily affairs. Our mind is sharp and penetrating and we’re unlikely to miss even the smallest detail. We can come up with a ‘to do’ list that cuts to the core and concentrates on prioritizing our activities and our interests. The Aquarius Moon squares Mercury and trines Venus. Although our perceptive gaze, if we’re being true to its nature, may cut away some of our desires or some of the areas where we might want to put our energy; the more we can differentiate between what is truly important and what is merely a distraction, we shall be working with time management in such a way that we won’t feel so overwhelmed by our commitments and our lives. And overwhelm is indeed one of the feelings that many of us are experiencing. Today is also a good day to get together with friends and loved ones. Even if we blew off people earlier in the week, we’re more geared towards our getting a more solid footing in regard to our lives, reworking our responsibilities and figuring out the best ways to achieve our goals. This Friday and Saturday gives us some breathing room to pay attention to our friends and loved ones. This Friday evening can be special whereby we enjoy the company of others, or our significant partner. We can discuss our future, consider our options, all with the understanding that we have created a firmer position for ourselves and are now ready to entertain future possibilities.

Saturday, November 17th – A World of Possibilities – Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, Pluto. Saturday continues with the feelgood attitude of yesterday. The Aquarius Moon conjuncts Neptune, sextiles Jupiter, squares the Sun, and sextiles Pluto. Today is a day when we can step off the track and get out of Dodge or just expand our activity list. We’re not looking at limitations today, only possibilities. Although our thoughts and feelings might be awhirl with all sorts of considerations, we do not have to act on all of them or any of them. On the contrary, today can be one of those mental health days when we take into account all realms of possibilities. While we may still be feeling under the backdrop of mundane conditions and our need to focus on less being more, as long as we don’t go overboard in spending or indulgence, this Saturday is a wonderful day to test the waters and allow our imagination to run… not run wild or run rampant but to give it free rein to engage in wonderful possibilities.

Sunday, November 18th – Weather or Whether – Saturn, Mercury. Could we say that Sunday is a day for parade rainers? Possibly so. Sunday has a Pisces Moon opposed Saturn and trine Mercury. The weather outside, even inside, could be stormy. We might feel that the good feelings of the past two days have come to naught as we are pulled back into the hard, cold realities of our responsibilities and obligations. Never mind. Let’s remember that what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. Our mental meanderings can be in sharp contrast to our sense of what we have to do. While we might have to fulfill certain promises today, let’s keep in mind that today is today and our dreams, hopes and wishes can be nurtured for some tomorrow. Sunday is a good day to reflect on where we have been but also to recognize that we’re not looking to re-create our past. On the contrary, today is a good day to give thought to those things that really speak to us. Even if they seem to be beyond our reach, let’s appreciate the fact that we’re on a threshold, individually and as a society. Change is in the air. No matter how intense the seeming power of the past and habitual might be, we are moving into times whereby things can turn on a dime, times when magic and miracles are becoming more commonplace, and change can occur almost instantaneously. The dance between old and new may be engaged, but the old eventually gives way to the new. Dream a little dream and consider whether we are willing to go for the alchemical gold of transformation or just want to stay in the complacency of discontent. Our choice. Always our choosing.