October 8th – 14th

This week turns up the energy with the Libra New Moon, Mercury turning retrograde for the third and final Mercury retrograde for this year and the third and final Jupiter square Uranus. The week also has Venus entering Virgo, Mars sextile Saturn, Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun trine Neptune and Venus conjunct Saturn.

This week is highly active and starts off in a structured and methodical manner. Ah, yes, the well-laid plans of men can turn awry and we are certainly likely to see that with both the Jupiter square Uranus and the Mercury retrograde.

We may find ourselves bordering on the over-optimistic, over-confident, willing to take risks without fully considering the possible consequences. We might also experience unexpected situations that throw our schedule out of whack.

The Libra New Moon feels the influence of the Neptune trine. We can easily believe that all things are possible, even to the point of getting lost in wish fulfillment. The Mercury retrograde in Scorpio shortly after the New Moon can throw another monkey wrench into our intentions. We might become more concerned about our finances and our resources and start to see the half glass of water as half empty rather than half full. Communications can be off and we have to avoid misunderstandings.

With Venus entering Virgo we could become more critically demanding of our relationships. Interactions with others could come under serious scrutiny over the weekend as Venus conjuncts Saturn.

Monday, October 8th – Mix and Match – Mars, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus Virgo. Columbus Day in the US, Monday starts the week in high tempo. Mars sextiles Saturn. For those on a long holiday weekend that have not gotten out of town, this day could be one of fix-ups and taking care of matters around the home that have been lingering on the ‘to do’ list. For other people, this day could be a shopping day, seeking bargains at Sales Days and looking to fill the gaps in household furniture, linens or obligatory family gifts. The Moon in Virgo creates a Lunar t-Square in the Mutable Signs by squaring Jupiter and opposing Uranus. If we are feeling uncomfortable or a little irritable, we might try to assuage our discontent by distractions and diversions. This Monday could also have us going from one thing to another, looking for adventure or at least to do something out of our ordinary. We might scurry from one thing to another with an overload of planned activities or impulsive desires. Today also has Venus leaving Leo and entering Virgo. We need to watch that we don’t start finding faults in other people or flaws in the way things are. With this build-up of energy today we could easily become hypersensitive, overly critical and raise our expectation level to a point that would be unattainable. It would be best today to slow down, lower our expectations, and be open to the unexpected. This day is a Mix and Match type of day when we’re more likely to work in the broad mosaic of individual quilt squares rather than a cohesive pattern that fits neatly together.

Tuesday, October 9th – Nothing in Half Measure – Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Mars. Tuesday has two significant Jupiter energies: the Sun sextile Jupiter and Jupiter square Uranus. A sense of confidence and desire for expansion may lead us down a garden path that could turn into twists and turns which can prove harrowing or at least take us in directions we would not have anticipated. Like the Fool in the Tarot system, we might go blithely along unaware of the situations around us or of the conditions in which we find ourselves. Today is a good day to keep a tight rein on our wallet, purse and finances. Our exuberance might turn quickly into extravagance and indulgence. This Tuesday is a day when we may want what we want without considering the ramifications or consequences of our actions. Early in the day, the Virgo Moon squares Pluto ramping up our tendency towards excess as we spread beyond our normal confines. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Libra where it squares Mars. We need to be careful not to overdo for other people. Let’s keep in mind the necessary give and take in every healthy relationship. Now is not a time to solely take on the role of caretaker or codependent. Today is a day to enjoy the burst of energy we’re likely to feel, to harness it and to channel it in appropriate and measured expressions. Let’s broaden our scope, plan our strategy and then take the essential steps to realize our intentions.

Wednesday, October 10th – Let’s Get Together – Jupiter. Wednesday could be quite a pleasant day. The Libra Moon sextiles Jupiter. We are in the dark of the Moon just before the Libra Lunation, or New Moon, later tonight in the western US or early tomorrow morning in the eastern US and Europe. This is also the day before Mercury turns retrograde. With Mercury virtually stationary, today is a day to take things slow, to stop and smell the flowers and to share with other people. There is not a great deal of energy today, but there is a pleasant and upbeat feeling. If we can get together with friends or have moments with our special someone, then we are using today’s energy in the best way possible. We do have to watch that we’re not trying to do too much today. This can be one of those ‘mental health’ days, when we don’t pressure ourselves or allow conditions to pressure us. Time for a coffee or tea, enjoying the spectacle of autumn splendor and just catching our breath are great ways of enjoying this Wednesday.

Thursday, October 11th – All Things Bright and Beautiful – Libra Lunation, Sun, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury retrograde. Late Wednesday evening, early Thursday morning gives us the Libra New Moon. Imprinting its influence on the next fortnight, this Libra New Moon speaks to all things possible and allows us to go off into a fantasyland. This New Moon has the Sun Moon conjunction sextile Jupiter and trine Neptune. By Sign, we have the Water Grand Trine with Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces. The Moon also sextiles Pluto. This day, and the next two weeks, can be a time of seeing the half glass of water as not only half full but in process of overflowing. While we are giving everyone and everything the benefit of the doubt, we have to be especially careful that we’re not looking at things through rose-colored glasses. The potential for buying into images and presentations, even to the point of delusion, cannot be overstated. While there are some wonderful energies operating at the time of the Libra New Moon, we do have two kickers to watch for: Venus conjunct Saturn and Mercury turning retrograde. With Venus conjunct Saturn, exact on this coming Sunday, we may find ourselves reconnecting with people from our past. We might meander down Memory Lane reminiscing about the good old days, days far better in remembrance than in the reality of experience. We could even find ourselves questioning our connections of the past, wondering what the glue was that brought these people into our lives or held our connection together. And with Mercury turning retrograde, backing up through Scorpio and later back into Libra, we need to be especially adept regarding our finances, our debt and our expenses. We could go blithely into the night, embracing irrational exuberance and assuming that we are entitled to the best of everything with no worries, no concerns, nor possible bumps in the road. Such an attitude could be a prescription for disaster. While the energies are robust and enjoyable, it is important for us to maintain a modicum of practicality and take a pragmatic approach to all things. This energy is one where we could easily have our head in the clouds but our feet nowhere near the ground. Let’s enjoy the time but let’s also keep grounded.

Friday, October 12th – the Abundance of Simplicity – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Mercury. Friday continues and even reinforces the feel of yesterday’s New Moon. Today the Sun exactly trines Neptune. Nothing seems beyond us. Even if we do not have the tools, we might assume that we can build from our intentions alone. While the power of belief is an essential ingredient in getting anything done, other ingredients include having the right tools to accomplish our purpose. Today, we could see prospects in everyone and every thing we encounter. While this energy would allow us to buy into wish fulfillment, we also have a counterbalance. The Moon in Scorpio sextiles Venus and Saturn, trines Mars and conjuncts Mercury. We could find the simplest ways to get to where we want to go. Today is not a day to exaggerate or be extravagant. Rather, today is a day when less is more. Our mind is sharp and penetrating. We can devise the most expeditious means to accomplish our plans. Other people might not fully understand our intentions or how we want to do things. So it would be wise to hold our cards close to our chest and instead of giving long-winded explanations, or justifications, as to what we’re doing, why we’re doing it or how we’re doing it, to just do it. This Friday can be a highly productive day. We can trim some of the fat from the overly optimistic and over expansive qualities earlier in the week. Today is a day when we can get lean and mean, to focus on the basics and the fundamentals. We could come to realize that living simply is not simply living. On the contrary, we could discover the cornucopia of simplicity.

Saturday, October 13th – Trimming the Sails – Uranus, Neptune. Saturday has the Scorpio Moon trine Uranus and square Neptune. Whatever our plans might be, today is a day to have no expectations. Whether we follow through on our scheduled activities or do things spontaneously, the outcome might not be what we anticipated. This Saturday offers us the ability of stripping away certain illusions and seeing things from a clearer and more realistic vantage point. Interesting surprises could give credence to the idea that god and the universe have far better plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves. Even if situations do not live up to our anticipations, it would be wise to keep in mind the fact that when one door closes, another door or a window opens up. This Saturday is a day for us to get out of our own way, to be in the flow of life’s currents and to suspend judgments and opinions in order to fully experience the awe and wonder of living life on this earth plane.

Sunday, October 14th – The Way We Were – Venus, Saturn. Sunday has the Moon moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius. Our world broadens from an intense dissection and introverted focus to a more expansive and all-inclusive viewpoint. We may feel more upbeat, less insular, than the past two days. We do have Venus conjunct Saturn exact today. Although its influence has been felt since Wednesday-Thursday’s New Moon and will be felt for these two weeks, the Venus Saturn conjunction can have us taking a walk down Memory Lane. We may be in contact with people from our past. In so doing, we might go through the reminiscences of past experiences, sharing the joys of times better remembered in distance than experienced. We could also do a comparison, using any reconnections as a mirror to reflect to us our journey since our last connection with past contacts. We do have to watch that our interactions with others aren’t spiced with heavy expectations. We could easily feel somewhat insecure in our comparisons. We might wonder what the appeal that brought us together back then might have been. We may consider the many miles and diverse experiences that have occurred since our last meeting. And we could also use this energy to expiate our past, to restructure our present in order for our future not to be restricted by old issues, past patterns or early conditioning. We may look at the way we were with the recognition that we no longer want to re-create our past but rather proceed freely into our future.