October 22nd – 28th

This week has two Sign changes as the Sun exits Libra to enter Scorpio and Mercury retrograde exits Scorpio to enter Libra. In our social interactions, we may do the dance but we’re unlikely to reveal too much of ourselves.

The issue of relationship could become pronounced as Venus opposes Uranus. With a sense of ‘the grass being greener’, we could look beyond our normal relationships for different and more exciting connections. While infatuations might be flying this week, we do need to be careful that we’re not looking for something out of our ordinary just for the sake of adventure and change.

Toward the end of the week, the Taurus Full Moon provides us the measure of what we have with what we want. We may do a very significant inventory taking, seeing what our lives are about, measuring those things truly important to us and those things we hold on to like a security blanket,

Mercury sextiles Pluto and our ability to get to the substance of matters regarding our relationships is evident in heart-to-heart discussions. We want to know if we are on the same page as our significant other in regard to our future and the way we want to live our lives.

This week is a time to delve below the surface, do internal questioning, and come to an understanding of what is essential for our lives and what are fluff, decorations and the extraneous.

Monday, October 22nd – From Soup to Nuts – Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus. Monday is the 22nd, a master number in numerology that indicates the master builder. And this Monday’s energies speak specifically to the idea of putting it all together. Monday has the Pisces Moon opposed Venus and Saturn, conjunct Uranus and trine Mars. If we don’t vacillate or get caught up in being either hypersensitive or hypercritical, this Monday could be an incredibly effective day of developing concepts from the abstract and realizing our plans through best practices. We can devise the most effective and streamlined means to achieve our goals. We do have to be careful that we don’t get stuck on finetuning to the nth degree. Our plans may change but any consideration of alternative options could be part of the refining and reworking productive in getting to the best methodology. This Monday can be a high energy day when we’re juggling several different things and taking care of both what we need to do and initiating some of our future ambitions. The key liability would be a carping attitude and any tendency towards seeing the half glass as half empty rather than the potential of it overflowing.

Tuesday, October 23rd – Cutting to the Bone – Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Sun Scorpio, Mercury Libra. Tuesday has the potential for being somewhat confusing but only if we have so much going on that we lose our focus and do not heed the specific details. The Pisces Moon squares both Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius before the Moon exits Pisces to enter Aries later in the day. We may want what we want and there could be a tendency towards excess. If we go in that direction, let’s consider whether our indulgences are looking to create comfort zones to mask our insecurities. With all the craziness going on in the world, we may feel as though we’re walking on thin ice and anxious about our actions, our intentions and our capabilities. Our confusion can be ramped up by means of the Sun and Mercury exchanging signs with the Sun moving out of Libra and coming into Scorpio while the retrograde Mercury backs out of Scorpio to enter Libra. While we might wonder whether we are coming or going, today is a day to cut to the core, get down to the basics and consider the fundamentals. Once we have a grip on what is truly essential, we can rebuild from there. Today is a good day to hone our projects and our activities. If we can keep in mind that there are times when less is more, then we can rid ourselves of the superfluous and extraneous and focus on the fundamentals. Today, instead of getting more stuff, it would be wiser for us to do an autumnal cleanup of inventory taking, sorting out and getting rid of the garbage and the needless extras in our lives.

Wednesday, October 24th – Leaving the Nest – Mars. Although Wednesday is often considered ‘hump’ day, this Wednesday can allow us a bit of a breather from the high intensity of the past two days. Today we have an Aries Moon that squares Mars in Cancer. Although there is not a great deal of energy today compared to the last two days or the next two days, today gives us a Mutual Reception, for the Moon is in the Sign ruled by Mars and Mars is in the Sign ruled by the Moon. Today would be a good day to consider new starts and beginning new projects all with the backup of our experience and our expertise. We have to watch for being somewhat self-conscious but that could also prove a good monitoring factor in order to keep us from moving too far, too fast. An image to keep in mind is the falcon tied by its talons to someone’s wrist. Not that we’re looking to be held back by someone or even by our own insecurities. On the contrary, we can move forward, initiating new projects, getting involved in new activities, all with the sense that we are not launching to become lost in space but rather that we can always come back to our home base and that we can use the support of our past and the experiences we’ve had to provide a support system and a filtering factor regarding new projects. Today would also be a good day to make some additions and changes to our living space, even if it’s only bringing in a bouquet of Spring flowers to give us the sense that our new interests can flower and can have the vibrancy of rebirth that the Spring season promises.

Thursday, October 25th – Great Expectations – Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury. Thursday has Venus opposed Uranus. Unexpected contacts could be made today. In our interactions with other people, we might see sides to them, or to ourselves, that we’ve never been totally aware of. We do have to be concerned that we’re not looking for something exciting, or challenging, that is thrilling only because it is new and different and adds spice to our normal circumstances. This energy can be one where the grass is greener everywhere except where we are standing. While we could become suddenly infatuated by someone or by a situation, we also have to be cautious that we’re not buying into the package before investigating the contents. Today is a day when we could be easily snookered by our desire to do something different. It would be far wiser for us to get off the track, explore a new activity or a new contact without having any expectations where it might lead. Some of the unexpected situations that could arise today may be there for a moment and not much more. This Thursday also has the Aries Moon trining Jupiter and Pluto, sextiling Neptune and opposing Mercury. We could be easily entranced by something that stirs our passion, heightens our sense of possibilities but we do have to allow our reasoning mind to critique and monitor the situation before we jump in with both feet. While the energies today speak to the new and the thrilling, it could also set us up to be pigeons ready for the plucking by hucksters. An element of go slow today would be advised, but I might be merely spitting into the wind. Today is a day to expect the unexpected but let’s be careful that we don’t accept merely our first impressions.

Friday, October 26th – Classic Style – Mercury, Pluto, Taurus Full Moon, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Venus. If we didn’t fall head over our heels yesterday and get a good bump on our head through a wakeup call, Friday would offer us the ability of really looking at the essence and fundamentals of any matter. With Mercury sextile Pluto, our perception may be laser-like. We might find ourselves encountering people that come with little agenda but rather present themselves based upon the power of their being rather than the superficialities of hype or made-up appearance. This Friday has some great energies. The Mercury sextile Pluto allows our communications to cut to the core, focus on the significant issues and allows us to speak from our heart but with our mind engaged. The Taurus Full Moon may bring up security issues, whether it’s our position in the wild caroming of markets — stock markets, housing markets, impacts of inflationary pressures, etc. — and how we can best cope with a world that often seems to be spinning out of control. With the Taurus Moon opposing the Sun, trining both Saturn and Venus in Virgo, sextiling Mars in Cancer and sextiling Uranus in Pisces; today is a great day for us to budget, to consider our finances and create the means to deal with our expenditures and our revenue stream. We can see what is necessary and that which we can pare down or even eliminate from our lives. While the issue of security might be on our minds, we can come to the realization that we, and perhaps only we as individuals, can truly deal with the vagaries of these hurly-burly times. While we might continue to pay lip service to the authorities and the powers that be, we might also realize that it is us who have to take machete in hand and carve our own path through the jungle of chaos. It is not an issue of questioning authority but rather a recognition that power structures may not hold the answer. Yes, today is a great day to take on our responsibilities, accept accountability and make our plans to maintain a sense of stability during rather insecure times.

Saturday, October 27th – Niggling Concerns – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Even if we took a stand yesterday, accepted responsibilities for our actions and for our future, Saturday could have us questioning and wondering if we have full information to make our decisions and move forward. We might not, but full information during a time of disinformation and shifting sands might not be available. We can only do the best we can. While the Taurus Moon squares Neptune early in the day, we might find our sleep state late Friday into early Saturday a little anxious. We might have niggling concerns about whether we’ve covered the base or if we have headed off like Alice tripping through the rabbit hole. An element of confusion is likely and consequently it would be wise not to make any significant decisions or long-term commitments today. Let’s put certain things on hold with the recognition that we don’t have full information or the fact that we might have a skewed perspective from which to view things. Although we awaken slightly concerned, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for much of the day, close to seventeen hours, with the Moon making no further connections to the planets before leaving Taurus and entering Gemini. The energy just might not be there to carry things forth. Running errands, attending to household chores and straightening things up would be a far better use of the day than trying to move mountains.

Sunday, October 28th – Push Pulls – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Uranus. Should I write ‘get used to it’? Sunday gives us a Mutable Sign T-Square, as the Gemini Moon squares Saturn in Virgo and squares Uranus in Pisces. The play by opposition of Saturn and Uranus is an energy that started by Sign last month and continues on over the next two years. The issue regarding these two energies is the point counterpoint of old and new. And this Sunday could have us stretched between our past patterns and new configurations. Although we might flip between our experience and the innovative, we are likely to find ourselves betwixt and between the old paradigm of linear, sequential reality and the new paradigm of asequential reality, also known as magic and miracles. This day could be somewhat confusing as we seek to accomplish our planned activities all the while that we’re champing at the bit wanting to get beyond our usual circumstance and embrace new adventures. If we have certain things scheduled, it is essential that we allow ourselves spontaneous moments, those moments when we can add a little variety and spice to our plans. Otherwise, we might resent not being able to call our time our own. Today is day when we could feel like we’re trying to cover all the bases, both our planned activities and doing things on the spur-of-the-moment. The less we create an itinerary for the day, the more we can take advantage of unexpected opportunities. Of course, we also have to realize that everything may not go according to plan. Time to keep in mind the Taoist saying: ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’.