October 15th – 21st

We start this week possibly still smarting over any relationship issues that might have surfaced over this past weekend. Feeling more enthusiastic, thanks to Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Venus and Mercury trine Mars, we can straighten out misunderstandings and heal any slights felt. We can laugh about miscommunications and see them as water over the dam.

This week is far more placid than last week, more on an even keel, with less challenges and greater ease of expression.

With an attitude of gratitude and a good dose of exuberance, we can focus our activities on the pursuit of our ambitions and the realization of our goals.

With Mercury sextile Saturn to end the week, our mind is penetrating and able to fit the various pieces into a concise and well-structured format. Our communications are adept, as we strip away the superfluous and focus on the necessary and the essential. Our mind, our methods and our determination are in high gear.

Over the weekend, the Sun sextiles Pluto. We may feel ourselves going through deep changes, focused on where we want to go. We know the way to get to our destination and we have the passion to impel us forward.

This week is a week to follow our bliss. With our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground, we can draw upon the abstract of our desires and create the practical means to realize our hopes.

Monday, October 15th – Rain on the Parade – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Venus, Uranus. Monday starts the week with the tempo turned up fast as the Sagittarius Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Uranus in Pisces and squaring both Venus and Saturn in Virgo. While we could be all over the place, stretching and broadening our reach, we could easily get tripped up by overlooking details and by making assumptions that have no basis in reality. But we’re feeling good, and we don’t want anyone to rain on our parade. If we have naysayers, we could easily find fault with them and certainly not heed their advice or consider their opinions. On the contrary, we may be so blissed out that we let go of our grip on the real world and devise a fantasyland of prospects and possibilities. Today is not a day to be overly focused. We’re not. We’re more likely to look over at things beyond our normal experience and easily overlook things going on under our noses. While it would be far better to juggle different activities and deal superficially with many things, today is not a day to iron out details or consider the specifics. Let’s just be certain that we don’t exhaust ourselves by running around helter skelter and that we keep a ‘to do’ list for a more propitious time to deal with our responsibilities. It just is not today.

Tuesday, October 16th – Firing On all Cylinders – Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun, Pluto. Tuesday is a high energy day when there can be few slip-ups. We’re energized, optimistic and able to speak our piece in a succinct yet diplomatic manner. Venus sextiles Mars and Mercury sextiles Venus. Not only do we have these pleasant combinations but the Moon adds something extra. The Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter, sextiles Neptune, sextiles the Sun and conjuncts Pluto. We can feel upbeat, impassioned and with a sense of strong support systems. Today is a day to visualize and express our greatest hopes and wishes. Other people lend support to our desires. Not that we need additional support, but it will be nice to have the added encouragement. While we are focused on our goals and looking to expand our activities, we are not so self-absorbed that we are either competitive of other people or unreceptive to other people’s interests. We are doing our personal best and today we can go one better. This Tuesday is a great day. Whether we are taking care of business or just enjoying ourselves, things seem to run smoothly with no hitches and go easily with little effort expended.

Wednesday, October 17tth – Taking Action Methodically – Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus. Wednesday follows nicely Tuesday’s sense of exuberance with a concentrated practical approach. Mercury trines Mars, and the Capricorn Moon trines Saturn, sextiles Mercury, opposes Mars and trines Venus. Wednesday is a day to put our plans into action. Our thoughts are clear. We can draw upon our experience and devise the shortest steps to achieve our intentions. Not only can we develop an appropriate structure and system for our goals. We can deal with both the big picture and the smallest details. Things fit neatly together. We do have to be certain not to hold back or be reticent about moving forward. We can advance our dreams and desires by realizing that the things we can conceive we can also achieve. Taking things step by step will move our projects ahead. We may have to balance our interests in the world with our obligations at home. The keyword is balance. Although our energy is focused on our ambitions, we can’t lose sight of those important people in our lives and their issues of significance.

Thursday, October 18th – Fine Tuning – Uranus. Thursday has the Capricorn Moon sextile Uranus. It is always wise to keep in mind the essential characteristic of adaptability. Whenever we progress with a project, we need to realize that it has a life of its own with reworking and fine tuning as we move it along. This Thursday is a day for fine tuning our involvements. We may want to make certain changes to our daily routine. We don’t have to drop the ball but we can be flexible to necessary changes, making those changes that are essential and keeping in mind continual revisions as we go along. If we can get off the track, even briefly, we could experience an ‘ah-ha’ moment of realizing how we could improve situations and facilitate streamlined conditions. There is not the same dynamic energy we’ve had over the past two days. But we can consider innovative alterations and then take time to do things on the spur of the moment.

Friday, October 19th – Less Is More – Mercury, Saturn, Sun. Friday gives us the ability to strip things down to their basics and to be lean and mean. Today is a great day to go over our finances, create a budget and see where we can pare down our expenses. Mercury sextiles Saturn. We can look at the details and see where we can cut and how we can best streamline our operations. Today is a day when we can prioritize and pay attention to the most important issues in our lives. Today would also be a good day to consider our health regimen, see how we can improve our diet and create less stress in our lives. The Capricorn Moon squares the Sun. We may be very matter-of-fact today and that could provoke irritation in our relationships. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Aquarius where it squares Mercury. The best laid plans we make can come to naught as our desire for freedom and autonomy could get in the way of our pared-down activity list. We might just want to do what we want to do and could wind up putting on hold, or postponing, our well-considered systems and our pragmatic approach. Although we might deviate from our straight and narrow, we can limit any major indulgences by keeping in mind that less is more… at least for today.

Saturday, October 20th – Going for the Gold – Sun, Pluto, Jupiter. Saturday can be a truly splendid day, especially if we take the time to do something special with our significant other. Saturday is a day for us to spread our wings, express our deepest desires and share our enthusiasm for the people in our lives. The Sun sextiles Pluto. Impassioned by life and by someone in our life, we can feel on top of the world and ready to broaden our perspective and widen our realm. With the Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter, the sense of getting out of Dodge, going into unfamiliar territory and enjoying the company of that special someone or special people in our lives can make this day like a muppet adventure: in search of good friends and good times. This Saturday we’re likey to feel pumped and wanting to explore all prospects.

Sunday, October 21st – Dreamtime – Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Mercury. Sunday can have us in dreamtime where all things are possible. The Aquarius Moon conjuncts Neptune, sextiles Pluto and trines the Sun. Sunday is a day to consider all possibilities. Let’s recognize that nothing is impossible if we believe it to be plausible. We may not know how to achieve our desires but if we are willing to nurture our dreams and embrace our hopes and wishes, our intentions can make them seem far more likely to be realized. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Pisces where it trines Mercury. This Sunday can be moody, impressionable and filled with fantastic images. Let’s allow ourselves to daydream and let our mind wander into the realm of the miraculous. Increasingly, we are moving into the paradigm shift of asequential reality whereby things can come about in the most unexpected ways. Today we can fuel the fires of possibilities by allowing ourselves to meander through the realm of the idyllic and a world of limitless possibilities. We may seek out social gatherings or get-togethers with friends. Taking in a movie or a concert in the park, a walk by a lake or stream or along the seashore can spark the sense of what a wonderful world we live in. En joy!