September 24th – 30th

This week has the Aries Full Moon and two Sign changes. Mercury enters Scorpio and Mars enters Cancer. We now have a Grand Trine by Sign in the Water Element with Mercury and Mars joining Uranus in Pisces for all three Water signs being transited.

Our emotions are turned up and we may find that we’re balancing our personal needs and our interests in other people. The keyword is balance. Like a metronome, we can be overly involved in people’s issues and immersed in their emotional drama and then swing back to recharge our batteries and regain the sense of our own identity. The balance point is to enjoy other people’s company without losing our own sense of self.

Our mind is razor-sharp. We have the ability of penetrating to the heart of any situation and see what is truly going on. We can realize how to cut away the non-essentials from our lives and focus on the truly important with extra time to enjoy the seasonal activities of Fall.

This week can be a fun week. We are in the first full week of Autumn and likely to be enjoying the harvest festivals and fairs that come with this time of year.

Our relationships can take the front burner and we might find ourselves contacting those people far afield. We enjoy the company of those special people in our lives and may be making plans for festive get-togethers.

Monday, September 24th – What a Day for a Daydream – Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars. Monday starts the week in an exhilarating manner. We seem ready to jump out of the bed, take on the day, with our mind abuzz with all sorts of grand ideas. We begin the day with a Lunar Grand Trine with the Aquarius Moon trine Mercury in Libra and trine Mars in Gemini. Added to this airy, mental thrust, we also have the Moon sextile Pluto and Mercury sextile Pluto. While our thoughts can engage various projects, activities and considerations, we can also slice through the unimportant and strike right to the core of that which is truly important. Yes, we’re sharp today, thinking on our feet and able to dice, slice and dissect situations and figure out what is really going on. Our conversations can be scintillating and incisive. We’re not standing on our soapbox pontificating or saying that it’s ‘my way or the highway’. Instead, we’re allowing our curiosity to draw out different opinions, different ideas. If there have been issues in our relationships, today is a great day to sort things out and come to an amicable understanding and agreement. This Monday is one of those days when we can have an ‘Eureka’ type of moment, when the pieces to the puzzle fit neatly together and we really get ‘it’. There is a biblical saying that was etched over the archway of my elementary school: ‘with all thy getting, get understanding’. Today, we have the understanding. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Aquarius and enters Pisces where it opposes Saturn. Our responsibilities may be calling us and we might resent that our mundane reality is intruding on our walking dream state. We may want to embrace the idea that this is a day for daydreaming but we can use our daydreaming day for pragmatic purposes too. If we don’t get overly sensitive or defensive about our position, then we could neatly blend the conceptual with the practical, the visionary with the method and devise ways to achieve our goals and our ambitions in the most expeditious manner. A great day for making plans, blueprinting our goals and strategizing the most expeditious ways to achieve our intentions.

Tuesday, September 25th – Can’t Sit Down – Jupiter, Uranus. After yesterday’s mental health uplift and ‘feelgood’ day, Tuesday may have us jumping at the chance to broaden our scope, expand our reach and make changes that allow us to be far more independent and autonomous in our actions and in our projects. The Pisces Moon squares Jupiter and conjuncts Uranus. We want to emphasize our individuality, would prefer to act spontaneously and may be looking to widen the realm of our activities. In other words, this is a day when we could be tempted to take on more, more, more. We could be feeling restless today, champing at the bit, wanting things to be different. We could even feel a little uncomfortable in our own skin. We might decide to play hooky from our daily routine, take a day to embrace the splendor of autumn and just get off the track, out of Dodge and do our own thing. Nice concept, but today we do have to watch for acting solely on impulse. With a tendency to take on more and more, we could also find that we’re either being overly generous or that we’re spending beyond our budget and possibly on little knick-knacks that might be amusing when we purchase but have no lasting significance. The energy is being ramped up. It’s as if Monday gave us an injection of vitality and exuberance and now we’re acting out on it. We may want to do our own thing today, but we could use a sounding board regarding any significant decisions for otherwise we might find ourselves later flailing around in the deep end.

Wednesday, September 26th – Rassling with Ourselves – Mercury, Mars, Aries Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Sun. Wednesday could prove intense. We start the day, prior to the Aries Full Moon, with a Mutable Sign T-Square thanks to the Moon square Mars in Gemini and square Pluto in Sagittarius. Our emotions could better our senses. Our assumptions could override the empirical. We may want what we want, assume that we are correct, and go hellbent for glory, but possibly in the wrong direction, without an itinerary and not fully understanding the circumstances and conditions. This Wednesday is a day when we need to be careful of just winging it. We may want to buy into the Wizard of Oz screen without pulling back the curtain to see the little guy punching the buttons. We are especially liable to bad decisions, impetuous actions and being so self-absorbed that we don’t check the guideposts either before we start or along the way. We do have Mercury trine Mars today. Our thoughts can come fast and furious. We may want to juggle a number of different things. But our means of actions and accounting for specific details can be less than stellar. As the Moon leaves Pisces, ending the Mutable Sign T-Square, the Moon moves into Aries and opposes the Sun in Libra at the time of the Full Moon. We are being cautioned not to be an island unto ourselves. We are being asked to find the balance point between our own personal needs and interests with those of others. Interactions with others may be significant. If we are not too full of ourselves, then we could have lively conversations, virtually like a ping-pong match, whereby the discussion is fast and furious with interesting rallies between differing perspectives and different opinions. If we would slow things down, then we’re less likely to get swept up in the frenzy of frantic activity that might only lead us to creating grievous problems in our associations with others and have us nursing our wounds by ourselves.

Thursday, September 27th – Living and Loving Life – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury Scorpio. Thursday is one of those special days when we could be feeling at the top of our game. Everything may seem to be coming up roses. Of course, everything might also be seen through rose-colored glasses. Today, we have the Aries Moon creating a Grand Trine with the two ‘good guys’ of the zodiac: Venus and Jupiter. The Aries Moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius and trines Venus in Leo. The Moon also sextiles Neptune. We’re feeling good about things, feeling exuberant, confident and optimistic. This is a day when we can put our best foot forward. We’re not looking at dismissing other people, nor are we looking at beating them out in some senseless competition. We’re looking at doing our personal best and spreading sunshine and joy all over the place. We may have the sense of being larger than life. Certainly, life and our style of living have an expansive and upbeat quality today. We’re considering our options, mulling over our alternatives and being enthusiastic about our prospects for the future. Let’s enjoy ourselves today, but also recognize that we don’t have to be extravagant to do so. Let’s keep in mind that living simply is not simply living. Less can be more. Mercury leaves Libra today and enters Scorpio. Our mind is far more perceptive, incisive and interested in the fundamentals and not the decorative. We could come to realize that less is more. Today, we may feel that we’re having an impact on our world and the world around us just by our presence alone. Hallelujah, we’re living and loving our life.

Friday, September 28th – Getting It Together – Pluto, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Mars Cancer. As though we can neatly tie things together, Friday gives us both the impetus and the wherewithal to get it together. We start the day with the Aries Moon trine Pluto and sextile Mars. We could feel like we did on Tuesday, whereby the day before gave us an energy boost that we could then put into action. So too for this Friday. Yesterday’s upbeat and fun-filled qualities might give us a boost on this Friday. We certainly have the passion and drive to get going and be on the fast track for the day. As the Moon leaves Aries to enter Taurus, the Moon opposes Mercury and trines Saturn. Although we might be reticent about moving full speed ahead and might even question any additional expense we incur, we also have the ability of figuring out the right structure and methodology to advance our interests. If we don’t act solely on a minimalist level and prevent ourselves from moving forward, then we could find the most effective means, and the most cost-effective ways to achieve our goals. From the thrust of passion and determination in the morning hours, we can use the rest of the day to fashion, mold and take our concepts and desires from the abstract into practical manifestation. This Friday is one when we can get it done. Mars moves into Cancer today, thereby creating a Grand Trine in the Water Element with Mercury in Scorpio, Uranus in Pisces and now Mars in Cancer. Our feeling nature and emotional state are turned up severalfold. We can be intuitive and receptive to what is going on around us.

Saturday, September 29th – Stepping off the Ledge – Uranus, Neptune. Saturday has the Taurus Moon sextile Uranus and square Neptune. On the one hand, we might want to be adventurous, take a chance and try, or buy, something new and different. On the other hand, reticence or fear could hold us back. Saturday is a day when we might feel confused between what we really want to do and whether we can afford to do it. Today is a day to step off the ledge with no expectations. Sometimes when we take a risk, we see all the possible scenarios unfolding from the best case to worst case. Saturday could be like that. We might feel that we’re champing at the bit, wanting to get on with things, explore and discover new terrain and new aspects of ourselves. But we could also hold ourselves back concerned by the possible ramifications of our actions. We might find something that would work especially well in our homes, for our wardrobe and then keep ourselves from the impulse purchase by questioning whether we really need it, whether it would really work or just a state of vacillation. We have to be careful that we don’t find ourselves on this Saturday running in place. Even if we go off and find ourselves going in circles, at least there has been movement. Let’s keep in mind that even if we choose to do something, we don’t have to follow through to its end if we feel along the way that we want to change course. Nothing needs to be carved in stone. In fact, on this Saturday, it would be far better to do everything in pencil and have a good eraser if we want to make changes. Although we often assume that stepping off the ledge could entail a free fall, it could also allow for a free ascent. Let’s consider doing things on a spontaneous basis today with the recognition that we can always shift gears at a moment’s notice.

Sunday, September 30th – To Do or To Don’t – Venus, Saturn, Sun. The early morning hours of Sunday has the Taurus Moon square Venus. If we let ourselves go yesterday and made certain purchases or committed to certain things, we could find the morning hours of this Sunday second guessing ourselves. We might want to return items bought impulsively yesterday, or we might look to getting out of plans made on the spur of the moment. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Gemini where it squares Saturn and trines the Sun. While we could feel behind the eight ball regarding our responsibilities and our commitments, we really don’t have to go there. Let’s always keep in mind that choices are never unalterable and that choices made are a product of a certain time, space and mindset that shifts as we move on from that point. It is always important to keep in mind the Taoist saying: ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’. Even more so than in times past, this saying is key to our navigating the twists and turns of these present times with their unanticipated variables, unexpected turns of events. Even if we choose to beat ourselves up with the litany of ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’, the Sun does eventually come out when the Moon trines the Sun. We may decide that our self-critiquing and self-evaluations need to go by the wayside as we take time with someone special to enjoy a moment, and a respite, from the cacophony of our daily lives.