September 17th – 23rd

This week can be a roller coaster with significant ups and downs. Various Mars Pluto aspects can ramp up the energy with us trying to cover all bases only to cast aside some of our involvements. We begin the week with the Sun square Mars, mid-week Sun square Pluto and end the week with Mars opposed Pluto.

We could easily get carried away by our personal ambitions, which could prove taxing on our relationships. We have to watch that we don’t draw lines in the sand, demand black and white scenarios without considering the gray matter, or become overly adamant in our opinions.

Fortunately, Mercury sextiles Venus and trines Neptune. If we take time to think things through and discuss matters with other people, we can make the case for our interests by persuasion and reason. We don’t have to bulldoze our way through or win our point solely by aggression. We would be more effective combining brain and brawn.

The end of the week has Venus opposed Neptune at the same time that Mars opposes Pluto. We might become infatuated by someone or something, but we have to ask ourselves whether we are buying into first impression or making a seasoned judgment.

Over the weekend, the Sun enters Libra beginning the Autumn season. We may seem like a bull in a china shop during much of this week, but we end the week far more considerate of other perspectives.

Monday, September 17th – Off and Running – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn. Monday could have us off and running. The Sun squares Mars, and we might be far more interested in being active rather than effective. We might feel we can handle a great number of things today by multitasking, but we have to be careful that our eyes are not bigger than our stomach or our intentions are better than our execution. With Mercury sextile Venus we may find ourselves involved with a sweet talker, someone able to present his or her case in an appealing, even seductive manner. Yes, this Monday could be one when people are talking the talk but unable to walk their walk. They may try to run but there could be stumbles and falls. The Sagittarius Moon squares Saturn. This day can be paradoxical. We might shy away from our responsibilities wanting to broaden our reach and to explore different interests. We could persuade people that we’re being attentive to our obligations while we’re meandering off to avoid the necessities. We can be caroming from one thing to another, not being especially productive but offering a good image of our effectiveness. It would be wise to vent our energies through exercise and try to maintain a discipline of dealing with our routine and taking a break to do something that has no real meaning or significant consequences.

Tuesday, September 18th – Reveries – Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus. This week is a real seesaw from intensity to placidity and back and forth. Following yesterday’s rather intense and perhaps uneventful day except for flurries of frantic activity, this Tuesday could be fairly pleasant so long as we can go into our reveries, enjoy our thoughts and consider our possibilities. Mercury trines Neptune and the Sagitarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter, squares Uranus, trines Venus and sextiles both Neptune and Mercury. Our thoughts may be filled with wonderful prospects and this would be a good day to blueprint our plans in broad strokes. Our intentions can be upbeat and ever flowing. The practical execution may be limited and the details better dealt with later in the week, on Thursday. Interactions with others can be especially pleasant. Discussions can take on a philosophic approach with people searching for the meaning of life and wondering what it’s all about. Lofty ideals can sweep over us, and we may feel less impacted by the hurly-burly of the so-called real world. Yes, today is a day when we might feel in control of situations as though living la vida loca of a second life. Since we might be overly confident and enthusiastic, we do need to watch that we don’t make important commitments without considering the specifics. And even if we assume that we are taking the particulars into account, we could still be seeing situations through rose-colored glasses. Let’s enjoy our mental wanderings without assuming that we’re being objective or focused. That can come later. Today is a day to let our mind and our thoughts roam.

Wednesday, September 19th – Hellzapoppin’ – Sun, Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Mars. They say that Wednesday is ‘hump’ day, since it’s the mid-part of the work week. This Wednesday could not merely be hump day but could actually break our back if we’re not careful. The Sun squares Pluto and the Sagittarius Moon reinforces this shapeshifting energy configuration by creating a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Pluto, square the Sun in Virgo and opposed Mars in Gemini. We may feel uncomfortable in our own skin. If we choose not to address those situations that need to be eliminated and released from our lives, then we could find ourselves, and others, acting in a most belligerent manner. This Wednesday it is important to count to ten, or maybe to twenty, before reacting. In fact, it might be better not to react at all but walk away from intense situations with the idea of dealing with them when the energy settles down. If someone steps on our toes, no need to try and crush their toes in response immediately. Let’s keep in mind the saying that for people with good taste vengeance is best served cold. If we can sort through our lives and see what works for us and those things that are outmoded, no longer useful and only a waste of our time, then we could do some very important clearing and cleansing. Now is the time to do a serious inventory taking of our lives, account for what is essential and what is only dross. Although we are all going through significant transformations, we might not enjoy the process. In such a case, we could be ranting, raving, acting out and cursing the powers that be.

Thursday, September 20th – Strategic Approaches – Saturn. What a difference a day makes, but we should be getting used to that by now this week. This up and down of the week continues with Thursday being far calmer than yesterday, Monday or tomorrow. Having written that, do recognize that we do have overlapping influences. This week is a doozey with a great deal of intensity, stripping away and champing at the bit to make changes, transform our lives and get on with it. On this Thursday, the Capricorn Moon trines Saturn in Virgo. If we had great thoughts, even what me might consider grand illusions, this is the day to figure out the how and the most appropriate ways of getting to where we want to go. Thursday allows us to see both the whole picture, the specifics and the methods to reach our goals. Putting our plans into action today can be effective. If we want to climb the next rung up the ladder, today is a day to take that next step. With the overlap of influences, it is important that we keep in mind to walk before we run, to take things step by step and to keep the end goal in mind and not be distracted by mindless diversions or interesting enticements along the way.

Friday, September 21st – Lines in the Sand – Mars, Pluto, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury. Friday has one of my least favorite energy patterns: Mars opposed Pluto. Today can be one of those days when people are looking at winning their ways by persuasion or by force. Discussions can turn into heated arguments and then veer off into physical assaults. If we use the energy wisely, then this intensity can be used with drive and determination to move our projects forward. Nice concept, but the truth of the matter may be that everyone is a little on edge and may only need a straw to break the camel’s back. Venus opposes Neptune. While we could be seduced by someone’s appearance or presentation, we could also be very skeptical of other people’s motives. People are likely to be on edge. Yes, I know I already wrote that, but it does bear repeating. This day can truly be a powder keg when even the slightest misinterpretation, supposed slight, or irritability can trigger outlandish responses. We do have the Capricorn Moon sextile Uranuas and square Mercury. Although interactions with others may be dicey today, we might find that doing things on the spur of the moment and focusing on our own individual interests serves us far better than working with others, on a team or with a greater purpose than our own self-interests. We may be too self-absorbed and self-protective for good connections with others.

Saturday, September 22nd – Possibilities – Sun. There is not a great deal of energy on this Saturday. We might have sighed a sigh of relief as Friday night came and went. This week could have had us flailing about and flying off the handle. Early Saturday has the Capricorn Moon trine the Sun in Virgo. We may feel more in control of our emotions. Perhaps we’re feeling safe in the comfort of our home. We might even have the sense of returning from the wars of the week, for this week could have had some intense interchanges, some skirmishes and even battles royal. The Moon moves into Aquarius during this Saturday and it would be wise to put our scheduled plans on hold or on the backburner and have some quality of time for exploring unfamiliar terrains and stretching beyond our normal parameters. Get-togethers with friends and loved ones, those that support us no matter what we’re going through, could be a welcome respite from this past week.

Sunday, September 23rd – You and Me – Sun Libra, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus. Sunday begins the season of Autumn with the Sun entering the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. Our interests turn ever more to our relationships. We’re seeking balance in our lives even as we metronome from extreme to extreme, from interest to interest, all the while that we’re juggling a number of different things. This Sunday also has the Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter, conjunct Neptune and opposed Venus. We may want to get together with friends, possibly take a day trip or enjoy some pleasant moments with our special someone. We do have to watch the balancing act between our own personal wishes and those of the other person. Compromise could prove an important part of today. For democracy to truly work, everyone’s voice is heard. The same thing is true for today. For this day to work we need to take into account the wishes of others and come to a consensus regarding what to do, how to do it and where to do it. This can be a truly pleasant day so long as we don’t place demands or expectations on other people. The more we can appreciate the uniqueness of individuality, the more we can express our own interests and talents. This Sunday can be a lovely day, lovely day.