September 10th – 16th

This week has the Virgo New Moon, a partial Solar Eclipse and a Grand Cross in the Mutable Signs. With seven planets in Mutable Signs at the time of the New Moon, we could be pushed and pulled in various directions during this next fortnight. Storm systems, whether climatic conditions or emotional dramas, can be strong and intense.

While we are concentrating on our standing in our community, our work environment and our social circle, we might be thrown off center by the ratcheting up of our activities and involvements. We really have to consider whether we just have too much going on. We may scurry from one thing to another, having to address surprising situations that come up out of the blue, all the while that we’re considering more, more, more.

The fast pace of life can be invigorating but could prove exhausting. We have to watch that we don’t commit ourselves to overwhelm which might be exhilarating at the time of our decision but may also have adverse health consequences of burn-out, spiked blood pressure, or nervous anxiety in the future.

Now is a time to streamline our operations, to consider the most effective means by which to deal with our responsibilities and allow time for new interests. It is important that we learn to work smarter rather than harder, and this week could offer the proving grounds for more effective methods with less expenditure of energy.

Life is speeding up and we need to learn to quicken our pace without missing a beat.

Monday, September 10th – Betwixt and Between – Jupiter. Monday starts the week with the Virgo Moon square Jupiter. We may be wanting to stretch, broaden our parameters and widen our scope; all the while that we’re feeling bound to the things that we have to do, our responsibilities and our normal daily circumstances. Monday is a day when we might feel that we’re revving our engines but going nowhere. Are we stuck in neutral? Or is it that we are being pulled in so many different directions? We do have to watch that we don’t try to cover various bases without attending to the details. We could easily skip over specifics, miss certain particulars and find ourselves making more of a mess for ourselves. The energy is ramping up and that will be especially true over the next two weeks. We might want to escape our obligations, step off the track and wait for a more auspicious time. Unfortunately, such an attitude could be like ‘waiting for Godot’, with Godot never arriving. The wisest course of action today is to chill, take things one at a time, use time in a subjective manner whereby we work with our productive time cycle. Our productive time cycle can be half an hour, twenty minutes or even ten minutes. Going from one thing to another, no matter how disparate the situations might be, could prove far more effective than muddling through 24/7 or jumping from one thing to another without the concentrated focus. Increasingly, we are having the opportunity of realizing time as not merely an objective measurement of minutes, hours, days. We have the ability to use time in the subjective measure whereby through concentrated attention we can accomplish our ends and can get more done in our productive time cycle that might otherwise take hours, days or weeks. It’s time we work smarter rather than harder and the smarter element is being Zen-like, in the moment and using the expansiveness of the moment.

Tuesday, September 11th – Who’s on First? – Virgo New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse, Sun, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mars. This Tuesday kicks off an interesting fortnight. Of course, that adjective ‘interesting’ is similar to the Chinese proverb, some would call a curse, ‘may you live in interesting times’. And so we do. In the US, this Tuesday commemorates a day of infamy, the day six years ago when the US was attacked within its own borders with commercial airlines used to bring down the World Trade Center in New York City and to crash into the Pentagon outside Washington, DC. The level of anxiety may not merely be the reflections of that particular day. Today’s level of anxiety can be very much associated with the planetary energies. Today gives us the Virgo Lunation and a partial Solar Eclipse. By Sign, we have a Grand Cross in the Mutable Signs with the Sun, Moon and Saturn in Virgo [creating a stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Earth Sign], Mars in Gemini, Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces. The signature of this New Moon impacts the next two weeks and has seven planets in Mutable Signs. This Tuesday also has the Moon exactly opposing Uranus and squaring Mars. The intensity of this period asks us to be nimble and quick, to keep our eyes wide open and our ears attuned to unexpected changes. The potential for acting rashly and impetuously cannot be downplayed. During these next two weeks, we have to be especially careful around today, the 11th, and next week, around the 17th, 19th and 21st. While we may be operating on adrenaline and racing around, if we don’t get carried away by the energy we could in fact make changes to our lives that could be liberating, freeing us up and allowing us to investigate new realms of interest. We do need to streamline our operations and our activities. Otherwise, the sense of overwhelm may have us running at full speed but only to have us burn out and then resort to some sickness or illness that forces us off the track. Since the energy could easily get away from us, we also have to be careful not to feel victims to circumstance or victimized by the world around us. Again, the importance of being nimble and quick, being able to think on our feet, and respond to situations in a calm, yet deliberate way without overreacting. New Moons are times of affirmation, of new beginnings. This one offers us the potential of our focusing on our well-being: physical, mental and spiritual.

Wednesday, September 12th – Forget the Still of the Night – Pluto. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, still reeling from yesterday’s Lunation and Eclipse, the Virgo Moon squares Pluto. Our sleep state could be restless. We may feel that we’ve got so much going on that we have to use our ‘rest time’ to blueprint, plan and seek solutions to perplexing problems. One of the great teachers of the twentieth century, Manly Palmer Hall, referred to the sleep state as a time of going to the classroom whereby through our dreams we had the opportunity through different symbols and representations to understand things going on in our lives that we did not fully comprehend in our ‘waking’ state. And so on Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning, we may find our sleep state restless as we try and figure out what is going on in our lives, in the collective and in the world at large. As life around us and our own personal situations present the challenge and opportunity for us to sort between those things that are truly essential and fundamental in our lives and those things that are merely superfluous and extraneous; we may feel insecure as though things are being stripped from us, as if our secure covers are being pulled from us to stand naked unto the world. While we are being asked to do an inventory taking of our lives, as the day progresses the energies mellow out. The Moon exits Virgo and moves into Libra, opening a two-day respite and times of appreciation and enjoyment with those special people in our lives. We now look for the beauty, the serenity and the sanctity in our lives. Life is all about crests and troughs. Even during the most intense cyclonic storms, there are times of calm. Today into the weekend allow for a calm and some very pleasant energies.

Thursday, September 13th – A Better Look – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune. Thursday is one of the nicest days of this week. We have Mercury in Libra sextile Jupiter. And we have the Libra Moon that reinforces that sextile with the Moon conjunct Mercury, sextile Jupiter, sextile Venus and trine Neptune. This Thursday can be an especially pleasant day. We can see things from a much brighter perspective and appreciate the wisdom of the saying that ‘things work out for the best’. One of the lessons we have the opportunity of learning is the importance of attitude and disposition. Our attitude and disposition not only color the way we see things but have an impact of the way things develop. Today we may be feeling far more upbeat, more optimistic and less impacted by the vagaries of these times.
This could be one of those ‘mental health’ days when our attention turns away from our responsibilities and our ‘to do’ list and focuses instead on that special person or those important people that sparkle in our lives. We may want to spend time planning our next vacation, or considering our possibilities, and using other people both as our sounding boards and our cheerleaders. We seem far more vibrant, more playful today, so let’s be certain that we have some re-creation time.

Friday, September 14th – Up and At It – Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Void-of-Course Moon. The early part of Friday continues the Libra Moon. Yesterday’s lovely interlude may have gifted us with a second wind. Today the Libra Moon trines Mars and sextiles Pluto. From the uplift yesterday, we can use that impetus to get things going, moving our projects along with greater drive and determination. Today is one of those days when we feel energized, ready to go for the gold and unwilling to be held back by any naysayers or our own questioning of our abilities. We’ve got it going on and can put our plans into action. For seven hours the Moon goes Void-of-Course making no further connections with the planets as it finishes its transit of Libra before entering Scorpio. As the Moon enters Scorpio later in the day, the Moon sextiles Saturn. We get a second wind. From the thrust of energy we may have felt earlier in the day and used to get things going, we now have the ability of honing, refining and focusing on the fundamentals. We can take our plans, projects and actions and structure them in a way whereby we are being more effective with less expenditure of energy, all part of our intention to work smarter rather than harder. Friday night begins a weekend where we may be looking at getting rid of things, clearing things out and cleaning up our act.

Saturday, September 15th – Less is More. Saturday has the Scorpio Moon, but today’s Moon makes no aspects to the planets. While there is not a great deal of energy circulating today, this would be a good day to have some alone time, to take time to consider what is truly important to us. Getting into nature, reflecting on the course of our journey, and seeing where we get overly involved in the daily distractions of our life offer us a day of rest during which we can recharge our batteries and refocus our intent. We might choose to deal with errands, tying up loose ends and heading to the dump, whether physically or mentally, to leave off garbage and things that no longer serve us. While there may not be a great amount of energy circulating in our outside world, there is a great deal percolating and stirring below the surface in our internal world. This Saturday is a good day to be in touch with our inner selves.

Sunday, September 16th – Push, Pulls – Uranus, Sun, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Neptune. Sunday continues with the Scorpio Moon which today trines Uranus, sextiles the Sun and creates a Fixed Sign T-Square by the Scorpio Moon square Venus in Leo and square Neptune in Aquarius. On the one hand, we may be very content going off and doing our own thing. We might explore unfamiliar surroundings or take in activities we’ve never tried before. On the other hand, we could find other people placing demands on us, having expectations of what we should do or had planned to do on this Sunday. We may feel torn between the push pulls of our previous commitments and our desire to act spontaneously. If we don’t embrace our ability to do things on the spur of the moment, we might wind up resenting other people and their demands. If we don’t engage our friends and live up to our scheduled plans, we could disappoint or infuriate other people. Today is a day when a balancing act is called for, a day when we can both live up to our planned commitments and yet add some variety into our day’s activities. After yesterday’s respite, we may feel that we’re back on the track. Juggling is all part of our learning curve during these times. Today may be a juggling between what is expected of us with our planned commitments and doing things according to our whim at the moment.