October 1st – 7th

The beginning of this week can have us doing a number of different things, juggling various activities. We can do it effectively, thanks to the Mercury sextile Saturn. We are able to focus on what needs to get done and accomplish our plans by the quickest and most effective means.

Our thoughts are clear, precise and well-considered. We can do more with less, even though we may have much going on. We might make our plans, blueprint our activities and be ready to streamline our operations. The more we can tie up loose ends, the better prepared we will be to set up new foundation stones and build our projects upon rock rather than on sand.

Mid-week, Venus trines Pluto. Our relationships can be inspiring and our interactions could be with people who are passionate and worldly in their perspective. We are looking for depth and meaning in our lives and finding it in our friends and significant relationships.

The weekend emphasizes social gatherings and enjoyable get-togethers. We end the weekend prepared to get back to work, focus on the details and consider the specifics of our lives.

This is a week when we can embrace our creative self-expression, engage our greatest interests and blend both achievement and recreational fun. With a joy for living, we can live life to the fullest drawing from a broad palette, and deeply involved in the diverse aspects of our daily lives.

Monday, October 1st – Moving Right Along – Mercury, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune. Monday starts the week and the month of October in high drive. The Gemini Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Jupiter and square Uranus. We could be all over the place today, as we seek to expand our base of operations and deal with unexpected exciting situations that might arise. We do need to be certain to dot the i’s and cross the t’s today, since we could be in overdrive trying to do so much. With the Moon trine Neptune, we could easily be seduced by images and appearances, seeing potentials in everything and considering our prospects in all possibilities. Fortunately, we also have Mercury sextile Saturn. Although we may have a lot going on today, the fact is that we are likely to be able to handle all of it. We can come up with the most ingenious and most effective means of dealing with things. We can virtually cover all bases today. Our mind is sharp and well organized. We are adeptly juggling all the balls in the air, even with a curve ball thrown in now and again. This day is a good day to pick up our pace, blueprint our plans and move into action. A high energy day, if we can keep up with things, then we’re likely to find it a most productive time.

Tuesday, October 2nd – Straightening Up – Venus, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Mercury. Tuesday follows Monday and there are some similar energies to begin this Tuesday. With the Gemini Moon to start the day, the Moon sextiles Venus and opposes Pluto. We may consider getting rid of those things that are only clutter and no longer serve a purpose. We may want to clear the decks and remove the extraneous and superfluous from our lives. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Cancer where it conjuncts Mars, sextiles Saturn and trines Mercury. After cleaning up some of our mess, we might want to reorder and straighten things up. We may find ourselves tidying up around the house, finding ways to streamline our operations and being more effective with less expenditure of energy. Another productive day, we can deal with family matters and issues around the home. Our compassionate sense is engaged and we can resolve personal problems in a heartfelt manner.

Wednesday, October 3rd – Times of Enchantment- Venus, Pluto, Sun, Uranus. Wednesday is one of those special days. Today, Venus trines Pluto. The Cancer Moon squares the Sun and trines Uranus. Today is a day to focus on our interactions with other people. We may make contact with people from different backgrounds, different cultures, or different experiences. We are not looking for shallow interactions. We want to know everything about the person. There is a deepening process going on with our connections. We are looking for depth and adventure today. While our attention may stray to people new to our usual involvements, we are enchanted by the mystique and mystery of people different from ourselves. Our creative juices may be flowing, our passion engaged as we seek to get all the gusto from our lives that we can. We are likely to be especially determined about our lives today. Even if we tend to be reticent about trying new things, today is a day for exploration and self-discovery. We can realize a greater understanding of ourselves through our contacts with others.

Thursday, October 4th – Slow Down – Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday is a day when not too much may be happening. The Moon is Void-of-Course for most of the day as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer without making any further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Leo later in the day. Thursday may be a day for us to catch our breath, re-evaluate situations and people, and to take the time to allow some of the nickels to drop. Even if we have great plans for today, we might find that things just are not fitting into place as we had intended. After Monday and Tuesday when things seemed to be hopping and after Wednesday when our passions were fully engaged, Thursday may seem to be a let down. Let’s not feel let down as much as slowed down. One of the beauties of life is the variations of days, the different effects of times. Every now and then we need some quiet time and this Thursday could be such a day.

Friday, October 5th – Broadening our Reach – Mercury, Sun, Jupiter. Friday has the Leo Moon square Mercury, sextile the Sun and trine Jupiter. We may be looking at broadening our reach today. We do have to be careful regarding our finances. We may want what we want without considering the expense involved. Creating a budget for both our monies and our time today would seem important. We could easily get carried away with a grandiosity of generosity and indulgence. We may enjoy the company of others and might look to participate in some fun-filled activities. If we don’t get swept up in our enthusiasms and our exuberance, this is one of those times when we could get more bang for our buck. Bargains can be found today and we might find it a fun adventure to get the best deal at the right price. We’re likely feeling upbeat and optimistic. We do have to seek a balance between being too restrictive on ourselves or too permissive. Our mind can be sharp and our thoughts laser-like. We just have to be certain to be flexible and adaptable and not become fixed in our opinions or our wanting things the way we would like them. Today is a day to accept things as they are and then proceed from there.

Saturday, October 6th – Out and About – Neptune, Pluto. Saturday continues with the Leo Moon, which today opposes Neptune and trines Pluto. We are looking for good times and getting off the track today. Getting out of Dodge might be a good idea, allowing us to air out and take in the splendor of an Autumnal Saturday. If we are planning on doing things with other people, it would be wise to confirm our plans and make sure everyone is on the same page. There could be some confusion today regarding what we want to do and how we want to do it. Details might be lost and we can even find ourselves like wrong way Corrigan intent on our itinerary but heading in the wrong direction. Today is one of those days to ask for directions and instructions before blithely heading off. Possibilities may abound but it is important for us to focus on those things that truly have meaning and serve a purpose for us.

Sunday, October 7th – Taking Care of Business – Venus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury. Despite the fact that this is a long holiday weekend in the US celebrating Columbus Day tomorrow, this Sunday could be best spent taking care of errands and dealing with outstanding matters. In the wee hours of the day, the Leo Moon conjuncts Venus and then the Moon moves into Virgo for most of the day and in the course of the day sextiles Mars, conjuncts Saturn and sextiles Mercury. This Sunday would be a day to line our ducks in a row, prepare for the week ahead and deal with situations that can be addressed before we move into the week ahead. Let’s keep in mind that during this coming week, we’re moving into a Mercury retrograde that starts on the 11th and lasts into the 1st of November. The more we can attend to matters prior to the Mercury retrograde, the better it would be. Although we might bristle at the sense of responsibility impinging upon us, this is a day when we can take care of a lot of the grunt and groan work, the small issues and matters we would rather put aside but eventually need to be dealt with. Let’s deal with them and have them done with.