August 6h – 12th

This week is an active week with Jupiter turning direct, two planetary Sign changes and the Leo New Moon to end the weekend.

We may feel more determined to follow our bliss. Not everyone might applaud our passion and devotion. Someone could see us as self-centered and inconsiderate. While relationships can be a little testy this week, we have the ability to virtually move mountains.

We start the week with Jupiter turning direct and with Saturn trine Pluto. Our fire is turned up and our creative spark ignited. We are not like a shooting star blazing across the midnight sky only to burn out. Our efforts are well-considered, and our actions measured and methodical. We can accomplish a great deal this week.

If we are looking for encouragement and support, we need to look to ourselves. Venus square Mars could provoke irritations in our contact with others.

Mars leaves Taurus to enter Gemini. And Venus retrogrades out of Virgo to enter Leo. Before we get there, we might find that people are making demands on us. Someone may expect something from us that would only distract us from realizing our personal best.

It might only be a momentary distraction, for we are unlikely to be diverted. Mercury trines Jupiter giving us a sense of inspired uplift and the weekend ends with the Leo New Moon with five planets in Leo. Everyone is a star and standing in their own spotlight.

Monday, August 6th – Getting to the Core – Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter direct. This Monday could prove one intense day. We may feel very conflicted today. Saturn trines Pluto which allows us to work smarter rather than harder and be more productive with less expenditure of energy. Our methods are likely to be structured, focused and concentrated on the fundamentals without much superfluous hanging around. We may feel impassioned and wanting to get things right and done in the most expeditious manner. Monday is a great day to strip away the non-essentials and to rebuild our activity list with emphasis on those projects and involvements that truly have meaning to us and serve a significant purpose to our lives. The Taurus Moon sextiles Uranus and conjuncts Mars. If we think outside the box, consider alternative ways of doing things and keep an open mind to our options, then we can move forward quickly and with a great deal of style. Where a problem could arise is the fact that the Taurus Moon also engages the Saturn Neptune opposition, with the Moon creating a Fixed Sign T-Square by squaring Saturn in Leo and squaring Neptune in Aquarius. If we haven’t sorted things out, cut to the core and become clear regarding what is truly important and what might be nice to hang on to, we could find ourselves dithering around, somewhat confused and caught in the vortex between fact and fiction, reality and illusion. Let’s remember that since last Autumn, we have had this Saturn Neptune opposition influence. Our test and our challenge has been to be as discriminating and discerning as possible, to see things clearly without looking through rose-colored glasses and to keep it real without falling into fantasyland of hopes, wishes and impossible prospects. Jupiter turns direct today ending its four-month retrograde cycle. Our optimism, enthusiasm and exuberance can now be channeled in productive ways and expressed in our daily actions. The latter part of the day has the Moon exiting Taurus and entering Gemini where it squares Venus in Virgo. We are likely to feel on overwhelm with too much to do and other people’s expectations for us as to what we should do. Let’s be careful not to have an edge on regarding our interactions with other people due to the Moon Venus square exact tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 7th – He Said, She Said – Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars Gemini. Tuesday continues possible relationship issues that might have come us last evening. Today Venus squares Mars just as both planets are in process of changing signs, Mars just entering Gemini and Venus about to leave Virgo and retrograde back into Leo. The Gemini Moon sextiles Mercury and opposes Jupiter. Tuesday can be a day of mega talk, a lot of communication. The question arises whether we are speaking on the fly, from an emotional stance and more interested in the conversation than any deep, well-thought out discussion. We could be all over the place today, whether we are scurrying around or our mind is racing a mile a minute. While we might want to have the last word on everything, we do have to question whether we have taken into account the specifics, the particulars or are just mouthing words, thoughts and feelings without having evaluated what we are saying beforehand. Spur of the moment actions could be strong today. While we might have been champing at the bit yesterday, feeling the brakes being applied, today we might just go for it, unrestrained, even undisciplined, doing and saying whatever pops into our mind. Extremes are part of the energies occurring recently and we do need to watch for metronome action swinging from one side then the other.

Wednesday, August 8th – Ratcheting it Up – Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Venus Leo. Wednesday is the second part of the twosome we’ve been experiencing for a while. First we have a Fixed Sign T-Square when we feel blocked, frustrated and having to deal with delays. Then we have the Mutable Sign T-Square when our nerves are ratcheted up and we’re likely to find ourselves flying off the handle and all over the place. If only we could moderate the two extremes — not feeling as blocked and not feeling as hyper. Monday we had the Fixed Sign T-Square. Today we have the Mutable Sign T-Square with the Gemini Moon square Uranus in Pisces and opposed Pluto in Sagittarius. With Mars just having entered Gemini, by Sign our Mutable Sign T-Square is in fact a Grand Cross with all of the Mutable Signs being transited by a planet. With this type of energy operating today, we could be juggling various things. While the Moon also sextiles both the Sun and Saturn in Leo and trines Neptune in Aquarius, we could use our frenetic energy to get a lot done — if we would work in spurts of energy, have several different irons in the fire, go from one thing to another but with a concentrated focus when we’re dealing with any one thing. Where a problem arises is that the Lunar T-Square deals with Uranus and Pluto. We are not interested in ‘same old, same old’. We want to break out of our routine, embrace the magic of being in the moment, and we want to stretch into unfamiliar terrain that is both appealing and has greater meaning for us. We could be looking at stepping off the track today, which is all well and good, and quite possibly very important to our mental health, but we can also take care of our obligations and deal with nurturing our future goals. Later in the day, Venus moves out of Virgo and retrogrades back into Leo, adding more fuel to the Fire of our Leo stellium of three or more planets in one Sign with Venus joining the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo. We’re looking for fun in the sun, seeking some of those summertime highlights and wanting to back in the glow of our own spotlight. Yes, we could become a little self-focused, even self-absorbed and we may see more than parade of the narcissists.

Thursday, August 9th – I’ll Sing in the Sunshine – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. Thursday can be an uplifting and fun type of day. We’re likely to feel upbeat, inspired and looking to embrace the joie de vivre. Thursday has Mercury trine Jupiter. We’re not looking for parade rainers, for our thoughts are optimistic and we’re looking at stretching our wings. Today is a great day to take in some pleasurable activity, to enjoy re-creational pursuits and not to feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. The Gemini Moon sextiles Venus before the Moon moves into Cancer, its own Sign. We’re feeling more nurturing, less on edge. Instead of feeling that it’s us against the world, we can see the bright side of everything today. We do have to realize that our discernment may not be the strongest today. We’re not as interested in analyzing, evaluating or critiquing today. We are far more interested in ‘letting the good times roll’. This Thursday is a good day just to kick back and enjoy ourselves. If we want to consider possibilities, then our mind is certainly expansive today with a broad perspective. We are seeing the breadth of situations but probably not taking into account the depth. This can be a fun day. It would be wise to put aside any serious decisions today. We are far more interested in expansiveness and coming from an optimistic attitude than focused considerations and specifying particulars.

Friday, August 10th – Friday in the Summer – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. This Friday is a day when anything goes. The Cancer Moon trines Uranus. We may want to put a different spin on everything we do today. We could go shopping for an accoutrement to our homes, an accessory to our wardrobe, or just have a total personal makeover. We’re not looking to be tied down today. On the contrary, we may want to be footloose and fancy-free. Whatever grabs our interest may take us for a ride. We’re likely to feel light and airy. A walk down by the beach, rafting down the river or boating out on a lake could all have special pulls for us today. By getting off the track, we can get both a fresh perspective and an understanding of the changes we may want to make for this upcoming Fall. We’re interested in streamlining our lives, not feeling so overwhelmed by our responsibilities and having some down time to take advantage of whatever comes our way. Another great day to just take it as it comes, with our antennae up and work with peripheral vision for any unexpected surprises that come our way. Even if we have major plans for today, we might need to let go of our expectations. After the Moon trines Uranus, the Moon goes Void-of-Course making no further aspects, or connections, to the planets before it leaves Cancer to enter Leo tomorrow morning, a Void-of-Course Moon that is almost twenty-two hours in length. Not a great deal of energy will be around for much of the day for us to accomplish a great deal except to enjoy the lazy, hazy day of summer.

Saturday, August 11th – Get Your Motor Running – Mars. Saturday begins with a bang and a thrust out the door. The Leo Moon sextiles Mars and we’re likely to be feeling our oats and wanting to get out and about. Our Saturday activity list may be chocked full with great adventures. But our adventures may be more samplings rather than long-term involvements. We may spend a little time here, a little time there. We want to be on the go and cover as much ground as possible. Fun and pleasurable events are highlighted today, and we’re likely to go the extra mile if something teases our interest. We’re not looking for anything serious today. We might even put some of our errands aside to do another day. We’re playful and looking to enjoy ourselves.

Sunday, August 12th – Let the Games Begin – Leo New Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune. Sunday gives us the Leo New Moon with a great deal of Fire. At the New Moon we have five planets in Leo and two planets in Sagittarius. Talk about Fire! Yipes, this energy could be too hot to handle, especially with the Leo New Moon opposed Neptune. Once again, (isn’t it becoming redundant?), we have the question of fact or fiction, reality vs. illusion, staring us square in the face. We have to be especially careful that we don’t get carried away with ourselves. We could easily fall into assuming our hopes and wishes to be readily realized. We might be prey to fool’s gold, buying into an image or a possibility without checking the facts and figures. If we provide ourselves with a restraining force, then we could actually balance our vision for our future with a structured means of achieving our goals. That’s a lofty ideal and one that might be a little beyond our reach. So, let’s be aware that we could go blithely off, whistling a happy tune and thinking that everything will work out in the end. At least, we’re feeling upbeat and energetic, even if we may be a little mad into delusion. Now is a far better time to focus on having fun, without extreme sports, rather than trying to be too practical.