August 27th – September 2nd

This week is lit up by the Pisces Full Moon. With a Grand Cross in the Mutable Signs as the Pisces Moon opposes the Virgo Sun, squares Jupiter in Sagittarius and squares Mars in Gemini; this week could have us all over the place. Our emotions could go through a real whipsaw, up and down. We may feel buffeted by circumstance.

At the time of the Full Moon, Mercury opposes Uranus, both in Mutable Signs. While we could get some startling insights, even ‘Eureka’ moments of solving problems long plaguing us, things are moving very quickly and we need to be nimble and quick to take advantage of sudden opportunities and to deal with unexpected situations.

The pace is accelerating rapidly and we need to pick up our pace to a sprint. We may feel on overdrive this week, having more on our plate than we intended.

We need to be careful that our actions are not rash and impetuous. We might find ourselves being carried away by the frenetic energy and that could lead to us feeling frantic.

Defensive driving, backing up computer files and thinking before speaking are all cautionary suggestions to keep us from having problems and difficulties we may need to address and later rectify.

We might not be able to slow things down but we can effectively deal with our schedule and unanticipated matters by picking up our pace and keeping our wits about us.

We begin September over the weekend, a weekend highlighted in the stars by Saturn endings its two and half year transit of Leo and entering Virgo for the next two and a half years. Saturn coming into Virgo creates a stellium of three or more planets in one Sign with Saturn joining the Sun and Mercury. With Saturn in Virgo, our focus turns to health issues, intestinal matters, dietary concerns, work situations and the more mundane aspects of doing life.

Monday, August 27th – Where Are We Going? And How Are We Getting There? – Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn. Monday starts the week with us a little dazed, slightly off kilter and unsure of our direction or our itinerary. We start the week with the Aquarius Moon conjunct Neptune, sextile Pluto and opposed Venus and Saturn. If we read between the lines, we can see our old nemesis, the Saturn Neptune opposition, at play. This configuration has been haunting us, daunting us, since last Autumn. And this Monday gives us its last hurrah. The conundrum between fact and fiction is up for us again, but for the last go round since Saturn will be moving out of Leo and no longer in opposition to Neptune when we come to Sunday with Saturn moving into Virgo. But that’s for later in this week. The beginning of this week has us doing the dance, the two-step, moving forward with a desire to embrace our future, then hesitating, wondering whether we are sure-footed and then possibly stepping back. This back and forth can have us in a quandry today. We might want to just forget it all and instead take time for some last enjoyable summer events. Anything serious or meticulous today might work in concept but could prove harder to realize in the practical application. Let’s go slow today, a nice concept, but one that might be hard for us to engage, especially in light of tomorrow’s impending Lunar Eclipse with its Grand Cross in Mutable Signs. For today, let’s take a breather, enjoy the moment and not try to figure it all out.

Tuesday, August 28th – Total Eclipse of the… Moon – Mercury, Uranus, Lunar Eclipse, Pisces Full Moon, Lunar Grand Cross, Sun, Jupiter, Mars. If the planetary configurations don’t scare us, then we might be able to make it through this day unscathed. Not too likely, however, unless we are nimble and quick and able to deal with unexpected situations cropping up repeatedly. This Tuesday is a day to give it up to the universe and try to maintain a steady balance. Today we have Mercury opposed Uranus. We can certainly get some remarkable insights, flashes of genius, if we’re willing to think outside the box and use both our visionary sense and our analytical reasoning mind. It’s a tall order, but if we can do it, then we could come up with interesting solutions to any situations that have had us in a quandry. This configuration and this day are my least favorite for air travel. We really need to keep track of the weather, since storm systems could unleash a torrent of rain with flash flooding possible. The Mercury Uranus opposition would be enough for one day, but that’s not the only heads-up we have today. For this Tuesday also gives us a Total Eclipse of the Moon with the Pisces Full Moon creating a Grand Cross in the Mutable Signs by opposing the Sun, squaring Jupiter and squaring Mars. Anxiety levels and the push-pulls of unanticipated variables can be ratcheted up severalfold. We may not know whether we’re coming and going and we could be doing both at virtually the same time. This Tuesday could be one crazy day if we don’t get a handle on it by being adaptable, willing to work in spurts of energy and cutting back on the stimuli of caffeine and sweets. I’m not a shutter the windows, bar the door kind of guy. BUT today would certainly call for having our eyes wide open with eyes in the back of our head and keeping vigilant for surprises. This Tuesday plans can go awry, so let’s avoid being too attached to our schedule or our intentions for the day. This day is one when we need to ‘go with the flow’, even if the flow turns into cascading rapids.

Wednesday, August 29th – Out of the Box – Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Pluto. Just when we thought it might be over, it keeps on coming instead. This Wednesday has the Pisces Moon conjunct Uranus and creating a Mutable Sign T-Square by opposing Mercury and squaring Pluto. Although yesterday’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse may be over, as that great philosopher Yogi Berra has said: ‘it ain’t over ‘til it’s over’. And today, it just ain’t over. The frenetic energy of yesterday continues on into this Wednesday. Our emotions could easily get the better of us, and we can go through some real whipsaws of emotions, flying high only to fall deep into anxiety. Perhaps it’s the sense of the impending end of summer that is bothering us. We certainly don’t want to get back on the track of our daily experience. We want excitement and to do things differently. Maybe we are still trapped between our desires and our reality, assuming that our dreams cannot come true, finding our existence to be lifeless and unable to see the daily minor miracles that are part of the mosaic of our lives. If we can get out of our own way, think outside the box and allow ourselves to be open to the magic of the universe, then today could provide some interesting surprises. The more we can act on the spontaneous level today, the better it would be. Our thinking can be skewed by our emotions, so let’s be certain that we’re not acting on our fears or wishes without a good reality check along the way. Tuesday and Wednesday could prove intense, no doubt about it. But the degree to which we react to changes and the unexpected will also determine the extremes to which we are likely to go.

Thursday, August 30th – Getting a Grip – Jupiter. After what may have been a very emotional week so far, Thursday gives us a chance to get a grip. Instead of all this Pisces and Mutable Sign energy flying around, Thursday offers a spark, a little bit of fire. The Moon is in Aries and today the Moon trines Jupiter. We may feel that we’re less reactive than we have been for the past few days. We could feel like we’ve got our rhythm and our pace back again. We might feel less victimized, less at the whims of circumstance and more in control of our actions and on top of our plans. This Thursday is a good day to initiate new actions and to spread our wings. We’re more upbeat, more exuberant and may have the sense that we can actually create a future that is far more expansive and more exuberant than our past. We could also decide to take the day and start a very long weekend as we approach the long holiday weekend in the US with next Monday’s Labor Day. We want some fun today. Doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world-at-large or our own personal world. We want to put our mark and our imprint upon today’s activities and doing so with a big smiley face. If it means going it alone, no matter, we’ll forge ahead. We just do not want to be bogged down by people’s emotional dramas or entangled in situations that we can do very little about. Party! Well, we might not go to that extreme, but this Thursday is one when we’re looking at walking on the sunny side of the street.

Friday, August 31st – Going for the Glory – Mars, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Pluto. After yesterday’s shift in the winds and in the energies, this Friday accelerates our sense of good feeling. Today, the Aries Moon sextiles both Mars and Neptune and creates a Fire Grand Trine by trining Venus in Leo and trining Pluto in Sagittarius. We may be hitting the road, unless we already did so yesterday. We may want to get out of town, enjoy a long and fun-filled summer weekend. In the US, this weekend upcoming is the unofficial end of the summer with Labor Day on Monday. We might want one major summertime blowout this weekend. We are certainly geared up for fun on this Friday. We’re likely to be feeling at the top of our game, impassioned and determined to grab for all the gusto we can get. Some of our activities might also be in preparation for our autumn ahead. Even though we’re very much in the moment, and with a moment accentuating pleasure, the sense of our workaday world impinging upon us might also be evident. All in all, this Friday could be the best day of this week. Let’s enjoy, have fun, and live for the day. Carpe diem!

Saturday, September 1st – Fast Start for a Slow Day – Saturn, Sun. Friday night ends with the Aries Moon trine Saturn. In the early morning hours of Saturday, the Moon moves out of fiery Aries and moves into Taurus, a more pragmatic, plodding and Fixed Sign. The Moon trines the Sun. No matter how much we might try to hold onto our summer pleasures, the sense of our responsibilities and our daily existence becomes ever more present. Even if we’re on holiday this weekend, we might find ourselves going off to the Mall for some special sales in readiness for getting back in the swing of things. Today is a good day to line our ducks up in a row, to take care of the necessary preparations for getting back on the track. While this past week could have had us racing at top speed, earlier in the week at a frenetic pace, later in the week with passionate determination, Saturday seems to slow things down. We’re more likely to be taking things one at a time. We’re not as much in a huge rush. Our appetites could prove insatiable, so we do need to watch for spending too much or eating too much. Too much of a good thing is… too much.

Sunday, September 2nd – Accounting for Specifics – Uranus, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Neptune, Saturn Virgo. Sunday has the Taurus Moon sextile Uranus and trine Mercury. But the Taurus Moon also creates a Lunar T-Square in the Fixed Signs as the Moon squares Venus in Leo and squares Neptune in Aquarius. We may want to do something exciting today, but if we’re dependent upon other people’s input, we could find various possibilities suggested only to be dismissed. We certainly could come up with interesting ways of pursuing our goals and our ambitions. Blueprinting our plans might offer some startling ideas and interesting solutions. Interactions with others could be a little dicey but largely because not everyone is on the same page today. This Sunday is also major major for the fact that today Saturn leaves Leo and enters Virgo. Saturn has ended its two and a half year cycle in the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo and has begun its two and a half year cycle in the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo. In so doing, we now have a stellium of three or more planets in Virgo with Saturn joining Mercury and the Sun. Increasingly, our focus turns to our normal, daily activities. With Saturn in Virgo issues associated with our work, with our health and with our being a little nit-picky can come under scrutiny.