August 20th – 26th

This week could have us feeling antsy. The sense of Summer drawing to a close may be poignant as we feel the weight of our responsibilities bearing down on us.

We may start the week feeling frustrated. Some of our greatest plans might seem thwarted. The Sun conjuncts Saturn. Our recent drive and passion can seem like idle musings as past issues and usual obligations start to call.

Although the Sun moves into Virgo beckoning us back to our normal routine, we are unwilling to let Summer pass.

A Mutable Sign T-Square to end the week keeps us hopping, seeking to expand our activities in our quest for fun and good times. Mars opposes Jupiter and Mercury squares Jupiter. We may push ourselves to extremes and gloss over details to embrace the bigger picture of what we want. Like a kid in a candy store, we could engage our sensual delights, wanting more and more. This push to indulgence is increased by Mercury square Mars and Venus opposed Neptune over the weekend.

We could easily buy into appearance without considering the substance or the consequence of our decisions. Although in the back of the mind we know better, our actions may be driven more by impulse than well-considered moves.

With the twilight of Summer drawing to a close, we may want to ‘live for the day’. Let’s just be careful we’re not rash and excessive in a late Summer blow-out.

Monday, August 20th – Itchy and Scratchy – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Venus, Sun, Saturn. Monday starts the week with a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Scorpio Moon squares Neptune in Aquarius and squares the three planets in Leo of Venus, the Sun and Saturn. Yes, our old nemesis of the Saturn Neptune opposition is engaged, once again. We have certainly seen this configuration operating in the equity markets recently. The bloom has come off the rose of the housing market and its ancillaries of the mortgage market and financial equities. The easy credit and good times of this decade and the ‘90’s seem to have caught up with us. Like a rubber band, the excessive expansion is looking to a snap back in a stringent contraction. Or is it? With the Saturn Neptune opposition, we have to be careful, be very careful, about making assumptions based upon the appearances rather than the realities. The issue of fact vs. fiction is very much engaged as we are seeing with the roller-coaster ride in the markets and in people’s attitudes. With this Scorpio Moon T-Square operating, we have to avoid any blow-ups that could occur. We may be feeling on edge, recognize that other people are edgy and vulnerable to any explosive release. Like a volcano erupting, we and other people too can pop off at a moment’s notice. We may feel frustrated, confused, unsure of where to step and what to do. We may feel uncomfortable in our own skin, disappointed by our expectations in other people, and nursing a strong sense of restless discontent. Today is a day when it would be wise to count to ten before doing anything. And when we do decide to move forward, it would be wise to be flexible and adaptable. Maybe we want to go the distance, or maybe after a step or two, we might want to turn around, go back, reconsider and do something totally different. Our greatest error today would be to get too fixed, too opinionated, too stuck in our course of action. This Monday is a day to keep in mind the Taoist saying: ‘bend like a reed, or break like an oak’.

Tuesday, August 21st – Stops and Starts – Sun, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter. Don’t you just love the energies right now? Talk about extreme metronome movements. There are times when we feel totally blocked, frustrated and dealing with an inbox of constant delays. And then suddenly like a spring sprung, we’re shot out racing around like crazy people trying to accomplish this, that and the other and with what purpose? The purpose may be lost, or not even recognizable. It may just be that we have to do something, any thing, to get our restlessness out and released. Tuesday is somewhat like that. After yesterday’s drudge of wondering which way is up, possibly even leading to a catatonic state of dithering about without accomplishing much, Tuesday gives us a continuation of the Saturn energies as the Sun conjuncts Saturn. We may not have a great deal of energy today. We might feel wiped out or as though our plans are running counter to reality and facing sharp resistance from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. BUT, while we might want to nurse our wounds, our sense of busying ourselves could get the better of us thanks to the Moon moving into Sagittarius where it conjuncts Jupiter and creates a Mutable Sign T-Square by squaring Mercury and opposing Mars. Even if we’re totally exhausted, fatigued and lethargic, and pulling a hundred pound weight affixed to our ankle, we still might draw upon our adrenaline and our reserves to do something, anything, to try and get us out of our funk. Even if we feel we’ve hit a wall, we might still get up, harness our energy, and speed toward the wall again. Insanity has often been defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We could easily fall into that category today. We may be feeling antsy, a frenetic energy that only speeds up later in the week. While we might feel blocked, we can try to deal with the energies in a more productive way. Instead of the starts and stops and starts of this day, we could actually put away some of our summer incidentals and work in spurts of energy. Today is a day of bringing close to the summer season and prepare for the autumn ahead. We don’t have to finalize everything in our completions and initiations. But the best use of today’s energies would be spreading ourselves out, having various activities going on, and taking time to rest and catch our breath without totally wearing ourselves out.

Wednesday, August 22nd – Searching for Tomorrow – Uranus, Neptune, Venus. Wednesday is often referred to as the ‘hump’ day of the week. This Wednesday provides us a respite from some of the frustrations of the past two days and some of the craziness of the next three days. With the Sagittarius Moon square Uranus, sextile Neptune and trine Venus, this Wednesday is a good day to allow ourselves to be impulsive, to do things on the spur of the moment, and to stretch beyond our usual parameters. Our connections with others can be pleasant. It allows us to get out of our own self-inflicted room full of mirrors with their various distortions and reflections that may truly reflect where we are but more probably present only illusionary, subjective representations. By getting over ourselves, we can lighten up, get off the track and actually enjoy some of the pleasantries of life. Since we may be far more interested in the possibilities today than our reality, today is a good day to take a breather, give ourselves a break and consider all possibilities, even those seeming impossibilities. Nurturing our dreams, letting our minds wander into what we would consider our perfect future are important. They give us the tonic of keeping on through the day-in, day-out realities of life. We might consider this Wednesday a ‘mental health’ day whereby we take the time to have fun, enjoy other people’s companies and bemusedly accept the saying that ‘life’s too mysterious, don’t take it serious.’

Thursday, August 23rd – Over the Top – Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Sun Virgo. Thursday re-engages the Mutable Sign T-Square that we felt on Tuesday. This energy goes on into the weekend. Today, we have Mars opposed Jupiter, tomorrow Mercury square Jupiter and on Saturday Mercury square Mars. Today starts a period of scurrying about, juggling a number of things, and being both scattered and a little over the top in our actions. To begin the day, we have the Sagittarius Moon conjunct Pluto and trine Saturn. We could be hell-bent for glory, pushing our agenda with passion, determination and drive. We do have to watch for being a little overconfident, feeling that we can move mountains and wanting to bend circumstance to our will. The Sun moves into Virgo and increasingly our sense of the summer drawing to a close and us getting back on the track of our normal, daily affairs impinges upon our desire for one last summer fling. The Moon moves into Capricorn where it trines the Sun having just entered Virgo. We may feel torn between our desire for having a good time and our need to ready for our return to our routine. With the Mutable energy flying around, we have to be careful not to gloss over details, neglect particulars or deny the specifics. We may be going a mile a minute right now, but it is essential that we don’t get wrapped up in the pace and lose sight of our itinerary or our intended destination.

Friday, August 24th – Grand Ideas – Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus. Friday continues with the Mutable Sign T-square. Today, Mercury squares Jupiter. We may have some grand ideas about where we want to go, how we want to go there, all with an expansionary perspective of bringing more into our lives. At what point shall we determine that enough is enough? Not today. No, today we may be looking at broadening our reach. From an exuberant framework, we might feel that there is no stopping us now. The Capricorn Moon trines Mercury and sextiles Uranus. In fact, we can be very inventive, methodical and streamlined in our approach and in our plans. If we don’t get carried away by our enthusiasms and optimisms, this day could be highly productive in moving our goals forward. It will be important for us to review, critique and evaluate along the way in order to fine tune, hone and refine what we’re doing and how we are doing it. The main problem with the energies right now is that we could take on more than we might truly want to involve ourselves in and that we might assume that our upbeat feeling will take care of any possible impediments in our way. Of course, there is a liability that we might not even consider possible impediments or potential problems and just assume that we can carry on easily, swiftly and successfully. And that would be a setup for self-sabotage and disappointment.

Saturday, August 25th – Bumping Along – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. The third leg of our Mutable Sign T-Squar occurs on this Saturday with Mercury square Mars. Our minds may be flooding with ideas and thoughts but not all of them are necessarily well considered. We may feel a barrage of information, wanting to be a conduit, and find ourselves chattering away. Talking the talk could be the highlight of day, although it could also be the lowlight, since this is a day when talk could be plentiful, even to the point of being non-stop. Conversations and discussions can go on and on. Instead of a brief synopsis of events and situations, we could be involved in lengthy diatribes with all the intimate details and superfluous commentaries. We might fall prey to fatigue by overload and cry out: ‘shut up’ to all and sundry. Too much information could be part of this day. Unfortunately, if we go that route of either overwhelming or being overwhelmed by incessant talk, then we have to be careful that we don’t negatively impact our relationships. We also have Venus opposed Neptune today. While we could be entranced by someone, our evaluation of other people — their character, their motives — may be more wishful thinking or negative critiquing than an honest evaluation. We could either put people on pedestals or imagine their worst flaws. We do have to watch for the trickster, a person who might appear one way, their true character and intent being totally different. With the Moon Void-of-Course making no further planetary connections as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius later in the day, this Saturday does not have a great deal of productive energy to get much done. On the contrary, this day could be all about the talk, with nothing backing it up, and about the presentation, the image possibly not matched by the reality. Although we may want to be active, today is a day to test the waters without diving into the deep end.

Sunday, August 26th – Taking a Break – Jupiter, Mars. Sunday could prove a pleasant day, a day of rest from all the craziness swirling around us over the past few days. With the Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter and trine Mars, this Sunday would be a good day to take a drive in the country, get off the track and take a break from some of the insanities of the modern world, and the crazies in our personal world. By getting out of Dodge, we can gain a fresh perspective. Although we may have been caught up in juggling a number of different things this past week, taking care of our autumn preparations yet wanting to enjoy the lushness of summer fun, this Sunday allows us a respite in which to consider our possibilities, muse over our possibilities and dream a little dream. We can certainly do so by getting into unfamiliar terrain where our daily circumstances do not impinge upon our reveries. This Sunday is a day to enjoy ourselves, put on hold our responsibilities and take time to do what we want to do without other people’s input or the sense of our responsibilities hanging over us.