August 13th – 19th

We could have some difficulty getting our bearings as we start this week. We need to be careful that we don’t rush headlong into anything until we are certain as to where we are going.

This week begins with the Sun opposed Neptune, Venus conjunct Saturn and Mercury opposed Neptune. We might make assumptions based upon our desires and what we want to be true rather than the reality of the situation.

If we take our time and are fully aware of the conditions around us, then things can move quickly in the second half of the week. We don’t have to spin our wheels.

With Venus trine Pluto and Mercury conjunct the Sun, we can re-engage our passions with a focused intent. Later in the week, the momentum picks up. Mercury conjuncts Venus, Venus conjuncts the Sun and Mercury trines Pluto. Our ability to concentrate is almost laser-like. We can strip away the nonessentials and get to the heart of any matter.

On the weekend Mercury conjuncts Saturn and the Sun trines Pluto with Mercury leaving Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo. If we harness our drive and determination, we can effectively blend brain and brawn, using the force of our will with insightful means to achieve our goals. It will be important to check on our actions and consider our decisions as we go along, a process of slowing down and reviewing before speeding up again.

Monday, August 13th – Dazed and Confused – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Mars. We start the week without a head of steam. On the contrary, we may feel wiped out, listless and confused. Responsibilities might demand our attention, and we could feel begrudging to our commitments or what we need to do. We just may not have the energy to get going today. The Sun opposes Neptune, Venus conjuncts Saturn and the Leo Moon, while it trines Pluto, conjuncts both Saturn and Venus. Our interactions with others can seem testy, based upon past experiences and more of a responsibility than free-wheeling fun. As we are slightly unsure of ourselves today, our presentations can be less than gracious. Either we can be overbearing or we could be somewhat obsequious. Certainly, we are likely to feel out of sorts as we start the week. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Virgo where it squares Mars. Even if we try to attend to our daily routine, we could find that we’re merely going through the steps, without due diligence, and that we are glossing over the specifics, skipping over the details. This Monday may not be manic but it could be heavy and have us feeling down. We might wonder where the summer has gone as we start to sense the encroachment of our Fall.

Tuesday, August 14th – Running in Circles – Mercury, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Uranus. Tuesday continues the Neptune influence. Yesterday, we had the Sun opposed Neptune. Today, Mercury opposes Neptune. Added to a potentially confused mindset, we have the Virgo Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Jupiter in Sagittarius and opposes Uranus in Pisces. We may feel uncomfortable in our own skin, wanting to break free from our responsibilities and do something, anything, different. Since our brain might not be connected to our feet, we could be running in circles today, like a mouse in a maze, going here then there, all the while wondering what purpose we are serving in our running around. We can be running on a high level of nervous energy today, anxious, concerned about situations without putting our finger on the actual causation. A level of discontent could have us worrying and feeling like we have to react to situations rather than take a proactive stance. If we could just slow down, take a deep breath and chill out; then we might also be open to our intuitive hunches and have a more visionary perspective. Nice concept, but it could prove unlikely, for we could be so caught up in our personal agenda that we aren’t receptive to input, even if that input is an otherworldly ah-ha or signpost for us. Yesterday and today are not days to make definitive decisions or long-term commitments. We are too vulnerable, too confused to really know which end is up.

Wednesday, August 15th – Deep Intent – Venus, Pluto, Mercury, Sun. Can we take a sigh of relief? We should now that Monday and Tuesday are like water over the dam. Instead of being so strongly influenced by the Neptune energy, even though this whole fortnight between past Sunday’s New Moon and the Full Moon on the 28th is strongly influenced by Neptune; Wednesday provides us with a respite from the hurly-burly of confusion, vulnerability and a sense of not operating at full tilt. Wednesday has Venus trine Pluto, Mercury conjunct the Sun and the Virgo Moon square Pluto. Today, we are more willing to go deep and to the core rather than be intrigued by surface appearances and possibly deceived by images. We are less likely to skim over things today. Our relationships seem a great deal healthier. We are looking to have in our circle of friends those people who can truly contribute and add something to our lives. We’re not interested in shallow contacts. We want the whole enchilada — passion, depth and meaning. Although we may be looking out for number one today, it is far healthier than some of the namby-pamby energies of the past two days. If we felt victimized over the past two days, this Wednesday we’re likely to rise up and cry out: ‘ victim no more!’. Like a metronome, we could swing from having been meek and reactive to being forceful, strident and proactive. We do need to watch for caroming from one extreme to the other. It’s all a question of balance. We can emphasize our creativity, our power, and our personal best today. But we do not have to be belligerent or overbearing to do so.

Thursday, August 16th – Branching Out, Touching Base – Mars, Jupiter. Thursday gives us a Libra Moon which trines Mars and sextiles Jupiter. Thursday can be an especially pleasant day to deal with those special people in our lives. We are still basking in the glow of all the Fire around us — the stellium [three or more planets in one Sign] of the four planets in Leo – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn – and the two planets in Sagittarius – Jupiter and Pluto. Combined with our fiery nature, today gives us the Libra Moon allowing us to be more considerate of other people and more interested in their perspective and their opinion. We may want to touch base with those special people in our lives, either by getting together with them for a leisurely meal or by reaching out and contacting them afar via e-mail, phone or a note by snail mail. We are not as interested in what we feel we need to do or what we feel compelled to do for our future. On the contrary, today is one of those days to kick back and enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer with a good companion before summer disappears into autumn.

Friday, August 17th – Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here – Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Sun, Neptune. Friday has a great deal of energy and that energy is largely centering around friends and good times. Today Mercury conjuncts Venus, Venus conjuncts the Sun, Mercury trines Pluto and the Libra Moon trines Neptune. We may be feeling very upbeat, impassioned and ready to spend quality time with quality friends. Conversations can be deep and meaningful, even to the point of discussing the philosophical attributes of how we are doing life. A strong creative impetus can impel us to take in a show, a movie, a concert or some other pleasurable activity. Today is not a day to be alone. Even if we are by ourselves, we may reminisce about those special people that have sprinkled the times of our lives. We might even consider a personal makeover today, looking to improve our wardrobe, our home environment and our own makeup. A sense of beauty and decorum seems ever present. This can be one of those days when there is a lack of discord and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Saturday, August 18th – Taking Care of Things – Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Sun, Pluto. The early morning hours seem the most energetic on this Saturday. We’re ready to go, enjoy the day and wishing to be unburdened by any errands. The day begins with the Libra Moon sextile Pluto and all four planets in Leo — the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. We might seem as though we are fast pedaling through the day. Our interactions with others are pleasant. Where a problem might arise is the Mercury Saturn conjunction. Everyone could have on a ‘happy face’, all the while masking a sense of despair, depression, even desperation. Our thoughts might be narrowed by focusing on our duties and responsibilities, the things we have to do. It would be wise to make a ‘to do’ list today, be certain that we take care of those things that need to be done and to then have time to truly enjoy ourselves. If we have responsibilities hanging over our head, it could put a damper on the entire day. As we start with that thrust of Libra – Fire energy, we might want to start the day with a coffee or tea with a friend at a local café before we address that which needs to be done. A little pleasantry early in the morning can go a long way to keeping us happy as we deal with those situations that have to be dealt with. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Scorpio. We could find that it is far easier to cut back on our ‘to do’ list, concentrating primarily on those that are a priority and skipping those that are truly superfluous. We do need to watch for people blowing their own horn and being opinionated, fixed and rigid in their perspective.

Sunday, August 19th – Cleaning Away, Cutting to the Core – Sun, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury Virgo. Sunday can be a highly effective day for concentrating on putting away things, preparing for the Autumn and cleaning up and clearing out any elements that only demand our time but give nothing back in return. The Sun trines Pluto and the Scorpio Moon trines Uranus. We may be looking at streamlining our lives, being more productive and working smarter rather than harder. Mercury leaves Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo. After ten days of no planet in an Earth Sign, except for the transit of the Moon through Virgo mid-week, we are picking up some Earth. We can now be more practical, more concerned about the details and looking to blend the specifics with our fiery presentation. We have the ability to walk the walk and not solely talk the talk. Our attention turns increasingly towards our daily lives. Even if we are still on summer holiday, our thoughts are moving in the direction of our normal routine. This Sunday is a good day to blueprint, plan and to focus on the essentials and fundamentals of our lives. We are feeling impassioned and looking to make the necessary changes to our lives that will help free us up and allow us to concentrate on the truly meaningful.