July 9th – 15th

This week has Mercury turning direct. We may ‘find’ our tongue, better able to express our feelings. We might also consider making changes to our home.

Change is in the air, and we want to embrace it. Whether we have summer renovation projects or decide to move things around, we may want to streamline our living space and make our life easier.

While delays could prevent us from wiping the slate clean and starting with a totally new game plan, we will need to see movement and not feel bogged down. We are far more interested in juggling several different things than merely focusing on one situation.

This may also be the week when we decide on a personal makeover, sprucing up our image, trying on a different style. We want to be free, we want to be ‘me’.

Not that we are going to turn into a ‘rebel without a cause’. The Cancer New Moon on the weekend that trines Uranus has a new measure of earthiness as Venus enters the Earth Sign of Virgo.

We can have our head in the clouds and our feet planted on the ground. We can incorporate changes without disrupting everything in our lives.

This is a week to build the suspension bridge between the old and the new. Let’s deal with bills and financial obligations so that we can have breathing room to look at our options and consider exciting new alternatives.

Monday, July 9th – Able to Breathe Again – Mars, Sun, Uranus, Mercury direct. Monday starts the week with the Taurus Moon conjunct Mars, sextile the Sun and sextile Uranus. We might want to spruce up our home, add some interesting touches to our environment and even go wardrobe shopping. A personal makeover may be in order, but we do have to watch that we’re computing our expenses and considering our budget. There could be a tendency for us to act on the spur-of-the-moment without giving thought to the consequences of our actions. Today Mercury turns direct after its three-week retrograde cycle. Can I hear an ‘amen’? This Mercury retrograde has been a beaut. Talk about miscommunications and misunderstandings! More than one person, and myself included, experienced planned meetings canceled, travel itineraries delayed and disrupted, and computer glitches galore. Whatever changes we initiated during these past three weeks, we might want to rethink. We haven’t been clear-headed and our only planet transiting the Earth Element has been Mars in Taurus, a Sign of its Detriment where Mars is not comfortable. And Mars has been in Taurus only as of the 24th of last month. Some of our decisions may have been rash, wanting to break a logjam of the blockages, delays and frustrations, but moving impetuously ahead without planning or taking into account possible consequences. With Mercury turning direct, and in spite of our being in its shadow for another two weeks, we may feel as though we can breathe easier.

Tuesday, July 10th – Squish, Squash – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Saturn, Venus. Tuesday has us back in the thick of the Fixed Sign T-Square replete with the influence of the Saturn Neptune opposition that has cast a large question mark over whether we are dealing in reality or embracing illusion. Yes, the games continue, thanks to the Taurus Moon squaring Neptune in Aquarius and squaring both Venus and Saturn in Leo. If we are looking at a significant purchase, let’s be certain that we’ve not merely read the promotional material but that we’ve thoroughly checked out the item we intend to purchase. Today is one of those days when money could somehow be slipping through the fingers and going down the drain. Things might take longer than we like, and we may even be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Delays and frustrations can be part of today’s makeup. Let’s just grin and bear it, instead of getting vexed and frustrated. One of the key prescriptions for today is to keep in mind the idea of focusing on the essentials and the fundamentals and not get carried away by the images and appearance. We can do more with less, but we’ll have to keep that in mind to avoid getting carried away.

Wednesday, July 11th – New Days, New Ways – Sun, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter. Wednesday is a Master Day in Numerology, the day of the Visionary. And that’s exactly where we might want to be on this Wednesday. With the Sun trine Uranus, we’re looking at freeing ourselves up, embracing our uniqueness and expressing our individuality. If we take into account possibilities beyond our normal scope of affairs, we might come up with some interesting prospects for our future. We may be champing at the bit to make changes. We want things to be different. We want our lives to be more streamlined and less chock-a-block with daily responsibilities. The first area where we could actually initiate changes would be in our living environment. Today is a good day to get rid of the clutter, to go through our things and see what we can get rid of. It is important that we keep in mind the old saying that the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled. Wednesday also has another Lunar T-Square. Instead of yesterday’s Lunar T-Square in Fixed Signs, today we have the Moon in Gemini creating a Lunar T-Square in Mutable Signs as the Moon opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius and squares Uranus in Pisces. We might entertain a wide assortment of possibilities today. It would be far better for us to test the waters, take a taste of things rather than diving headlong into heavy-duty commitments or long-term obligations. Today is a day to explore, discover and add something new to our daily routine.

Thursday, July 12th – Searching Out Possibilities – Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Mercury. Thursday continues yesterday’s day of self-discovery. The Gemini Moon today trines Neptune, sextiles Saturn, opposes Pluto and sextiles Venus. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Cancer where it conjuncts Mercury. We are interested in broadening our perspective, considering all possibilities. They have to speak to us, allow us a sense of creative self-expression and provide a sense of uplift and fun if we are to go there. Today could have an element of push – pull, whereby we bring new things to us, all the while that we may discard things, people and situations that don’t work for us. We have the ability to separate the chaff from the wheat today. In our explorations, we only want those things that give us a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose. We want fun and to feel that we’re contributing to a better way of life for ourselves. Later in the day, Mercury moves into Cancer where it conjuncts Mercury. Our thoughts turn to our home environment, our family and preparation for a weekend of Summer’s pleasurable activities.

Friday, July 13th – Home Again – Mars. Friday is Friday the 13th. Even those people that have a fear of 13, the number of transformation, may find this day not to be all that frightening. Today the Cancer Moon sextiles Mars. We may be doing home projects or picking up the supplies for home fix-ups over the weekend. As 13 is the number of transformation, we may be looking at making changes to our home, to our wardrobe, to a personal makeover. A special night out on the back deck or on the porch can give us some needed rest in preparation of tomorrow’s New Moon. Remember that we are in the dark of the Moon, in preparation for the initiations that come with tomorrow’s New Moon in Cancer.

Saturday, July 14th – Starting Over – Cancer New Moon, Sun, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Virgo. Saturday has the Cancer New Moon, the first New Moon and the one resonant with the season since we started Summer. This New Moon trines Uranus, reinforcing our desire to make changes and streamline our lives. One of the beauties of these times is the synchronicity of things coming out of the blue. If we get out of our own way, be open and receptive to surprising changes; then we can step onto the bus of the Magical Mystery Tour, where magic and miracles occur. Today is a day for us to spread our wings and recognize that we can start anew. No matter what our responsibilities, our past patterns or our intended goals; the more we can adapt and be flexible, the more the universe can provide some exciting and interesting situations for us to get involved with. Whenever we are on the threshold of significant change, we often find that the energy of impulsion either gets stuck or falls away. After the Cancer New Moon, the Moon goes Void-of-Course fourteen and a half hours, making no further aspects to the planets until it finishes its transit of Cancer and moves into Leo. We may start the day with a thrust of energy, only to feel it die down and become virtually stagnant. No worries. Life is sometimes like that. We start something and then suddenly it goes still, but in that stillness life is percolating, transforming, ready to shapeshift and then move into action. This Saturday is like that. We also have Venus exiting Leo and entering Virgo. We may start to overly critique our relationships and interactions with others, seeing their flaws or their issues rather than enjoying their uniqueness.

Sunday, July 15th – Out and About – Jupiter. Sunday gives us the Leo Moon trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. We’re likely to feel upbeat and may want to get out of Dodge, even for a short drive, a hike in the woods or just moving beyond our usual parameters. Sports activities and pleasurable pursuits can be fun today. We could be out and about, enjoying the sunshine of our lives. Today is a good day to relax, en joy and re-create.