July 30th – August 5th

This week brightens as it progresses. The beginning of the week could have us feeling sore from some of the push-pulls we’ve been experiencing recently. We may feel frustrated and as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails.

Mars squares Saturn reinforcing its recent T-Square in the Fixed Signs, having squared Neptune last week and now squaring Saturn this week. Ah, yes, our nemesis since last Autumn of the Saturn Neptune opposition is again triggered. This energy configuration could put us between a rock and a hard place. Ill-considered actions can lay us low, either wiping us out energetically or triggering muscle sprains or accidents.

While we might start the week wanting to crawl out of our own skin or heading for shelter, the clouds dissipate and the sun appears. With the Sun trine Jupiter we can regain our confidence and recognize that any recent blockages were only as if we had stubbed our toe. It may have been a painful misstep but not a lasting catastrophe. Our exuberance and optimism re-emerges and we’re ready again to put our mark on everything we do. Suddenly, we get a second wind. We’re determined to make our plans a reality.

Even if we assumed our resources were limited, we can find a way to make them work for us. With Mercury sextile Mars, we could come up with inventive ideas to stretch a dollar and put on a show that is dazzling and impressive without breaking the bank.

Over the weekend, Mercury enters Leo creating a stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Fire Sign. We’re looking for fun, seeking recreational activities, and wanting joy in our living. We might decide now is the time to step off the track and take a holiday or, at least, a break from our daily routine.

Monday, July 30th – Singing a Song, Whistling Along – Jupiter, Neptune. Monday starts the week with the Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter and conjunct Neptune. We may be feeling good about ourselves, about our lives and assuming that everything is going our way. Nice concept, and a powerful affirmation, but it may not be true reality. Although we can be optimistic and confident, we also have to be certain that we’re looking at the parameters, considering the conditions and taking into account the real circumstance of our situation. Today is a day when we could easily get carried away with our upbeat attitude. Although we might make our plans and draw upon others for inspiration regarding where we want to go in our lives, it would be essential for us to recognize that mental meanderings also need a practical approach and methodical execution to bring things from the abstract into manifestation. Let us allow our thoughts to ramble, our mind to consider all possibilities, even seeming impossibilities, but let’s be wary of betting the ranch on our present thoughts and feelings. It is necessary for us to do due diligence before we commit for the long term. Today is also a good day to get together with friends for an enjoyable respite and to contact those people that may be far beyond our daily routine.

Tuesday, July 31st – Hitting the Wall at High Speed – Mars, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Venus. Tuesday could be a little dicey, especially coming off yesterday. Tuesday could have us feeling as though we have hit a speed bump or crashed into the wall… at high speed. Mars squares Saturn triggering again the Saturn Neptune opposition and by orb creating a Fixed Sign T-Square. Our ambitions may find hard resistance from other people, especially those in authority or in control of situations. We may feel frustrated, our plans and ambitions dashed. This blockage and delays could feel stronger thanks to the Aquarius Moon reinforcing the Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mars and Moon opposed Saturn. We may feel as though we’re affirming the Scottish poet Robert Burns’ statement that the best laid plans of mice and men often come to naught. Although we may feel as though we’ve been knocked back several yards and that our goals may be idle dreams, persistence is recommended. The more we can get behind the belief in our intentions and the idea that things work according to a greater good, we could feel a sense of perseverance due to the Moon sextile Pluto. If our projects and activities truly have meaning for us and speak to us on a very deep level, then we can have the passion and the drive to get through any short-term frustrations or blockages. The Moon then exits the Fixed Air Sign and enters Pisces where it opposes Venus. We have to be careful that we don’t overly personalize situations or any blockages. If we do so, then we might become resentful of other people or find that our interactions with others are being held at a high standard.

Wednesday, August 1st – Twists and Turns – Jupiter, Uranus. Wednesday begins the month of August with a Pisces Moon that squares Jupiter and conjuncts Uranus. We may want to stretch beyond our usual parameters and do something different today. We could be feeling a little stressed out, uncomfortable in our own skin and looking to break away. While such a feeling could be a trigger point for us to do something new, make changes and seek out excitement, we have to be careful that we’re not just seeking change for the sake of change. We have to watch for impetuous and rash actions today. Let’s allow ourselves to do some things on the spur-of-the-moment and impulsively. But let’s also be careful that we don’t initiate an action as a reaction to our anxieties and nervous energy, an initiation that could cascade out of control and send us down the slippery slope of twists and turns leading us into an abyss of our own creation. Today is a day to go slow, make measured changes and not feel impelled to do anything without considering the consequences first.

Thursday, August 2nd – Blue Skies Shining Above – Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Mars. Thursday gives us an opportunity to see the brighter shade of pale. After being caught in a conundrum for the past two weeks thanks to the Mars Taurus Fixed Sign T-Square with the Saturn Neptune opposition that has wreaked havoc in the financial markets [e.g. the US equity markets and private hedge funds] and in the political spectrum [e.g. the LDP drubbing in Japan / Mr. Bush’s historically low approval ratings], we can see a glint of sunshine thanks to the Leo Sun trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. We are also coming to the end of the Jupiter retrograde, but that’s for next week. The Sun Jupiter trine should have us feeling far more upbeat and able to see the possibility of a turn-around from the scarier, freakier scenario that we’ve built up for ourselves recently. We’re not out of the woods yet, however, for today also has the impressionable Pisces Moon trine Mercury, square Pluto and sextile Mars. Although we can sense that things are likely to move in a more favorable direction, we could still be anxious as though waiting for the other shoe to drop. Our mood swings can be extreme today. At times, we can be whistling a happy tune. Other times, we might be humming a funereal moan. Today’s whipsaws could have us hopping. Maybe we are just reticent to buy into the good feelings, especially after the recent intensities. Let’s keep in mind the idea of cycles with its troughs and crests. Let’s remember the phoenix, that mythical bird that rises from its ashes to soar ever higher. As we come later into the day and the Moon enters Aries, we can start a rebuilding program. We can initiate a new strategy, a new plan of action and build upon our past to create a brighter and better future for ourselves.

Friday, August 3rd – Going for the Gold – Mercury, Mars, Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Sun. Friday could prove to be a primo day, a day when we’re operating on all cylinders, a day when we’ve got the wind to our back, our direction clear and our itinerary carefully planned. Yes, this Friday can be a spectacular day. Mercury sextiles Mars and we could be thinking of necessary purchases to feather our nest, improve our home environment and plan for a family get-together or get-away. We also have the Aries Moon creating a Grand Trine in the Fire Element, as the Moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius and trines the Sun in Leo. Friday gives us the energy and the impetus to do whatever we want to do with the recognition that we’ve got it going on both in terms of our passion and in regard to our means. We are likely to feel far more on top of things and have the sense that our life is in our control.

Saturday, August 4th – Cranking Away – Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Mercury Leo. Saturday continues the Fire Grand Trine with the Aries Moon today trine Saturn in Leo and trine Pluto in Sagittarius. The Moon also sextiles Neptune, squares Mercury and trines Venus. Since Thursday, we may have felt a kick start to our lives. New interests, new projects and new beginnings could have been increasingly in the mix for us over the past couple of days. Saturday also has the Moon sextile Neptune, square Mercury and trine Venus. From the impetus to get things going, we can use our desires to rightly fit the pieces into the puzzle of our lives. We’re likely to be feeling good, impassioned and ready to take on the world. We do need to be careful since we’re picking up more Fire, especially with Mercury entering Leo creating a stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Fire Sign with Mercury joining the Sun and Saturn. We could be a little self-absorbed, somewhat self-focused and may be more expectant of other people rather than cutting them much slack. Let’s not get carried away with ourselves. Yes, we’re cranking away but our energy and vitality could prove impetuous and demanding. Let’s try to be receptive to other people’s interests and accommodating to situations that may need us to react instead of merely acting… out.

Sunday, August 5th – Slow Down – Sun. Sunday has the Taurus Moon square the Leo Sun. We need to watch for an element of rigidity today. Let’s keep in mind the Taoist saying: ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’. Flexibility, adaptability and not getting stuck in our perspective are all important elements to make today work. Otherwise, we could easily be drawing lines in the sand, over-reaching and spending on items that only prove how grandiose we can be. We need to keep a firm rein on our finances today, since we could buy things for ‘show’ that may have no long-term value but only the immediate gratification for our egos. We could be pushed and pulled today, all the while that we’re feeling between a rock and a hard place. Let’s be open to shifting tides. The last two to three days may have been spectacular and life-affirming but today there could be a slow down and we could become resentful if we don’t accept the changing phases in cycles.