July 2nd – 8th

This week can be a week when family matters seem to be a strong focal point for us. We may have family get-togethers with all their mixed blessings or might feel the obligation to include people into our social plans out of commitment rather than desire. We could be reconnecting with people from our past. While we might be doing a walk down Memory Lane, we should also consider stretching beyond normal routine and habit patterns.

Let’s remember that variety is the spice of life, and this week we might feel the need to spice things up.

Although much of the week could have us feeling antsy, up then down, wanting to break free of our responsibilities, the weekend offers us a far more expansive and free-flowing energy. Even relationship issues can be straightened out over the weekend. Venus trines Pluto and we have a great deal of Fire. We’re not looking at compromising but we are willing to accommodate. We’re coming from greater strength and looking for passionate and deep experiences in our relationships.

Monday, July 2nd – Going for Broke – Mars, Jupiter. Monday has the Aquarius Moon square Mars and sextile Jupiter. We may be looking at reinventing ourselves today. We want to stretch and move in new directions and beyond our usual parameters. Where a problem arises could be in the expense to get there. We need to keep a tight rein on our finances today, for otherwise we could find ourselves overspending, taking a dollar and betting it on a dream that could prove to be a long shot. This Monday is a good day to do something different, do something that is a change from our normal routine. If we don’t find something exciting to do, we could become frustrated and look to break free. This day could prove a day of extremes. We have to be certain we have the resources and the energy before we plunge ahead into anything new. If we become fixated or obsessed by something, it could make us decide to go for broke. Why go there? Let’s enjoy the day without lunging into excess.

Tuesday, July 3rd – the Push Pulls between Reality and Illusion – Neptune, Saturn, Venus. Here we go again doing the dance with the Saturn Neptune opposition. Today the Aquarian Moon conjuncts Neptune and opposes both Saturn and Venus in Leo. While it would be wise to have eyes in the back of our head today, even those eyes might be wearing rose-colored glasses. We are liable to see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, and hope that everything works out in the end. Unfortunately, we could easily fall into wish fulfillment. We could go through real whipsaws today, building castles in the air only to have our hopes dashed. We need to take everything with a grain of salt today, suspend judgment and not allow ourselves to have too high expectations. If we could balance things out, then we could take a methodical approach and create the structured means by which we can, eventually, realize our dreams.

Wednesday, July 4th – Country, Home, and Family – Pluto, Mercury, Mars. Wednesday is Independence Day in the US, celebrating the 4th of July and the birth of our nation. This day starts with the Moon in Aquarius sextile Pluto. The Moon then moves into Pisces where it trines Mercury and sextiles Mars. We could find ourselves traveling, whether physically, verbally on the phone, or in our thoughts of distant lands. Some people may have the day off and choose to spend it with family and friends at a picnic, cookout or barbecue. Fun activities can highlight this day. People are likely to feel upbeat and looking to put a pleasing spin on the day’s events. This day highlights the lazy, hazy days of Summer and in some parts this day seems to be the peak of the summertime. Let’s enjoy the day, celebrate our good fortune and take time to catch our breath and participate in the holiday events.

Thursday, July 5th – Going Beyond – Jupiter, Sun, Uranus. Thursday has the Pisces Moon square Jupiter, trine the Sun and conjunct Uranus. No matter what our plans for this day might be we have to be ready to ‘expect the unexpected’. We may have more on our activity list than we had planned for. Some of our plans may go awry, and surprising situations could develop. This is a day to keep in mind the idea that ‘god and the universal forces have a far better plan for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves’. The more we can be open to possibilities, the more the magic and wonder of these times are likely to manifest. We do have to watch for going overboard on anything. Our emotions can be strong today and our tendency could move towards excess. Let’s work with peripheral vision, keep our antennae up and be receptive to wonderful surprises.

Friday, July 6th – It Better Be Friday – Pluto, Mercury. Friday has the Pisces Moon square Pluto early in the day and then the Moon moves into Aries where it squares Mercury. People may be on edge today. This Friday could be intense. If we have to do certain things, we could easily become resistant and resentful. We’d rather be off somewhere, but even if we are off somewhere we still have to be careful that people’s expectations don’t cramp our style. At any moment, things can shift on a dime. Even the most placid situation and the most innocuous conversation can switch from peace and serenity into anger and ventings. Friday is a day to get off the track, even if we have a tight and full schedule. We all need a breather today and certainly need to avoid any knee-jerk reactions, shooting from the lip or immediate responses. Let’s cool our jets and count to ten before we launch into any aggressive, even antagonistic, response.

Saturday, July 7th – Spreading our Wings – Jupiter, Sun, Neptune. Saturday’s Aries Moon trines Jupiter, squares the Sun and sextiles Neptune. Today is a great day to get out of Dodge. Whether we’re taking a day trip or out on holiday, Saturday is a good day to get away from it all. We may have pressures from family members today. Some people might find us a little too self-focused. No matter, that’s what this day seems to be about. We can get together with good friends, enjoy some sporting events and just use this Saturday as a lazy, hazy day of Summer. The home projects can wait.

Sunday, July 8th – Lovely Day, Lovely Day – Venus, Pluto, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Mercury. Sunday is the pick of the litter. This day is the best of the week and a very primo day in deed. Today we have Venus trine Pluto. Our relationships are deep and meaningful. We truly appreciate the people who are in our lives. The Venus Pluto trine is lit up even more so by the Fire Grand Trine with the Aries Moon trine Pluto in Sagittarius and trine both Venus and Saturn in Leo. The Moon also sextiles Mercury. Whatever is in our game book for today, this day stands out as a ‘10’. There seem to be very few issues, except possibly for the stationary Mercury about to turn direct tomorrow. We may have traffic problems, delays, and issues with our communications and our movement, but who cares? A day like today doesn’t come along all that often. Today is a day for major relaxation and re-creation. Everyone is at the top of their game and feeling their oats. But no one seems to be stepping on each other’s toes, or don’t have to. Heart to heart talks can get to the very heart of a matter. More than one pronouncement of love and passion is likely on this day. This day is better than St. Valentine’s Day. Tell someone you care.