July 23rd – 29th

This week gives us the Sun entering its own Sign of Leo. We’re looking for fun, engaging in recreational activities and embracing the height of summer activities.

While we might feel a burst of energy, we have to watch for accidents or missteps this week. Mars squares Neptune early in the week and then Mars squares Saturn at the end of the month. Although we may be feeling energetic, we also need to be careful. Ill-considered actions could lay us low, either wiping us out energetically or triggering muscle sprains or accidents. Mars creates a T-Square in the Fixed Signs, which could put us between a rock and a hard place.

With Venus turning retrograde as we approach the weekend and the Aquarius Full Moon, relationship issues could surface. Everyone may want to be in the spotlight and the sense of consideration for other people might be lacking. One thing for us to avoid is drawing lines in the sand. People may not be cutting enough slack for each other. Attitudes could turn belligerent even to the point of verbal or physical confrontation.

This is a week not to have more brawn than brain. The Mercury trine Uranus gives us insights as to how best to handle situations.

Flexibility is key this week. The less fixed and the more adaptable we can be, we’re likely to find opening to us a vast new world to discover and explore.

Monday, July 24th – Here Comes the Sun – Sun Leo, Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Neptune. Monday begins the week with the Sun moving into its own Sign of Leo. Let the Fun begin! With the Sun in Leo, we may feel a burst of energy, more vitality and certainly interested in discovering the good things in life. Pleasure can be the headline for this period, as we seek to relax, re-create and just generally enjoy ourselves. After all, it is summertime! We might find ourselves doing the two-step. This Monday also gives us both a Lunar Grand Trine and a Lunar T-Square. Two steps forward, one step back; one step forward, two steps back. This Moon configuration is due to the Moon being in Scorpio where it creates a Grand Trine in the Water Element as the Moon trines Mercury in Cancer and trines Uranus in Pisces. The Moon being in Scorpio also creates a T-Square in the Fixed Signs as the Moon opposes Mars in Taurus and squares Neptune in Aquarius. We may feel pushed and pulled in various directions. We might find that things take longer than we like. We could feel somewhat confused and very emotional. But with the Sun in Leo we can light up any rainy day and put a smile on the bleakest of outlooks. Today is a good day to get rid of the unnecessary, strip down to the basics and put our focus on fun. Whether we are on holiday or not, we want to shine. Things may take twists and turns, sometimes seeming like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. If we get out of our own way and not get our ego involved, then we could find some interesting magic happening around us and to us. Let’s keep in mind the saying: ‘Life’s too mysterious. Don’t take it serious.’

Tuesday, July 24th – False Starts – Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Sun, Venus. Tuesday could have us feeling as though we’re either making false starts or accelerating with the parking brake fully engaged. Things could certainly slow down today and that would probably be a healthy situation. With Mars square Neptune, we have to be careful that we aren’t impulsive or rash in our actions. Otherwise, we could be on a course of an accident waiting to happen. The Scorpio Moon squares Saturn. Responsibilities and outstanding issues might demand our attention. We might resent our obligations but at least we know what they are. With today’s energies flying around, we could easily start off on a quixotic journey heading enthusiastically on a trip to nowhere. Late in the day, the Moon moves into Sagittarius where it trines the Sun and squares Venus. Although the start of the day could have us trying to get into motion without really getting anywhere, the latter part of the day is far more upbeat. The square to Venus could bring up relationship issues and we need to avoid arguments with those that want to nit pick or rain on our parade. Today could be a little extreme with wild possibilities circling in our minds. But if we can restrain ourselves, do what needs to be done and then add a little spice to our lives for a change in routine, then this day can be energetic and we can find reasonable ways to vent our energy.

Wednesday, July 25th – Outta Here – Jupiter. Wednesday has the Sagittarius Moon conjunct Jupiter. We may be feeling upbeat, optimistic, happy-go-lucky. We want to spread our wings and stretch beyond our local boundaries. Today would be a good day to travel, whether physically leaving Dodge or taking a far-distant trip in our mind’s eye. Our interests are broader and more concerned with situations far beyond our usual perspective. We may feel confident and share the belief that ‘all things work out in the end’. The only problem with our ‘Dr. Feelgood’ attitude would be in just going blindly into the night, assuming that everything will work out perfectly without checking our itinerary, reviewing our course of action and being certain we have the necessary tools and skill set to participate in the activities of our choice. If we can take of the necessary details, maintain awareness of the specifics, this day can be a true winner. We have the upbeat feelings to move mountains today. Let’s just be sure we have the proper equipment to do so.

Thursday, July 26th – Antennae Up, Peripheral Vision – Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto. Thursday’s Sagittarius Moon squares Uranus, sextiles Neptune, trines Saturn and conjuncts Pluto. We need to keep aware of unexpected situations arising. We might have to be nimble and quick to deal with the changing parameters of our daily life. While we may have to be on our toes today, if we can keep up with things, we can be especially effective in using new methods, alternative means to get ever closer to our goals and our ambitions. We are driven today, impassioned by the prospects of our own creative ventures. We can blend the innovative and the traditional to bring new projects into the most appropriate format. The more we can be open and receptive, the more likely we can discover options that we might not have otherwise taken into account. Today is a day to keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and utilize our friends, even strangers, as a sounding board for new ideas and new adventures.

Friday, July 27th – Looking Good – Venus, Venus retrograde. Friday is a day when we might be trying to look our best. We appreciate first impressions as being significant in the initial judgment of who we are and what we can do. And we’re looking to make good first impressions today. With the Moon in Capricorn trine Venus in Virgo and Venus turning retrograde today, we could hold ourselves, and others, to exceptionally high standards. We may be very methodical, strategic in regard to our interactions with other people. We’re not looking at wasting our time today, nor are we interested in spending time on those people that can’t do anything for us. We can be very discerning, discriminating, even prejudicial today. If people don’t measure up to our expectations, we could virtually cut them off at the knees and certainly give them short shrift regarding the time we’re willing to give them. We might consider a personal makeover today, whether it be in regard to our wardrobe, hairstyle, or the total package of our image. We might tend toward a more conservative look, wanting to appear solid, reliable and perhaps a little aloof. If we don’t get hypercritical, this day can be one when we dot the i’s and cross the t’s; a day when we can place everything in its right place at the right time.

Saturday, July 28th – Revelations – Mercury, Uranus, Mars. Saturday is one of those days when the insights and flashes of understanding can come a mile a minute. Today we have Mercury trine Uranus. We also have the Capricorn Moon opposed Mercury, sextile Uranus and trine Mars. It would be wise to be open to those ah-has that can come out of nowhere. We may feel inspired, and perplexing problems could suddenly be easily solved. We may not have considered certain details or taken enough of a broad perspective in our earlier thinking of situations. We could have a ‘Eureka’ moment when everything all seems to fall into place. We might decide to do things differently, streamline our operations and utilize computers and high technology to make our lives easier. This is one of those days when we are being asked, and offered, to work smarter rather than harder. Let’s be open to the wonders of the universe, for we may discover that we’ve booked a trip on the magical mystery tour, a journey where magic and miracles can come forward so long as we don’t stand in our way. And that is a key to this day, for with the Moon opposed Mercury, we could have a tendency to rely on our past, the so-called ‘tried and true’. Today is not a day to get locked into old behavior patterns, or old mindsets. Rather, today is a day to be open to all possibilities with the recognition that we cannot even anticipate some of the surprises that could open up to us today. A magic day of insight and revelations, we need to keep our ears and eyes and belief system open to all possibilities, and even what we might judge as impossibilities. Ah, yes, the wonder of it all.

Sunday, July 29th – Shine, Shine, Shine – Aquarius Full Moon. Sunday gives us the Aquarius Full Moon with the Moon opposed the Sun in Leo. With any opposition, we are being asked to balance the energies of the two opposing planets, the two opposing signs. Today we have the democratic, individualistic, even iconoclastic Aquarius energy opposed to the regal, sometimes autocratic, certainly refined expressive energy of Leo. The balance is the question of whether we can appreciate the uniqueness of other people and not feel as though we are in competition to be number one with everyone and everything. If we can focus on our personal best, all the while appreciating what other people bring to the table, than we have achieved the balance. Neither do we have to give up ourselves to be part of the community, nor do we have to be an island unto ourselves seeing everyone else as a notch below us. By blending our own talents and abilities with the possibilities for our future, we can stretch beyond our comfort zone and explore new realms of self-discovery and self-expression. Today is a great day to do something a little different, to let down our guard, to be childlike and embrace the awe and wonder and innocence of childhood, and consider all possibilities for our future.

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