July 16th – 22nd

We may start this week champing at the bit, wanting to get on with things but wondering in what direction to go towards. We may see a broad spectrum of possibilities for ourselves. We’re looking to expand our reach and widen our scope. Although we may try to rush forward, a rash of outstanding situations could stand in the way of our progress. Delays may be a positive braking action, preventing us from lurching ahead without due consideration.

Early in the week, it would be wise to entertain potentials without fully engaging them. As the week progresses, we can whittle down some of our prospects to an interesting few. We could become more detail-oriented in the mid-part of the week, more analytical and focused on what would truly work for us.

Towards the end of the week, Mars sextiles Uranus. We can work smarter rather than harder. We might discover new means by which to increase our revenue stream. We may stretch our wings, become aware of unexpected matters that may be more in tune with where we want to go.

The weekend allows for some pleasant social interactions, as long as we don’t hold high expectations or get overly critical. The more we allow other people to be themselves, the more we’ll feel able to express our own uniqueness.

This week offers lessons in getting out of our own way, being open to unanticipated opportunities and timing being everything.

Monday, July 16th – Champing at the Bit – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto. Monday starts the week with our recent nemesis of the Saturn Neptune opposition operational. Are we dealing in reality or suffering from illusions? That is the primary question on this Monday as the Leo Moon creates a Fixed Sign T-Square by the Moon conjunct Saturn opposing Neptune and squaring Mars. Unless we are very careful with our finances today, we could make some impulse purchases and rash decisions. We might want what we want but we could easily skip over considering the specifics, the details, the particulars. From our enhanced ego, we may buy into the appearance without evaluating the substance. People could be a little grandiose today, extravagant and even wasteful. If things don’t happen as fast as we would like, we could try and force them and then our efforts might prove for naught. Delays and frustrations can be an important restraining force, demanding that we take a second or third look at a situation before rushing headlong into an abyss. The Leo Moon also trines Pluto. By taking our time, maintaining patience, we could also judge what is truly important for us and what is only a momentary enticement.

Tuesday, July 17th – Well Considered Plans – Venus, Mercury. If we didn’t make precipitous actions yesterday, this Tuesday could prove a useful day in critiquing and evaluating our plans. Tuesday gives us a Virgo Moon conjunct Venus and sextile Mercury. We have the ability to look at the details and see whether a situation truly works for us or not. Although we might be overly critical in our evaluations, especially of friends and our interactions with others, we are less likely to be fooled today compared to yesterday. Today, we can see the specifics and not be bowled over by the images and appearances. We have a healthy skepticism today, an important characteristic during these times when we want to get on with things and yet could easily skip over a concentrated evaluation by merely accepting things at face value. The Moon and Mercury are in Mutual Reception, the Moon being in the Sign ruled by Mercury and Mercury in the Sign ruled by the Moon. We have a good blend of compassionate sensitivity and steeled analysis. We can see things in their proper perspective, put things in their appropriate place and still come out with a pleasing image backed up by well-considered scrutiny.

Wednesday, July 18th – Here, There and Everywhere – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars. Have you noticed the pattern whereby we go from a Fixed Sign T-Square to a Mutable Sign T-Square in the space of one or two days? With Saturn and Neptune in Fixed Signs, and Jupiter and Uranus in Mutable Signs, this movement from the Fixed Sign T-Square to the Mutable Sign T-Square has been in operation since this past November and continues on into the late Summer. Monday gave us the Fixed Sign T-Square. Today, Wednesday, gives us the Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon in Virgo squares Jupiter and opposes Uranus. From a sense of delays, frustrations and blockages that we often experience with the Fixed Sign T-Square, we come to the diverse, spread all over and high frenetic energy of the Mutable Sign T-Square. It’s as though rushing waters have been held back by a levee or a dam and then finally break through to spread across the countryside downstream. For us, we have to watch for being helter skelter, jumping from one thing to another, our focus taken by whatever grabs our attention. The Moon does trine Mars today. If we can restrain this high energy, even high anxiety, tendency, then we could accomplish a lot. The main issue today is to maintain discipline, have a schedule and a checklist and watch for being diverted or distracted from our intentions. We can certainly juggle a good number of things today, keep various balls in the air and go from one thing to another without dropping a stitch. The key elements are to work in spurts of energy, shortened time cycles and allow ourselves momentary diversions without being pulled completely off our track.

Thursday, July 19th – The Importance of Now – Sun, Pluto. Thursday has the Virgo Moon sextile the Sun and square Pluto. We may feel far more integrated today than usual. We can attend to our family matters and our household chores, even to the point of stripping away the nonessentials and focusing on the most important aspects of our life. We can be detail-oriented today, sifting through things and figuring out what truly works for us and what are superfluous and no longer relevant. We may feel ourselves very much in the moment. We might want to spread our wings and go off to far distant horizons, but it would be better for us to use the energies attending to things closer to home. Our moods can go through some wild swings today. We want to be impassioned by life. Often, we have to take care of mundane situations before we can launch off into a new realm. Thursday is a day to focus on the mundane, deal with the here and now, and put on the back burner ideas of expansions and thoughts of new arenas.

Friday, July 20th – A Bargain, a Steal, a Real Deal – Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter. Friday has Mars sextile Uranus. We can work smarter rather than harder. Today is one of those days when we can find the short cuts, streamline our operations, and get more done in a shorter period of time than might be usual for us. The more we consider alternatives and our options, the more effective we shall be leaving some additional time to do things on the spur-of-the-moment, and being totally spontaneous. The Libra Moon squares Mercury and sextiles Jupiter. Although we may have certain family obligations and home matters calling to us, we are far more interested in spreading our wings, enjoying the company of others and considering all possibilities. We don’t want to be hemmed in today and we might discover some interesting surprises opening up to us if we will keep our eyes open and work with peripheral vision. There could be a certain magic to this day, so let’s not overly schedule ourselves or fill up every moment. Let’s be ready to take advantage of any opportunities that come from out of the blue.

Saturday, July 21st – Let’s Get Together – Neptune, Saturn, Pluto. Saturday has the Libra Moon trine Neptune, sextile Saturn and sextile Pluto. Today is a day when we might want to get together with friends or take that special someone for a fun-filled day out of town. We’re looking to enjoy ourselves today but we don’t want to go it alone. Whether we travel solo, with someone else or in a group, we could make some interesting contacts along the way. ‘The more the merrier’ could be our refrain as we go in search of good times with good friends. How very Muppet of us! Yes, this Saturday is a great day to enjoy life, relax and participate in pleasurable events.

Sunday, July 22nd – Focusing our Intentions – Sun, Venus. Sunday could be a no-nonsense day. We may have had our fun yesterday but today is a day to get serious and focus our intentions. The early morning hours has the last of the Libra Moon which squares the Sun. Our sleep state could prove a little restless. We might have a lot on our mind thinking about our past, those people associated with our past and some of our concerns about home and family matters. As we awaken, we have a Scorpio Moon and the Moon sextiles Venus. We may awaken in a mood of looking to cut away the dross from our lives — those people and situations that may have proven to be either hangers-on or significant in our past and out of synch with our present. We can do an inventory today, consider those people and situations that are truly meaningful for us and those situations and people that are solely a distraction, irritation and take up our time. Sunday is a good day to get real with ourselves and evaluate our projects, our activities and our involvements with the intention of getting rid of the extraneous.