June 4th – 10th

This week continues our sense of enthusiasm, even to the point of irrational exuberance. Mars trines Jupiter and the Sun opposes Jupiter, egging us on to do more and convincing us that we are invincible.

People may be rather self-inflated this week. Venus moves into Leo and we may find that our relationships are serving as a stage on which we can perform as we seek to be in the spotlight.

Grandiose extremes this week could be in style, as people seek to put their best foot forward and one-up each other. While the uniqueness of individuality might be the flavor of the week, it could become nothing more than a sense of a maddening crowd with everyone elbowing to be in the center ring.

Towards the end of the week and over the weekend, we may find that we’ve pushed the envelope a little too far. The Sun squares Uranus. Unexpected situations can create twists and turns that demand we be nimble and quick by being in the moment and dealing with the spontaneous as things come up.

We might be on cloud nine this week, enjoying ourselves and having a good time. If we don’t budget our time and our finances, we could go into overwhelm and rack up significant expenses.

‘Moderation in all things’ would be a wise adage to keep in mind this week. Let’s focus on our personal best, maintain diplomatic decorum and pace ourselves.

Monday, June 4th – Stretching Beyond Our Limits – Mars, Jupiter, Venus

Monday begins the week with Mars trine Jupiter. This energy configuration is part of the Fire Grand Trine this month with Mars in its own Sign of Aries trining Jupiter in Sagittarius, exact today, and trining Saturn in Leo next Monday. Yes, we’re in the thick of a Fire Grand Trine. We may feel energized, self-focused and even self-absorbed. We might feel as though the world revolves around us. While such an attitude is great for pushing our interests and asserting our desires, it may not be so great for collaborative efforts. We do have to watch that we don’t lose sight of other people’s needs and that we are not receptive listeners. We may feel exuberant, enthusiastic and optimistic today and tomorrow, for today we have Mars trine Jupiter, tomorrow the Sun opposes Jupiter. We could stretch beyond our limits, not looking to be constricted or restrained and wanting to push the envelope. We also have the Capricorn Moon today, a placement that makes the Moon uncomfortable being in its Sign of Detriment. The Moon opposes Venus so our sense of diplomacy and consideration of other people’s perspectives could be lacking today. We need to watch that our ambitions and desires don’t have us stretching beyond our limits and creating situations that could prove problematic for us in the future. Today is a day for us to feel upbeat and energized but also to tread cautiously when it comes to being aware of our circumstances, our conditions and the situations operating around us.

Tuesday, June 5th – No Stopping Us Now – Sun, Jupiter, Venus Leo. Tuesday may find us still pushing our self-interests forward, and all with little regard for the way it impacts other people. Today, we have the Sun opposed Jupiter. Although we can feel enthusiastic, we have to be careful that we’re not over optimistic. We could believe our own hype, a sense of wish fulfillment and even seeing ourselves as legends, in our own mind. Our exuberance can be ratcheted up by the Moon in Aquarius sextiling Jupiter and trining the Sun. Our focus may be on our future plans, spreading our wings and reinventing ourselves. Of course, in reinventing ourselves we could fall prey to the idea that we can master the world. If we go there, let’s be careful that we don’t set ourselves up. Let’s keep in mind the idea that the higher we climb, the longer the fall. The more we can rein in our exuberance, the less likely we will over-extend ourselves or go brashly forward without checking conditions. This week can be a week of good thoughts and good feelings, but we do have to be careful that we don’t overstep the bounds and do whatever we please without considering its impact on other people or the consequences of our actions. Tuesday also has Venus leaving Cancer and entering Leo. We’re looking for fun and good times and to be in the spotlight with beautiful people.

Wednesday, June 6th – Betwixt and Between Reality and Delusion – Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto. Wednesday has us doing the dance with the Saturn Neptune opposition as the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Neptune and opposes Saturn. If we feel frustrated by our situation, we could easily jump into a fantasyland where everything seems to work out. Lovely concept but it may be more delusional than realistic. The Moon sextiles Mars and also sextiles Pluto. If we get ourselves worked up about something, then we could pull out all stops and go for it. Today is a day that demands that we take some time, consider our actions and consider what might be triggering our actions. We could easily get caught up in the moment and in our emotion and proceed down a garden path without considering the pitfalls that might be littering our pathway. Today would be a day to count to ten before acting or reacting, to blueprint our actions and to restrain ourselves from jumping into situations before we’ve carefully evaluated them. Now is a time to slow down since we could be moving too fast.

Thursday, June 7th – Reveries, Contemplations, and Other Thoughts – Mercury. Thursday has the Pisces Moon trine Mercury. We could easily find ourselves lost in our thoughts, pleasant memories filtering through our consciousness, ideas of how we can make our lives more a sanctuary of serenity and comfort. Today would be a good day to blueprint and plan. Our intuition could be strong and our feelings impacted by our surroundings. We may feel highly receptive, even susceptible, so let’s keep focused on mindfulness and not allow our minds to wander off into anxious or fearful spaces. We have to keep our thoughts upbeat for today we could be like a sponge taking to water picking up the energies around us and allowing them to impact us too strongly. Our communications with others can be heart felt and our discussions very emotional. If we take some time to ponder, answers can come forward. We can understand what is being said and sense what people are feeling.

Friday, June 8th – Bouncing Along – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Sun, Uranus. Friday is one of those days when we might want to do something other than what we have scheduled. We have a Lunar T-Square in the Mutable Signs, as the Pisces Moon squares Jupiter in Sagittarius and squares the Sun in Gemini. We may go from one thing to another, but we’re looking to go to those things that are unfamiliar, out of our usual realm, that are thrilling and exciting. The Moon conjuncts Uranus. The unexpected appeals to us and we’re willing to stretch beyond our normal circumstance. With a lack of Earth and punctuated by the lack of Virgo in the Mutable T-Square, this Friday could be one of those days when we skip over things, glossing by on our way to something far more enlivening. We could be feeling our oats today, wanting to be free to do what we want and be whom we care to be. This day is a good day to explore without overextending, to test the waters without diving into the deep end, to be loose about everything and not feel that we have to overly commit to anything. Let’s enjoy ourselves without entangling ourselves.

Saturday, June 9th – Champing at the Bit – Sun, Uranus, Pluto, Venus, Mercury. Saturday reinforces the Uranus energy we felt yesterday. If we don’t have plans for the day, all the better. We are more interested in the spontaneous and to do things as they come up. And come up they may. Saturday has the Sun square Uranus right on the heels of yesterday’s Moon conjunct Uranus. Whatever we are doing, we might prefer just taking off and not feeling tied down by plans or obligations. Our sleep state might be animated because we have the Pisces Moon square Pluto early in the day. We might feel uncomfortable in our own skin, feeling victimized or reactive to situations not of our making. We want to do our own thing and have no limitations, restrictions or anyone, including ourselves, to answer to. Contributing to our sense of independence and emphasizing our unique individuality, we have the Moon in Aries trine Venus and square Mercury. Home projects and family activities may have to be put on hold as we allow ourselves to vent our need for freedom of movement and independence. We’re looking for fun times and willing to shirk expectations.

Sunday, June 10th – On Top of the World – Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mars, Neptune. Sunday can be a special day, even the best of the week. We have the Fire Grand Trine as the Moon in Aries trines both Saturn in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The Moon also sextiles the Sun and Neptune and conjuncts Mars. Sunday we could be rearing to go. We can feel energized and at the top of our game. We’re operating on all eight cylinders and able to put our best foot forward. We know what we want and know how to get it. Getting out into the world, traveling, engaging in sports activities or taking in a show or a movie are things that could put a smile on our face. We’re looking for the gusto in life today, and likely to find it.