June 29th – July 1st

This week we might have difficulty separating fact from fiction and fantasy from reality. This week has a Neptunian influence both to begin and end the week.

We start the week with the third and final Saturn opposition Neptune that has dogged us since last Autumn. This configuration has created a questioning of our ability all the while being enticed by possibilities for our future. Old issues that have yet to be completed may pop up again, and we could find ourselves doing a walk down Memory Lane. We do have to watch for any element of revisionism where we view our experiences from an emotional perspective rather than true reality.

The potential for confusion this week can be strong. We might question every step we take, even to the point of repeatedly changing our mind. If we will get out of our own way and stop evaluating ourselves, we could use the energy to formulate the means to achieve our objectives. The key is to maintain detachment and not personalize everything going on around us.

At the time of the Capricorn Full Moon on the 30th, Venus opposes Neptune. We may question our relationships. We could be seduced by appearance and might wind up looking for love in all the wrong places.

This is a week not to have knee-jerk reactions but to count to ten before taking action. It would be best not to reach any definitive conclusions.

July might start with a bit of a thud. We have come off the Capricorn Full Moon with Venus opposed Neptune and might be confused, even critical, about our relationships. Venus conjuncts Saturn and the retrograde Mercury sextiles Mars. Although misunderstandings could be rampant, it is important not to harbor ill feelings. Otherwise, we may feel as though salt is being placed in our wounds.

Monday, June 25th – Real or Unreal – Saturn, Neptune, Sun, Mercury. Monday starts the week with the third and final Saturn opposition to Neptune. This energy configuration has daunted us and challenged us since last Autumn. It raises the question as to whether we’re dealing with fact or fiction. We could be caroming between wish fulfillment and our desires being a popped balloon. The key question is whether we are building upon rock or upon sand. Whatever choices we make now, we have to be very careful that we’ve taken into account all the variables of which we’re aware, considered the circumstances and parameters in which we are operating and not allow ourselves to either run off exuberantly in wild abandon or restrict ourselves to the limitations of our past. If we can blend these two qualities, and that is both the test and the opportunity, then we could find that this day is a highly productive strategic planning period. We can take our dreams and create the structure and most appropriate methodology to make our dreams come true. While we might be walking the balance beam between hard cold reality and fanciful illusions, through balancing the abstract with the practical we can make great strides in developing our future goals. This Monday also has the Scorpio Moon trine both the Sun and Mercury in Cancer. Today would also be a good day to clean house — to clear away the clutter, focus on the essentials and get our house in order. That house might be our living environment, our plans, our daily activities, or any and all of the forementioned.

Tuesday, June 26th – Between A Rock and a Hard Place or Unexpected Opportunities Opening – Lunar T-Square, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus. Tuesday is a day to truly think outside the box. If we get stuck in old patterns and old mindsets, then we may feel like a car stuck in the mud spinning our wheels, and we could find this Tuesday to be incredibly frustrating replete with delays and wrong directions, going down one path only to have to stop and turn around. Tuesday we have a Lunar T-Square in the Fixed Signs as the Scorpio Moon squares Venus and Saturn in Leo and squares Neptune in Aquarius. This day could be especially confusing with people grandstanding, stuck in their opinions and unwilling to take blinders off and consider possibilities other than from their own perspective. We could go blindly into the night, like lemmings rushing for the sea, triggered by old patterns, outdated beliefs and misinformation. Aaaarrrggh! Yes, the Fixed Sign T-Square gives us a reprise of our Saturn Neptune opposition, that dance between fact and fiction, between reality and illusion, that we’ve been moving to since last Fall. The good news, however, is that the Moon also trines Uranus. By thinking outside the box, by considering options and alternatives with which we might not be familiar, we have the opportunity of unexpected situations occurring, new doors opening up to us. During these times, the battle of old and new is very much engaged. Are we going to be locked into the old paradigm of sequential, linear reality or are we going to open our minds and our experience to the new paradigm of synchronicity, asequential reality, whereby things can come out from the blue? Today is a day to test those waters. We might be pulled in two different directions — between our past habit patterns, the familiar ways of operating, and trying things in a new way, even getting out of our own way to allow the universe to unfold. We don’t have to commit to either disposition but it would be wise to notate the pulls of old and new that can go on today.

Wednesday, June 27th – Good Day, Sunshine. Wednesday has no significant planetary aspects. Although they often refer to Wednesday as ‘hump’ day, this Wednesday could seem more like a breather day, even a turning point, from some of the confusions and mismatches that might have gone on over the past two days and some of the more free-flowing energies of the next two days. The intensity lessens as the Moon moves out of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. We’re likely to feel more optimistic, enthusiastic and exuberant about things. Wednesday is a good day to get out of doors, take a walk in the woods and broaden our scope. We might consider traveling or make travel plans today. We could have the sense of a weight being lifted from us. Let’s enjoy the day, not place heavy duty expectations on ourselves or overly plan our schedule. Today is a day to stop and smell the flowers.

Thursday, June 28th – Life on the Upside – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus. Thursday continues the upbeat attitude that we might have gained from yesterday. The Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Jupiter and squares Uranus. Although we’re optimistic and enthusiastic today, we also have to be nimble and quick to adapt to unexpected changes in our plans. Flexibility is key today and so too the recognition that sometimes things happen which are not so much of our making as much as situations that we have to respond to. The Sun conjuncts Mercury. Our thoughts may revolve around our home and our family. Planning family vacations would be a good use of today’s energy. Let’s stretch, broaden our perspective and keep in mind that like an eagle we can feather our nest, fly from it to soar on the air currents, always to return to our nest. The sense of taking care of our base of operations and then expanding beyond our normal parameters would be in alignment with today’s energies.

Friday, June 29th – Our Creative Juices Flowing – Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto. Friday has the Sagittarius Moon trine both Venus and Saturn in Leo, sextile Neptune in Aquarius and conjunct Pluto. We could easily express ourselves in a creative, profound and powerful manner today. We’ve got it going on. We’re impassioned by our projects, looking to present ourselves in an appealing and authoritative way and wanting to take our lives to the next level. This day can be a great day to voice our feelings, pronounce our love and plan our idyllic future. And the best part of all could be that as the Moon moves into Capricorn later in the day, we can take our good vibrations and put spirit into action. With our zest for life we can get our plans done.

Saturday, June 30th – The Higher We Climb – Venus, Neptune, Capricorn Full Moon, Mars, Mercury, Sun. If yesterday offered us a peak experience, which it well could have done, Saturday could seem something of a let down. We don’t have to have a hard fall, but we do have to recognize the push – pulls of this Saturday. Venus is heavily entangled in the Neptune Saturn opposition that was exact this past Monday. Today, Venus opposes Neptune. Tomorrow, Venus conjuncts Saturn. We could easily be seduced by appearance, fall madly in love with the image, but we also have to watch that we’re not doing the dance with the trickster. In native American lore, the coyote is the trickster, for the coyote sings its eerie, mournful, beguiling song, enticing its prey into its fold. Like the coyote that appears one way, the reality being quite different; we could experience something similar in our interactions with people today. It would be wise not to give someone the benefit of the doubt but rather to truly question their sincerity, their integrity and their intentions. An element of ‘go slow’ would be advised in our contacts with others today. We also have the Capricorn Full Moon with the Capricorn Moon opposed both Mercury and the Sun in Cancer. Pulls between our involvement in the world and our personal lives could have us in a quandary as to where to place our energy. The idea, as with any opposition, is the balance of the two. If we focus on one side without attending to the other, we’re likely to find that we’re caught in a metronome whereby the issues that we’re not addressing demand our attention with us flipping back and forth between the two areas. Today is a day to find the balance, to be cautious and judicious in our actions and to maintain a sense of healthy skepticism and not take anything for granted.

Sunday, July 1st – Old Issues, Strategic Approaches – Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Uranus. Sunday gives us the second whammy of the Saturn Neptune opposition. After yesterday when Venus opposed Neptune, today we have Venus conjunct Saturn. If we became infatuated by someone or some thing yesterday, hard cold reality may offer us a wakeup call today. Past situations might resurface for us to address and possibly rectify. Fortunately, Mercury sextiles Mars. Our discussions can be forceful and well thought-out. We can smooth over any wrinkles in our relationships, and we can attend to obligations that might be demanding our attention. The Capricorn Moon sextiles Uranus. So long as we don’t get stuck in old patterns or attached to old beliefs, we can consider alternatives, exercise options and find the most effective ways to make necessary changes, ease out of sticky situations and have things work out in the end.