June 18th – 24th

This week is an active week, one when we are determined to embrace the cornucopia of doing life. We want it all, and a tendency to indulgence and excess is in the air.

Early in the week, Venus trines Jupiter as the Sun opposes Pluto. We may feel as though our soul has been laid bare, and in compensation we may look to live for the day. Any discomfort within ourselves is likely to find expression in extravagance. We could spend too much, eat too much, even enjoy ourselves too much.

We are being asked to engage our transformation, the shapeshifting of transitioning from the caterpillar into the butterfly. The process may not always seem comfortable and we could mask it by focusing on having a good time, no matter the expense.

Sobriety steps in mid-week as we enter Summer with the Sun moving into Cancer at the time that Mars trines Pluto. Plans for the Summer include having a special time, vacation or activities, that will have real meaning and be remembered for all time. We don’t want to skim through life. We want the depth and passion of living that will make our heart sing. This week allows us to discern between the essence and the superfluous fluff.

Over the weekend, Mars leaves its own sign of Aries and enters Taurus. Much of our fiery energy can move from an impulsive self-assertiveness to a reliable and focused intent.

Monday, June 18th – Feeling the Buzz – Venus, Jupiter. Monday starts the week with the Leo Moon conjunct Venus and trine Jupiter. It’s a nice way to start the week for we’re looking for fun and adventure. We’re feeling good about life, part of it may be the sense of summer coming along this week. Our thoughts and interests today are likely to revolve around enjoying ourselves. Everyone may be grandstanding today, putting on the Ritz and looking to engage in a little indulgence. We could spend too much, indulge too much, but our focus is on having a good time. We’re willing to spare no expense to do so. A truly expansive day, this day can be a blast. We might not get a lot of our responsibilities accomplished but we’ll have a good time today. We’ll certainly see to that.

Tuesday, June 19th – Keeping it Coming Now – Sun, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars. Tuesday is a energy-packed day and could prove rather paradoxical. The caroming between asserting ourselves and the shapeshifting of transformation can be one that has on a real roller coaster. Our emotions, activities and interests can go through real ups and downs today. On one hand, we have the Sun opposed Pluto and the Leo Moon doing its dance with the Saturn Neptune opposition by the Moon conjunct Saturn and opposed Neptune. We may feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under us. We could also feel like we’re in one of those theme park fun houses with the floor slanting wildly one way and then another. We could easily be thrown off balance, confused by what seems to be going on and wondering how we fit into any of it. On the other hands, Venus trines Jupiter and the Moon in Leo also creates a Grand Trine in the Fire Element with the Moon trine Mars in Aries and trine Pluto in Sagittarius. The Moon also sextiles the Sun. We may be in an exuberant attitude, seeing where we can express ourselves creatively, asserting our passion and putting our imprint on our activities. While the whipsaw of the day could have us soaring with the eagles then plummeting to depths unfathomable, the more we can balance the two extremes the less likely we will be to go through the wild gyrations. Let’s recognize that we have the strength and character to make the changes that are truly necessary for our evolution all the while not getting carried away by a tendency toward excess.

Wednesday, June 20th – Back on the Ground – Mercury, Jupiter. Wednesday provides a more realistic and pragmatic approach to life compared to the last two days when we may easily have been involved with going overboard in the way we were doing things. Today has the Virgo Moon, and we now have some of the Earth Element for us to take on a more practical attitude. Instead of getting swept up in the enthusiasms, even delusions, of the moment, we now can see things in their specifics and by their details. The Virgo Moon sextiles Mercury and squares Jupiter. Although we are still likely to have the tendency towards excess and indulgence, our mind is sharp and focused. We can see what truly works for us and what is only a distraction and diversion from our straight and narrow journey forward. Today would be a good day to go back over the activities of the past two days, consider where we might have been too enthusiastic and take care of particulars we might have skipped over earlier. Our thoughts turn to the analytical and rational. We are less influenced by wish fulfillment now, and we can make reasoned and seasoned judgments. We can review the recent past and blueprint our future steps. This Wednesday is a good day to tie up loose ends, line our ducks up in a row and bring the Spring Season to a close.

Thursday, June 21st – Hot Time in the Summertime – Mars, Pluto, Uranus. Thursday is the day of the Summer Solstice, the day in the Northern Hemisphere of the longest amount of sunlight. The Sun enters Cancer bringing in the Summer Season. The Summer Solstice chart gives us a sense of what our Summer may look like. Hot, hot, hot. Whether the heat is the climate condition or the passion with which we engage this Summer, this Summer could prove hot, hot, hot. The Solstice chart as indicated in my Summer Seasonal write-up has a Grand Trine in the Fire Element linking up all three Fire Signs of Aries with Mars, Leo with Venus and Saturn, and Sagittarius with Jupiter and Pluto. On this day, the Mars Pluto trine is exact. We are determined, passionate and not looking to brook any interference to our plans or our intentions. We’re in high gear, ready to put our mark on situations and looking to broaden our reach and expand our realm. Many of us may be considering travel plans, moving far beyond our ordinary circumstance. We might also consider activities that help us come closer to the quality of lifestyle we want and feel entitled to. Yes, there can be a sense of entitlement now. Fortunately, we do have the Moon in Virgo providing a grounding rod for our enthusiasms and exuberance. The Moon today opposes Uranus so we could find that our emotions go through twists and turns. There can be times when we feel invincible, other times when we feel victimized. The key to maintaining a semblance of sanity is not to allow ourselves to rush off without considering our parameters or our circumstance. It is far better for us to evaluate and consider before heading off impetuously. We’re looking for this Summer to be one we remember, filled with passion, fun activities and an easy transformation into a freer and more self-determined lifestyle.

Friday, June 22nd – Stepping on Toes – Pluto, Sun. Friday could have us awaken in a fairly intense mood. The Virgo Moon squares Pluto before the Moon moves into Libra where it squares the Sun. We could feel a little out of sorts today. We might feel as though our daily responsibilities and our normal routine are clipping our wings and keeping us from doing that which is closest to our heart. We may feel petulant today, begrudging our ordinary situations and resenting people in our lives that are putting hurdles in the way of our going off freely in the direction of our dreams. The 22nd is a Master Number in Numerology and speaks to the Master Builder. Although we can lay down some foundation stones today, we may be more in the mood of a wrecking crew, wanting to eliminate and get rid of those situations, even people, that seem to get in our way of us doing our own thing. Today is day that calls for diplomacy and decorum. Nice concept, but we’re more likely to find that people are blowing off steam or just not as available to us as they usually are.

Saturday, June 23rd – Feeling Groovy – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus rretrograde. Saturday has the Libra Moon square Mercury and sextile both Jupiter and Venus. Today is a good day to spend quality time with our significant other. We might have pulls regarding our home and family matters, but we’re looking for that special activity or event to share with someone. Uranus turns retrograde, so it would be wise to write our plans in pencil and be adaptable to changing our schedule on the spur of the moment. Unexpected situations could arise that force us to be nimble and quick. But our primary focus is more on others than our self. We’re interested in other people’s projects, their lives, their personalities. The more we explore with another, the more we will understand them and understand ourselves. Many of our life’s greatest lessons are taught by our social interactions. Saturday is a great to engage with others. This weekend can be a truly pleasant one, especially if we’re looking through other people’s perspective and embracing the joy in living.

Sunday, June 24th – Sunday in the Park – Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Mars Taurus. Sunday continues the pleasantries of this weekend. The Libra Moon sextiles Saturn, trines Neptune, sextiles Pluto and opposes Mars. Today is a good day to gather with friends and take in a movie, a concert or a Summertime festival. It’s one of those lazy days when we’re far more accommodating than usual. We want to grab for the gusto in living and recreational activities could be beckoning us. We’re putting our responsibilities and work lives on the back burner this weekend, taking the time with those special people in our lives. We are feeling the influence of the Saturn Neptune opposition exact tomorrow, so let’s be aware of the paradox between fact and fiction. Things that seem too good to be true just might be. That shouldn’t dampen our spirits, and we are likely to be in high spirits today. Later in the day, Mars leaves its own Sign of Aries and enters a Sign of its Detriment, Taurus, where Mars is not comfortable. Mars coming into Taurus does give us a planet in the Earth Element and we might find ourselves becoming more practical, less impulsive and more likely to be plodding along. A great weekend this one, so let’s be sure to get out and celebrate it.