June 11th – 17th

This week begins on a grounded note. After several days of getting carried away by our enthusiasm, our feet can touch the ground. We start the week with the Sun sextile Mars, the Sun sextile Saturn and Mars trine Saturn. We can create solid foundations to our projects and practical means to achieve our desired results. We have the drive and the focus to accomplish a lot.

From a pragmatic approach to begin the week, mid-week finds us influenced by the Neptune energies as the Sun trines Neptune and Mars sextiles Neptune. Suddenly, our plans can go from realistic concepts to hoped-for fantasies by embellishing and adding on to them. We could get swept up in possibilities and prospects. We might leap ahead envisioning what could be and leaving behind what really is.

The potential for confusion can ratchet up towards the end of the week. The Gemini New Moon offers a broad spectrum of options. Some alternatives might merely be seeking change for the sake of change.

Instead of adding on more activities, we might consider those involvements that truly interest us contrasted to those situations that are merely distractions. A spring cleaning to rid ourselves of the superfluous could be called for.

Our thoughts and communications can get a little fuzzy as Mercury turns retrograde for the next three weeks. Before we make any significant decisions, let’s check the details, review the matter and be certain before committing.

Monday, June 11th – Incisive, Deliberate, Putting It All Together – Sun, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Venus. Monday begins the week on a high note with the Fire Grand Trine ignited once again. Last Monday, we had Mars in Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. Today, we have Mars in Aries trine Saturn in Leo. The three Fire Signs are all connected. The Sun in Gemini adds a little flavoring by the Sun sextiling both Mars and Saturn. Monday is a day when we have the drive, the passion and the focused intent to put it all together. We can neatly fit various pieces into the puzzle today. In addition, the wee small hours of the early morning gives us the Aries Moon trine Pluto before the Moon moves into Taurus where it squares Venus. Our sense of what we need to do and what we want to do for ourselves is strong. Nothing can get in our way today, even if some people feel that we’re grandstanding or being a little too self-focused. Today is a good day to be self-focused. We can accomplish a lot and move our interests forward. Not only do we have the energy to advance our ambitions, we also have the structure and the strategy to make things work effectively. We’re not building on sand today. We’re on solid rock. In Numerology, the 11th is a master number, the number of the Visionary. With our goals in mind, we can come up with the most appropriate means to get from where we are to where we want to go. The only downside to today would be if we were to get carried away with our sense of ourselves and fritter away the energies on needless self-exploitation.

Tuesday, June 12th – The Blinders of Push, Pulls – Mercury, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Neptune. Tuesday is one of those days when we could find ourselves in the middle, and possibly in a muddle, as we are torn between new ways of doing things and the so-called ‘tried and true’. The Taurus Moon sextiles both Mercury and Uranus today. We can be insightful, come up with new ways of doing things and even consider an element of Spring cleaning in order to streamline our operations. Where a problem could arise is our dependence and reliance on old patterns and old methodologies. Today, the Moon also creates a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Saturn and also squares Neptune. We are back in the push, pulls of the Saturn Neptune opposition with which we’ve been doing the dance since last Autumn. The Saturn Neptune opposition finally ends at the end of the month, but we’re still being challenged and tested by our discernment to separate fact from fiction, to see reality without getting snookered by the appearance. Tuesday is a day to check and recheck everything that we’ve done. Let’s ask ourselves the question as to whether we are doing things in the most expeditious manner or if we are relying on old methodologies. We could easily be led astray today if we don’t take into account variables, options and alternatives to the way we’ve always done things. Things may also take longer than we like today. Let’s not try to rush the river. While delays could prove frustrating, they may also be the necessary means to keep us from rushing headlong into an abyss. Tuesday is a day to move forward judiciously, cautiously and to be certain to scan and look all around.

Wednesday, June 13th – Lost in the Wonder of it All – Sun, Neptune, Mars, Venus. Wednesday could be a day when we get entranced by the possibilities and the prospects. We might feel as if we’ve entered a magical time of an idyllic paradise. The Sun sexiles Neptune and Mars sextiles Neptune. We also have the Moon in Gemini sextile Venus. We could be singing a song, feeling like nothing can go wrong. This day can be one of those special days when we feel like we’re walking on clouds. Unfortunately, we also need to try and keep our feet on the ground. Otherwise, we might fall into fantasyland, assuming that everything and anything can occur the way we wish it would. Nice concept, but we need to realize that often prospects and possibilities seem far easier to realize in concept and in the abstract than in the reality of it. Our presentations today can be inspired. We can put forth a good show, presenting our plans with an imaginative flair. The question remains whether we are fully taking into account all the necessary ingredients by which our dreams can come true. Yes, this Wednesday could be a dreamy sort of day but we need to maintain a semblance of groundedness or we could find that our imagination gets the better of us without our plans being backed up by reality.

Thursday, June 14th – Champing at the Bit – Gemini New Moon, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Sun. Thursday gives us the Gemini New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction sextile both Saturn and Mars and trine Neptune. The Moon also creates a Mutable Sign T-Square as it first opposes Jupiter then squares Uranus. Now is a time for us to give thought to our future and how we can get there from here. We could easily find ourselves all over the place with the distinct possibility that we’re not considering the details, dealing with the specifics or taking into account the particulars. Today is a day to consider our prospects and to think things over. It is not a day to act rashly or definitively. We may want to broaden our activities and try something new. It’s all well and good to experiment and test things out, but it could prove unwise to launch into a long-term commitment or take on further obligations. Our moods could go through some wild swings today. We don’t want to be blocked or have our wishes denied. But we have to question whether we are considering things from a realistic perspective or merely taking a plunge for the sake of change.

Friday, June 15th – On Edge – Pluto, Mercury retrograde. Friday begins the day with the Gemini Moon opposed Pluto. We could awaken somewhat irritable, trying to figure out greater meaning for our lives but just feeling we’re spinning our wheels. The Moon then moves into its own Sign of Cancer and we might find ourselves retreating into our home stance. Mercury turns retrograde today, the second of this year’s three Mercury retrograde cycles. Retrograding through Cancer, various issues associated with home, family, past experiences could provide us with issues and problems over the next three weeks. Certainly, communications and travel plans may be off. We’ll have to watch for any computer glitches that could cause havoc with our transmissions, our movement or our communications. Today is a day to go slow, not feel overly sensitive and keep in mind the wise adage: one day at a time.

Saturday, June 16th – Renovating our Homes, Reconnecting with Family – Mercury, Uranus. Saturday has the Cancer Moon conjunct Mercury which has turned retrograde. The Moon also trines Uranus. Today could be a day of family get-togethers and inviting people over to our homes. Our sensitivity is turned up, our emotions at fever pitch. We may want to work on home projects or just spend time around our house. We might also have to address matters we thought once completed. Adding a little flavor to our lives could be enticing. Tag sales, yard sales, consignment shops could all have a pull as we look for that quirky little something to add some more panache to our environment. Today is also a day when we may feel called to do things on the spur of the moment. No matter our plans, we may want to spice them up with the spontaneous and the impulsive.

Sunday, June 17th – Father’s Day – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday is Father’s Day in the US, the day we celebrate good old Dad. The day begins with the Moon in Cancer square Mars in Aries. Not an auspicious start to the day, for we may feel that we have to do certain things out of obligation. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost ten hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo. The Moon in Leo is appropriate for Father’s Day since Leo is the Sign of the Male Energy, the archetypal male being our Dad. Yes, Dad is in the spotlight but we may all have an oedipal streak going on whereby we see Dad from two totally different perspectives — as our father and support, but also as our competitor and adversary. Let’s embrace the eastern tradition of reverence for our elders and keep in mind the saying that the acorn does not fall far from the tree. If we’re not doing Dad’s Day today, we could focus our time and our energy on recreational activities, sports and fun events. Even if we are, there’s no reason not to incorporate some fun and good times with Dad.