May 7th – 13th

We start the week somewhat dazed thanks to the caroming of this past week and this week beginning with Mercury square Neptune. We need to take things with a grain of salt and not personally for there may be misunderstandings and miscommunications during this week. The more we can maintain clarity in the turbulence of the week, the less we’ll get entangled in sticky situations.

The caroming of last week continues on into this week as the Sun sextiles Uranus, then the Sun squares Saturn and over the weekend the Sun squares Neptune. While we want to be free to do our own thing, we could find our responsibilities get in the way. In fact, our commitments may provide a necessary braking pattern keeping us from rushing headlong into an abyss.

With Mercury sextile Mars and Jupiter square Uranus this week, we might try to fast forward without considering our itinerary, our direction or our means.

We do have two sign changes this week as Venus enters Cancer and Mercury moves into its own Sign of Gemini. Pampering ourselves and entertaining many different thoughts could help us from leaping brashly ahead.

Moderation this week would be advised, but we’re more likely to be operating in fits of starts and stops.

The weekend comes to closure in an explosive manner thanks to the Mars Pluto square. Eruptions are likely so it would be best to count to ten before any reaction.

Monday, May 7th – Intuitive Misunderstandings – Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Uranus. If we start the week with blueprint in hand, we are less likely to lose our way. Monday has the Capricorn Moon trine the Sun and sextile Uranus. We can accomplish a great deal if we don’t rush ahead, will be adaptable to changing conditions and keep our intentions in focus. Otherwise, this day can be fraught with confusion and misunderstandings. If we go solely on intuition and our gut hunches and on our feelings, we could be lead down the yellow brick road of fantasy and illusion. Today is a day not to take anything anyone says at face value. Let’s check things out, be certain we are in agreement before we launch ahead. People’s ideas of the future may be great in concept but difficult to bring forward in the real world. Some people may be adamant in their opinions even to the point of pontificating about the most outlandish nonsense. It would be wise to take everything we are told with a grain of salt and not to personalize what we might hear.

Tuesday, May 8th – The World of Possibilities – Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Venus Gemini. Tuesday can be a fairly special day. We might feel like we’re able to express our true selves without restriction, without judgment. We can blend a focused pragmatic attitude with a visionary quality to come up with solutions to problems that might have been challenging to us. Mercury sextiles Mars and the Capricorn Moon trines Mercury and sextiles Mars before the Moon moves out of Capricorn to enter Aquarius. Our independent streak is increased by the Sun sextile Uranus. We want to stretch, investigate new areas and consider situations we might not usually take into account. We’re not acting as a rebel without a cause. We have a purpose and a concentrated desire to engage the world of possibilities. No leaping into the void for us today. We’re more likely to build a suspension bridge from where we have been to the alternatives we might engage in the future.

Wednesday, May 9th – Past Conditions Letting the Air Out – Sun, Saturn, Jupiter. Wednesday could be like the dark of night to yesterday’s light of day. We might have been pumped yesterday thinking we could do virtually anything and with everything making perfect sense. Wednesday is a different story. We might discover that outstanding matters, past patterns get in the way. We might have to take two steps back before we advance further. Whatever restrictions we encounter today, don’t let it knock the wind out of our sails. We could feel exhausted, even lethargic today. Let’s cut ourselves some slack. Remember: life is not a straight line. Often we have to zig-zag, like tacking to get the wind to our back. The Sun squares Saturn today and the Aquarius Moon opposes Saturn. But the Moon also sextiles Jupiter. No matter the delays or frustrations this day might bring, let’s keep the faith and recognize that although we might feel enveloped by the dark, the sun will come out tomorrow. The primary suggestion for today is to recognize that things may take longer than we like, the delays could impede our forward movement and that we might have to address certain issues before we can move ahead.

Thursday, May 10th – Going Overboard – Jupiter, Uranus, Sun, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury. Thursday has Jupiter square Uranus. Talk about an energy that could prove unpredictable! That would be this Jupiter square Uranus. Things could be taken to an extreme. We might be operating from a high level of nervous energy, even to the point of being manic – depressive. Within this day itself, our moods could go through wild swings, high, unstoppable, totally manic one moment and then feeling victimized, behind the eight ball and unable to get beyond life’s circumstance the next moment. Yes, this Thursday could prove a real whipsaw. Added to the Jupiter Uranus square, we also have the Aquarius Moon square the Sun, conjunct Neptune, sextile Pluto and square Mercury. We could be all over the place today. Let’s get a grip, try to get a handle on this day and not be overwhelmed by the tidal wave-like actions and emotions. Towards the end of the day, the Moon slips into Pisces increasing our emotions and our moodiness. We may have to respond to unexpected situations but we don’t have to feel like we’re powerlessly reacting to conditions.

Friday, May 11th – Soft and Gentle – Venus, Mercury Gemini. On Friday, Mercury moves into its own Sign of Gemini. Our minds are lighter, more interested in entertaining many different ideas. Our thoughts may be fleeting but so too we may want to juggle various activities. Our communications are highlighted. The Moon is in Pisces and trines Venus. This Friday can be an especially pleasant day with that certain someone in our lives. We can have real heart-to-heart talks, although we might find our discussions jump from one thing to another, but often coming back to our feelings for that special someone in our lives. Today is a great day to take a drive, have a picnic and enjoy some special moments. Today is not a day for anything harsh or rough. Today is a day for the soft and the gentle.

Saturday, May 12th – Which Way Is Up? – Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, Pluto. Well, I hope we caught up on some rest and pleasant times on Friday. For Saturday and Sunday could have us feeling like we’re caroming from one thing to another, not knowing which way is up. This weekend can be extreme in its wild swings of emotions. There could be a ‘flight or fight’ tendency and not knowing which to do. Saturday gives us the Sun square Neptune. We may feel somewhat dazed by life, by our possibilities and wondering whether we can pull off any of it. Talk about Wrong Way Corrigan! We could set off in one direction, change our minds and wind up somewhere totally different from where we had intended. The level of confusion can be augmented by the Pisces Moon. In and of itself, the Pisces Moon allows for a sense of impressionability and variability. But today’s Pisces Moon squares both Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius, sextiles the Sun and conjuncts both Uranus and Mars. Too many possibilities could prove daunting and especially with our changeable nature. We might be zig-zagging today, going from one thing towards another, switching gears and winding up going round in circles. Today is a day to let go of our expectations, maintain a bemused attitude toward life and let the river flow with us feeling like a leaf on the current. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Aries and we have more of the ability of getting a grip on ourselves, our life and our plans.

Sunday, May 13th – Bombs Bursting – Mars, Pluto, Mercury, Venus. Sunday is Mother’s Day in the US. It is also a day when we have one explosive configuration — Mars square Pluto. The fuse may be short today and people could be like powder kegs with enough pent-up energy that could be released without warning. Maintaining vigilance and not assuming anything today would be my suggestion. Today is a day to tiptoe through the minefields, keeping alert to any sudden shift in moods or actions. The Aries Moon sextiles Mercury and squares Venus. We may be self-absorbed, more interested in what is going on in our lives than other people’s situations and interested in expressing our personal exploits. There may not be too many receptive listeners today. On the contrary, people could become too concentrated on their own issues to take into account what is going on outside of their own attitudes and perspective. And that’s a dangerous disposition to take, for we could easily get blind-sided by matters we haven’t considered. Today is certainly a day to count to ten before reacting or responding. And then, when replying, let’s try to maintain a decorum and diplomacy so that we’re not met with an arsenal of adversarial comments or harangues. One intense day, so let’s be certain to slow it down and not overreact.