May 28th – June 3rd

This week begins with Mercury moving out of its Sign of Gemini into Cancer. The month of May ends with the Sagittarius Full Moon.

While last week had us scurrying around, going from one thing to another, this week allows a more settling quality. We have a greater ability to sift through the various activities we’ve gotten involved with and to focus on those that especially have meaning for us.

We are looking for passion not distraction. We only want those things that serve a purpose in our lives. Our attention turns to our home and family. We may start to make plans with relatives and extended family for a future reunion. We might devote time to home improvement projects.

While everyone may have been talking a mile a minute over the past two weeks, now there is more reticence. Instead of shooting from the lip, our conversations may be succinct, concise and measured.

We do need to watch that we’re not going from one extreme to another. Although our curiosity recently sparked an interest in many things, we could now flip to extreme pruning, cutting everything away save for the familiar and the comfortable. If we stretched too much before, we have to avoid severely contracting ourselves now.

The whirl-a-gig from which we have been operating may have slowed in order for us to concentrate this week on those situations and those people with which we want to spend our time.

June starts with us in high gear. We are looking at moving full speed ahead, expanding our involvements, taking on as much as we can possibly handle. And maybe even more. We are feeling optimistic, confident and ready to put our imprint on everything we do.

We do need to watch for putting the cart before the horse. We could be feeling our oats and so energized that we don’t take into account possible variables. We might easily skim over details and specifics that may then trip us up.

The month of June begins with a Grand Trine in Fire with the Sagittarius Moon conjuncting Jupiter and trining Mars in Aries and Saturn in Leo. We are on fire, focused on what we want to do and looking at the big picture. We might not want to brook any interference with our plans or our thoughts. The only opinions we are interested in are those that confirm our beliefs. ‘Yes’ people are all well and good but it would be wise for us to also solicit the opinions of the devil’s advocate, someone who could point out possible liabilities and shortfalls in our thinking.

While we have the enthusiasm to move mountains, let’s slow it down a bit and make sure that we’re taking care of the particulars. If we harness our energies, we can use our forcefulness in a structured and methodical manner to make quantum leaps in realizing our goals.

Monday, May 28th – Good Day, Sunshine – Pluto, Mercury, Mercury Cancer. Monday starts the week on a bright and chipper note. In the US, this day is Memorial Day, the last day of a long holiday weekend and the unofficial start of summer. This day also starts with a Libra Moon sextile Pluto and trine Mercury. We may be gathering with friends, luxuriating in the enjoyment of a bubbly, uplifting attitude. Our communications are pleasant and inspiring. Our thoughts are likely to be focused on our summer plans and possible vacation trips we are considering. As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Libra and enters Scorpio. Our focus might turn from our interactions with others to a clean-up and clear-out of our homes to get ready for our summer activities. Spraying off the lawn furniture, putting away the last vestiges of winter can all be part of our shapeshifting from one extreme season to the next. Later in the day, Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini and enters Cancer. Increasingly, our mind might revolve around family matters and home projects. We may be thinking about reunions and reconnections as the social activities of the late Spring, early Summer engage family and friends for various celebrations of graduations, weddings and other reunions.

Tuesday, May 29th – In the Stillness. Tuesday has no planetary configurations, no aspects and consequently not a great deal of energy. The Moon is in Scorpio and we might find that more is going on below the surface than may be evident. There can be a brooding intensity today, similar to a cat in watch of its prey, noting movements, waiting, all the while considering the most opportune moment to spring on its prey. While we might not be looking to pounce on someone or something, we do need to realize that this day can be one of percolating energies, simmering below the surface, at any moment ready to vent. The best use of this day might be to inventory, to take stock of our plans, our activities and our commitments. Tuesday could serve as a day when we consider how we can pare down, focus on the essentials and prepare to rid ourselves of the extraneous and the superfluous.

Wednesday, May 30th – Taking Off Blinders – Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Venus, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday can be a truly paradoxical day. The Scorpio Moon creates both a Grand Trine in the Water Element and a T-Square in the Fixed Signs. Today the Moon trines both Uranus in Pisces and Venus in Cancer. Our emotions can be strong and vibrant. We may be looking at new opportunities for ourselves, quite possibly redecorating our homes or our wardrobe and seeking avenues for exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. The Moon also creates the T-Square by squaring Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius, our recent nemesis where fact and fiction provide the double-edged sword without us being fully aware of which is which. Today is a day when it would be important to consider different ways of doing things. The ‘tried and true’ may no longer work for us, and the opportunities certainly lie outside the familiar. This Wednesday is a day to take off our blinders and work with peripheral vision. We might need to get out of our own way in order to embrace the advantages this day provides. We could find ourselves going through a real whipsaw with our duties, obligations and responsibilities banging squarely against wonderful surprises, unexpected situations and thrilling possibilities. As the day progresses, the push – pulls of dichotomy can drop away for the Moon goes Void-of-Course for twelve hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio before entering Sagittarius.

Thursday, May 31st – Here, There – Sagittarius Full Moon. May ends with the Sagittarius Full Moon. We may find ourselves being pushed and pulled between those situations right in front of us and those on the periphery of our lives. We could experience a great deal of nervous energy, trying to handle various things, all the while that we’re looking for a break away time and situation which allows us to get off the track and roam the four corners of the world. We could be champing at the bit, energized, ready to rock and roll but wondering whether to put our energies towards those things right in our own neighborhood or whether to stretch our wings and broaden our scope. We are increasingly feeling the Fire Grand Trine with Mars in Aries about to exactly trine Jupiter in Sagittarius next week and exactly trine Saturn in Leo the following week. We are also feeling the Mutable Sign T-Square with the Gemini Sun moving closer to opposing Jupiter and squaring Uranus, both exact next week. With all this energy jumping around, we too could be bouncing around, going here, there and everywhere. While slow down might not be in our vocabulary this week, it probably would be a good idea to pull in the reins now and then and not allow ourselves to be a runaway racehorse.

Friday, June 1st – Beyond the Blue Horizon – Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune. Friday could have us feeling at the top of our game. Confident and optimistic, we may feel as though nothing can stand in our way. We might really go for it today, stretching our wings and soaring on the air currents. This Friday feels the influence of the Fire Grand Trine as the Moon in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries and trines Saturn in Leo. The Moon also conjuncts Jupiter prodding us to do more, more, more. The Moon also sextiles Neptune, so from our exuberance we might assume that all possibilities are not merely possible but inevitable. Where a problem could arise would be from any situations coming out of left field. The Moon squares Uranus, so we might find that unexpected variables come up that try to knock us off balance or knock us off the track. As long as we are willing to adjust our plans and be flexible to changing circumstance, the more we can use today’s ‘feel good’ energy to advance our interests and have a good time.

Saturday, June 2nd – No Stepping On Toes – Pluto, Mercury. Saturday could prove a little intense. We start the day with the Sagittarius Moon conjunct Pluto. We’re not looking for any naysayers to our plans or any parade rainers to dampen our spirits. If we find them, we’re likely to cut them off at the knees. We might awaken feeling indomitable and wanting to keep it that way. The Moon then moves into Capricorn where it opposes Mercury. Our thoughts may be focused on our home and family issues but we could also find that obligations earlier committed to are demanding our attention and needing to be attended to. Today is a day to keep our cool and recognize that we might have to do a balancing act. If we step on other people’s toes, we could find that they step back, and not stepping back but forcefully stepping on our toes. We need to channel our energy today and we could do so by restructuring our activities and streamlining our conditions. Even if we are committed to doing certain things, it is essential that we don’t move into resentment or allow them to exhaust us. Let’s deal with our commitments and then have time to do whatever strikes our fancy. By doing so, we can be more effective, productive and still have time for ourselves.

Sunday, June 3rd – Adaptability, Flexibility, Thinking Outside the Box – Mars, Uranus. Sunday can have us adamant about what we want. The Capricorn Moon squares Mars. While we may want what we want, we might be too pig-headed to consider alternatives and might try to bulldoze our way forward without consideration of our circumstances or the conditions. The Moon does sextile Uranus so the more we can get out of our own way and be open to the unexpected, the better this day will work for us. Sunday’s test may in deed be associated with the old conditioning of ‘mastering our universe’ and the new paradigm of ‘synchronicity’, whereby things come out of the blue. Today is a day to work with peripheral vision, be open to changing situations that might open new doors for us, and not be fixed or rigid in what we want or the ways we want it. These times speak to magic and miracles; those events, situations and conditions that are beyond the scope of the rationale or of our learned understandings. Today is a day to keep our antennae up and see what unexpected scenarios might develop.