May 21st – 27th

This week begins with the Sun moving into Mercury-ruled Gemini. Much of this week revolves around Mercury, as Mercury trines Saturn, then Mercury trines Neptune and finally Mercury opposes Pluto.

We may be doing several things at once this week. Our mind is awhirl entertaining various interests. This is a week when we can be, and may need to be, a master juggler.

With a desire to add more things to our daily mix, we could come up with stimulating and creative ways to handle the various activities of our lives. Not only can we address our daily activities, but we can also fantasize about what we want to do and where we want to go. We could add on more and more to our ‘to do’ list.

Towards the end of the week, Venus trines Uranus. Not content to be competent in our routine matters, we could be looking at springtime projects around our home, enlisting redecoration or renovation projects to our living space. We may also find ourselves infatuated by situations and people who are not usually part of our lives. Feeling adept at juggling the activities of our lives, we could add on even more embracing the idea that variety is the spice of life.

Over the weekend, we have Mercury opposed Pluto, the one configuration that could trip us up this week. We might find that we have overloaded ourselves and taken on too much.

Monday, May 21st – Another Manic Monday – Sun Gemini, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Mars. Monday starts the week with the Sun entering Gemini, a Leo Moon and Mercury sextile Saturn. We should be off and running today. We’re looking at getting our act together and taking it on the road. We want to emphasize our personal best. Our thoughts are clear and precise. Our communications are well-considered and persuasive. We can entertain various ideas, juggle different activities and keep all the balls in the air. We are far more interested in variety than a singular focus. The Moon sextiles the Sun and trines Mars. We have the energy and the style to put our best foot forward. This day can be a powerful and effective day so long as we work in spurts of energy and recognize that even disparate situations can serve each other.

Tuesday, May 22nd – Clarity, Precision and Finetuning – Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune. Today is the 22nd, a master number in numerology indicative of the Master Builder. And build in a mastery way we can do today. The Leo Moon trines Jupiter, conjuncts Saturn, sextiles Mercury and opposes Neptune. Although we’re looking to expand our scope and broaden our reach, we may have a tendency to look over our shoulder. Yes, we are doing the dance of the Saturn Neptune opposition, whereby we may be scratching our heads and wondering whether we’re dealing with reality or with illusion. If we take the time to think things through, consider all the factors involved in a situation and then proceed cautiously with a willingness to shift and change according to varying conditions, we can move our projects ahead in a clear, precise and deliberate manner. We could be challenged by assuming that everything works out for the best, which in the big picture it always does. But, if we go blindly into the night, we would have to watch for falling into the pitfalls of wish fulfillment and blind optimism. Let’s use our enthusiasm to advance our interests, all the while that we’re sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. This day can be a spectacular day if we take the time and don’t rush the river.

Wednesday, May 23rd – Intuitive Understandings – Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Sun. Wednesday has Mercury trine Neptune. Our intuitive sense may be spot on. We might have feelings about something or a gut hunch that could be right on the money. Let’s trust our instincts today, for we may know without knowing. Early in the day, the Leo Moon trines Pluto. We can feel energized, ready to take on the world, impassioned by our prospects and looking to do our personal best. Today would be a good day to communicate our thoughts and make a presentation of our ideas. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Virgo where it squares the Sun. Suddenly, we might start to overly critique ourselves, over-analyze our actions. We start the day with a thrust of energy, impelled to action only later in the day to start to question our ability and feel somewhat insecure as the day unfolds. Suggested right action would be to move ahead early in the day and then tweak and adjust the details later in the day.

Thursday, May 24th – Walking on Eggshells – Jupiter, Neptune retrograde. Thursday could have us second-guessing ourselves. We might be operating in fits and starts. The Virgo Moon squares Jupiter, and Neptune turns retrograde. We may question our decisions, even to the point of running in place as we wonder whether we have covered all the bases. It is important that we not skip over details or gloss over the specifics. Once we are convinced that we have taken care of the particulars, then we can move forward. We’re still likely to be tentative about the day and our actions. No definitive decisions or heavy duty commitments would be advised, for we would still wonder whether we are progressing in a healthy manner or just stepping into a mess. This day is a day to go slow, recognize that we’re making judgments based upon the information at hand but that we may not have all of the information.

Friday, May 25th – Unexpected Opportunities or Frenetic Pitfalls – Venus, Uranus, Lunar Grand Cross, Mercury, Pluto. We could call this day ‘freaky Friday’. The energies can be all over the place and so too could we. The Virgo Moon creates a Mutable Sign Grand Cross with the Moon opposed Uranus in Pisces, square Mercury in Gemini and square Pluto in Sagittarius. We could be running from one thing to another, all the while that our mind is cascading with a flood of diverse thoughts and feelings. We have to be careful not to feel behind the eight ball, victimized and merely reacting to situations. The Moon sextiles Venus and Venus trines Uranus. Today could be a day when interesting new connections come forward. We might have some wonderful opportunities to meet people or bump into someone who proves to be quite special to our lives. This day can be splendid if we can adjust our plans and act on the spur of the moment. If we’re trying to accomplish too much, we may find ourselves on overload and repeatedly dropping the ball. Let’s slow things down, consider our options and make choices. We might not be able to cover all the bases but we can pick and choose those situations that most appeal to us. Tonight would be a good time to do something special, do something different with someone you love or someone you like a lot. Magic is in the air. Let’s be sure to look up from our routine in order to take advantage of any surprising situations that arise.

Saturday, May 26th – Me or Thee – Sun, Mars. Saturday has a Libran Moon and a Moon trine Sun, Moon opposed Mars energy configuration. Saturday can be a day when we can enjoy the company of others. We do have to watch for narcissists, those people who are so self-absorbed that they assume the world revolves around them. If we can spend time with people who are receptive listeners, who look for the give and take in relationships, then this day could be close to ideal. Saturday is the kind of day to ‘stop and smell the flowers’, a day to take a leisurely walk, luxuriate in the beauties of springtime and to take things slow. Especially after yesterday, when we might have felt like there was no time to do all the things that we wanted / needed to do. Saturday is quite different, and offers a nice respite from the hurly-burly of life in 2007.

Sunday, May 27th – Squeezing Through the Eye of the Needle – Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Neptune. Sunday has Mercury opposed Pluto. While we can be incredibly perceptive and able to focus on the significant aspects of a situation, we could also be a little short with other people, may hold fast to our beliefs and might even let loose with a good verbal lashing [how good is that?]. Fortunately, we have the Libra Moon today which sextiles Jupiter, sextiles Saturn, squares Venus and trines Neptune. No matter how much we might want to give someone a piece of our mind, we also have a diplomatic streak that can be a positive restraining force today. We could assist others in figuring out things that have been problematic for them. We could all put on the counseling hat, work through issues and come up with strategic ways to broaden our reach. If we don’t get rigid in our opinions, there can be a good give-and-take that takes into account salient points and arrives at a best case scenario.