April 9th – 15th

We start the week with a ‘feel good’ attitude as the Sun trines Jupiter. We’re optimistic, confident and looking to broaden our reach.

Where a problem could arise is that we may be caught up in our exuberance and not look at the fine print. Mercury squares Pluto. We could easily skip over details. And we don’t want to hear from any parade rainers. We might easily buy into our illusions, our hopes and wishes. We might feel the naysayers to be jealous or seeking company for their misery. That’s not for us.

Mercury enters Aries. We want what we want and we’re willing to put our interests first and foremost. The Sun sextiles Neptune, and we can easily be swayed by what we want to occur. Venus enters Gemini. We’re feeling light and breezy. “Let’s live for the moment” may be our motto during much of this week.

With Venus leaving Taurus, we’ve lost our connection to the Earth element. Our practicality could prove minimal.

This week is a good week to dream our dreams, but let’s not invest fully in believing that our dreams will magically come true. We can enjoy pleasant moments and allow ourselves to take a break from our daily routine. We don’t want anything too serious, too heavy, or too great a responsibility. We may have a good dose of Spring fever, wanting to just lull about and enjoy ourselves without exerting too much energy.

Monday, April 9th – Flying High – Sun, Jupiter, Mars. Monday starts the week with us feeling on top of things, buoyant, exuberant, feeling good. We’re getting a dose of the Fire Grand Trine that’s been operating on and off for the past six weeks thanks to the transit of the personal planets through Aries. Today the Sun follows yesterday’s Sun trine Saturn with Sun trine Jupiter. We can be looking to expand our reach, express ourselves in a creative manner, and assume that everything is going our way. While we might be flying high, we’re not oblivious to conditions and situations. We may have our head in the clouds, but our feet are planted on the ground. We can thank the Capricorn Moon which today sextiles Mars for that. Monday is a good day to use our enthusiasm to move our plans and goals ahead. We have the confidence but we also have the ability of working smarter rather than harder. We can use our intuitive sense to figure out the most expeditious and practical approach to get to where we want to go. This Monday is not a day to waste. But we should also realize that whatever we begin today, or do, we need to be certain that our optimism doesn’t blind us to the specifics or the details involved. We could easily get carried away by our ebullience and assume that nothing can go wrong when everything feels so right.

Tuesday, April 10th – Get off of My Cloud – Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Sun, Mercury Aries. Tuesday has Mercury leaving Pisces and moving into Aries. On one level, this change in sign could provide some relief. Mercury is not comfortable in Pisces, being in its Detriment. Elements of confusion, mindless meanderings of thoughts and ideas, and miscommunications and misunderstandings can fall away. We can concentrate our attention on ‘Me’ and our own personal ‘Mine’ world. We could get a little self-absorbed and may put other people’s concerns on a back burner as we become far more interested in our thing and our springtime new beginnings. Before Mercury exits Pisces, it does square Pluto. Not only may we be adamant in our opinions but our tongue may be razor sharp and we can let people have a good verbal thrashing. If we have felt slighted, hurt, misunderstood, we might rear back and let loose with a verbal barrage. The only trouble with that is that we might have misconstrued the situation and could be either firing blanks or aiming at the wrong target. We could also find that in our confidence and enthusiasm we have skipped over certain important details. This is a day when a big eraser might be called for in order to correct errors caused by haste or blind faith. Fortunately, we have the Capricorn Moon which squares the Sun and sextiles Uranus. While we might feel we have egg on our face and could have a sense of being pulled up short by our over-optimism, we can all consider alternatives that might prove far more effective. If we can be flexible and willing to make changes, we could find that alternatives provide more streamlined methods to achieve our goals. Tuesday may prove an important review day, one of those ‘re’ days when we can rework, reconsider and redo situations that we might have thought were completed.

Wednesday, April 11th – Daydream Believer – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Venus Gemini. Wednesday is a visionary kind of day. Today is a good day to let our minds wander and to enlist all possibilities. Not that we should act on every thought or idea that passes through our heads. Instead it would be good to allow ourselves to see our options and our alternatives without feeling the call to action to make things happen. This Wednesday is the 11th, a master number in Numerology that speaks to the visionary, the mystic, the person who has their ear to the railroad track and can perceive trends, tendencies and potentialities. This energy is certainly augmented by today’s planetary aspects with the Sun sextile Neptune. Early in the day the Capricorn Moon trines Venus and then the Moon moves into Aquarius where it sextiles Mercury. If we can take this day and not overly plan it but rather, like a leaf on the wind, allow ourselves to float and fly according to whichever way the wind blows, we can enter a magical world beyond our preconceived notions and accepted reality. We can appreciate the mystery of life, the synchronicity of living whereby we don’t always have to make things happen as much as being open and receptive to the wonders of the universe. We might get some startling insights, see ways for ourselves that we might never have seen before. In many ways, this Wednesday could prove a magical day if we are willing to step off the track, enjoy a ‘mental health’ day and embrace the renaissance that the Spring season offers as evidence. Late in the day, Venus exits Taurus and enters Gemini. We have now lost our connection to the Earth element until the 20th when the Sun moves into Taurus. Increasingly, we may find our social interactions have us scurrying from one place to another, spending a little time here, a little time there. We are far more interested in tasting many different connections rather than a singular focus right now. We do have to be careful that we’re not so ‘in the moment’ that we don’t consider the ramifications or consequences of our immediate reactions.

Thursday, April 12th – Fact or Fiction – Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun. Thursday could have us doing the dance on the balance beam between appearance and reality. Today we engage the opposition of Saturn Neptune which, if we’re not cautious, could prove our nemesis. This Saturn Neptune configuration is one that demands we separate the chaff from the wheat, the image from the truth, the fact from the fiction. The Aquarius Moon opposes Saturn and conjuncts Neptune. We may feel our past and our responsibilities to be restrictive. We might seek greener grasses assuming that if we merely change the parameters, it will also change the conditions. The Moon also sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Sun in Aries. We could easily fall under the influence of our self-confidence and our desires to have what we want when we want it without taking into account the reality of the situation. Today we might be tested. The test may be one of deciphering whether we are dealing with the true reality of a situation or if we are engaged in a delightful fantasy that leads us down a garden path of hidden brambles and snares. Thursday is a day for us to go slow, to maintain discernment and not fall for the illusions of the trickster, buying into the appearance without determining the reality.

Friday, April 13th – Le Deluge – Pluto, Venus, Mars. Early in the day, the Aquarius Moon sextiles Pluto. We may awaken with great intent to spread our wings, broaden our expanse and start new projects with great aplomb and passionate determination. Nice concept, but we could also be starting off on a quixotic journey whereby we might be heading off into a never, never land of possibilities never to be realized. Or we could stub our toes and our forward advances be halted. Although less enjoyable, the latter situation would be far preferable in the long run. While we might have a thrust of energy this morning, it would be wise for us to check our roadmaps of both our destination and our itinerary. As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Aquarius and enters Pisces where it squares Venus and conjuncts Mars. Unless we have taken a moment to go over our list of scheduled activities for the day, we could rush headlong into the day without giving thought as to where we’re going or how we’re getting there. We could also find ourselves taking on more than we had anticipated, forced to juggle various projects or activities, yet not prioritizing those that are important and eliminating those that are superfluous. We could find ourselves drenched by the amount of things we have to do today. And if the weather calls for rain, the precipitation could be fierce. Friday is a day to slow it down. Fat chance seeing how we’re all engaged in a T.G.I.F. [thank goodness it’s Friday] mode, trying to not only accomplish that on our plate from this week but also clearing the slate so we can be free to add new things and new interests for our weekend ahead. Let’s not exhaust ourselves today and let’s create a list of what really needs to be done and those things that could wait.

Saturday, April 14th – Twists and Turns – Uranus, Jupiter. Saturday is a day when we want to do what we want to do. Today is a far better day to have a blank canvas, not have many plans and be able to do things impulsively, even impetuously. The beauty of life is living in the moment, being open to whatever comes our way and the ability to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Saturday is a great day for us to do so. The Pisces Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Jupiter. Our interests could shift and our plans may change today. Making the time for us to do things on the spur-of-the-moment would allow us to embrace the magic of life. Even if we’re totally committed to a schedule today, it may not go according to rote. Let’s keep in mind the saying that ‘if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans.’ This Saturday is a day of twists and turns. But it is also a day when we might have to make choices between doing one thing or doing another. Some of us may try to do it all, to take the whole enchilada and devour it. Trying to do too much today could lead us to feeling bloated, overwhelmed and even heartburn. Let’s keep in mind the concept of choices which means, at times, an either or scenario. Flexibility today allows us to take advantage of those situations that truly appeal to us.

Sunday, April 15th – Endings Beginnings – Pluto, Venus. Sunday offers us the embrace of life itself with endings and beginnings. In true reality, endings and beginnings may not always be clearly defined as much as melding from one to the other. Sunday starts with the Moon in Pisces square Pluto. We might feel a little out of sorts as we awaken. We could have a sense of being victimized, forced to be reactive rather than proactive. Our emotions could be raw, especially if we exhausted ourselves from yesterday’s twists and turns. Although we might want to linger in bed, our sleep state might not prove as restful as we would like. We could reflect on things that have gone on. It would be important not to harbor ill-feelings, however. If we were to do so, then it may likely cast a pall on the day which as it proceeds seems to brighten considerably. The Moon moves into Aries where it sextiles Venus. Although we might awaken out-of-sorts, after a good breakfast and a refreshing shower, we could find that we’ve washed away many of our cares and concerns and are ready to start anew. As Sunday progresses, we might focus on things that appeal to us. We might start new projects or begin new adventures. We might stretch our wings and try something different that catches our fancy. Sunday is a good day to tie up loose ends early in the day and then to ready the seeds to plant of new interests. Let’s remember that tomorrow is a different day, and tomorrow gives us another whack at the Fire Grand Trine.

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