April 30th – May 6th

This week starts as the month of April ends with Mars square Jupiter and Venus trine Neptune. We may want to stretch our wings and go in new directions, feeling supported by a soulmate connection.

This week may have us doing a dance between our security and our resilience. We could feel pressured balancing our financial resources and our daily life maintenance.

This week has the Scorpio Full Moon and with it a Fixed Sign T-Square. We may consider where we can cut the dross and eliminate the excess in our commitments and obligations. Spring cleaning is in order this week with clearing out the stuff, situations and even people that no longer serve us.

We could be caroming from one thing to another, for there are various pushes and pulls this week. Over the weekend, Mercury sextiles Uranus and Mercury squares Saturn. Thoughts of how we can do things more expeditiously can keep us from being ensnared in outdated methods. The ‘tried and true’ may have been tried but could no longer be true or effective in our today’s environment.

Jupiter also trines Saturn this week as Venus opposes Pluto. We can devise the ways to broaden our scope and create a format to expand into activities that have greater meaning for us. We do have to watch our relationships. In our eagerness to clean house, we could find ourselves throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Extremes this week need to be avoided for we might get carried away in getting rid of things only to realize that some of the things gotten rid of still have meaning and purpose for us.

Monday, April 30th – Carried Away with Good Feelings – Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Lunar Grand Trine. Monday is a day that can be exuberant, even idyllic. Mars squares Jupiter. Emotionally, we could go through wild swings of enthusiasm and anxiety. Nothing seems too much and everything can border on the excessive. Let’s avoid stepping over the bounds or we could easily get carried away. Venus trine Neptune increases a ‘feel good’ quality. We could be in contact with friends and only see their sterling qualities, avoiding any blemishes. Our communications can be uplifting and filled with possibilities. We are enamored by our prospects and presenting ourselves in an ethereal even enigmatic manner. The Libra Moon creates an Air Grand Trine as the Moon reinforces the Venus Neptune trine by trining them both. The Moon also sextiles Saturn and Jupiter. This day can be an especially pleasant day. We might want to do a lot today, feeling energized and good about life and the different people that make up our world. Focused work may take a back seat to discussions and conversations. But our talk may be inspired and fun-filled and the day itself one of those great Springtime days.

Tuesday, May 1st – Stripping Away – Pluto. Tuesday begins with the Libra Moon sextile Pluto. We might be a good cheerleader to someone or find that someone can give us a kick start to get the day going. This thrust of energy can be pleasant for we can start the day with a song on our lips and a glow in our heart. The Moon then moves out of Libra and enters Scorpio in preparation of tomorrow’s Full Moon. We could feel more intense wanting to deal with things in an either / or type of manner. Today is a good day to deal with clutter and clear the decks, stripping away the superfluous in order to focus on the fundamentals and the essentials. We can work on a minimalist level, interested only in the practical and what works in regard to any situation. We might find that we’re holding our cards close to our chest, unwilling to reveal much, even a little suspicious of other people’s intents. We do need to watch that we don’t become defensive. Now is a time to take stock, take inventory and see where we can rid ourselves of things that no longer work for us or that have no real meaning to us.

Wednesday, May 2nd – Stability and Security or Not – Scorpio Full Moon, Mercury, Sun, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Saturn, Mars. Today’s Full Moon is in Scorpio and could raise a number of issues regarding our sense of stability, the foundation stones of our security. If we have been oblivious to our expenses, we might discover that we have overspent. Let’s keep in mind that if we dance to the music, we pay to the piper. Budgets and a cold, hard look at our finances might be necessary. The Scorpio Moon creates a Fixed Sign T-Square by the Moon opposing both the Sun and Mercury in Taurus and squaring Saturn in Leo. We may feel blocked and frustrated by situations with a sense of having the wind knocked out of our sails. The key to the day is to think outside the box. While we have a T-Square in the Fixed Signs that can be daunting and delaying, the Moon also trines both Mars and Uranus in Pisces. If we are nimble and quick, we could deal with situations in a way that does not have to block us or restrict us. By thinking outside the box, taking the most appropriate actions as situations suddenly arise, we can be effective, productive and not hampered by outstanding issues or past matters. Today is a day when we may feel in a whipsaw between old limiting patterns and exciting new opportunities.

Thursday, May 3rd – Thinking About Things – Mercury, Sun, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday has Mercury conjunct the Sun in Taurus. We can think things through, consider how we wish to proceed with our projects and find ways by which to maximize our dollar. We might have discussions with others, blueprint our strategies and be more reflective than proactive. There isn’t a great deal of energy today. The Scorpio Moon squares Neptune early in the day. We may not be operating at full steam, instead questioning our resources or our abilities to pull things off. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course making no further planetary connections for the next sixteen hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius. Whatever plans we might have for the day, let’s write them in pencil and be flexible enough to change them at will or to recognize that they might not come to fruition. We might want to push forward with our affairs, but let’s not have our determination get to the point of us banging our head against the wall. We become more enthused later in the day.

Friday, May 4th – T.G.I.F. Friday is a day when the Moon is in Sagittarius but without making any significant aspects. We might feel like spreading our wings and just enjoying a Springtime dalliance, widening our scope, broadening our vision and feeling exuberant about life. This Friday could be one where we look to getting off the track and adding some extra time to our weekend. If we can add on time to explore and roam today, that would be a good use of the energy. We might be presented with a pleasant interlude from the ups and downs of the energies operating all around us.

Saturday, May 5th – Push, Pulls – Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars. Saturday is one of those days when we can be pushed and pulled between what we have scheduled and our desire to operate on impulse. Mercury sextiles Uranus but also squares Saturn. And the Sagittarius Moon adds to the conundrum by squaring both Uranus and Mars, trining Saturn, conjuncting Jupiter and sextiling Neptune. We could feel like we’re in a tug of war today. Our responsibilities, plans and demands on our time can run counter to what we truly want to do. We may awaken to startling insights and unexpected possibilities only to realize the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ of our planned activities. Even if we have to attend to certain planned activities today, let’s throw in a little spice of doing something on the spur-of-the-moment or out of character for ourselves. There can be a great deal of excitement today with some interesting surprises. Let’s be certain that we can take advantage of them and not feel locked into other people’s expectations.

Sunday, May 6th – In the Still of the Night – Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Pluto. Not too likely that our night will be still. On the contrary, we could experience something of a fitful night’s sleep. The Sagittarius Moon opposes Venus and conjuncts Pluto during the early morning hours of Sunday. Venus also opposes Pluto. Our relationships could be strained. We could be impassioned by our interconnections, and our contacts can be hot, hot, hot. But are they too hot to handle? Diplomacy in regard to our committed relationships and new connections seems important today. Our passions can be ratcheted up severalfold and we have to watch that we’re not too much for some people, or that some people are not too much for us. We could find that our interactions are either – or, either intense and passionate or intense and belligerent. Let’s not take any thing that someone says personally without checking the source and considering their agenda. Otherwise, we could find that good connections are irreparably harmed. Fortunately, we do have Jupiter trine Saturn today. We can use our exuberance and enthusiasm to find ways by which to solidify our creative projects and give a greater foundation to those areas that allow us to put our imprint on them.