April 23rd – 29th

Our minds are sharp this week, but our interactions with others could prove problematic.

Mercury sextiles Neptune. Our intuitive sense is strong and we can present our ideas in an appealing, even seductive manner. Not everyone may be appreciative, for we also have Venus square Mars. Someone might feel uneasy about us and try to block our progress.

Towards the end of the week Mercury trines Pluto and Venus squares Uranus. Our mind is penetrating. We can dispel any arguments against our viewpoint and win adherents to our side both by the force of our presentation and the incisiveness of our case. Unexpected situations might arise in our relationships. People may be acting like weathervanes, whichever way the wind blows.

Mercury enters Taurus and in so doing creates a Mutual Reception as Mercury enters the Sign ruled by Venus which is in Gemini, the Sign ruled by Mercury. We may be less taken with ourselves and more considerate of other people. Our contacts with others seem to improve, both as a result of a change in our attitude and because we’re more attentive to other people’s needs. Venus sextiles Saturn and then opposes Jupiter. By creating win-win situations, we can gain adherents to our cause and impress people with our determination.

At the end of the weekend, Mars conjuncts Uranus. Storm systems could be intense, whether emotional storms or climatic conditions. We need to be careful of rash actions and possible accidents.

Monday, April 23rd – Soggy Feelings – Mercury, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday can be a highly intuitive day or it could be a battle of people’s feelings. Mercury sextiles Neptune. Our communication skills can be highly adept. We can present our ideas in a fascinating manner and win adherents to our perspective. We can be spot-on figuring things out and reaching conclusions based more upon our sense of things than a rationale, reasoning approach. That would be in a perfect world, however, a world without cacophony, dissonance or the distraction of other people’s perspectives. And that could be a problem on this Monday, for we have Venus square Mars. No matter how diplomatic and accommodating we might try to be, we can’t always be in control of the reception by other people. Someone may have their knickers in a twist, creating problems where there are none, or countering our suggestions just to be contrary. This Monday could present relationship issues for us. We might get blindsided by those people whom we had assumed would be open and receptive. Maybe they’re just having a ‘bad hair day’ and want to express their upset by taking potshots at us. Not to worry. The energy today is not the strongest. Although the Cancer Moon squares Mercury early in the day, reinforcing emotional reactions to situations, even putting the brakes on some of our forward movement; the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over fourteen hours before entering Leo late in the day. Today is a far better day to dream our dreams, consider the possibilities and not get caught up in interpersonal adversarial relationships.

Tuesday, April 24th – Flying High, Laid Low – Sun. Tuesday has the Leo Moon square the Taurus Sun. We could be feeling our oats, wanting to put our mark on situations and looking to stand in center stage. We could easily get carried away with ourselves. We might feel like the Fool walking merrily along without considering the conditions or the circumstances of what we’re doing or where we are going. If we could restrain some of our enthusiasm, then we might also find that we could channel our self-focus into practical means and strategic methods to manifest our dreams. We might feel an internal battle going on today — between a thrust of self-important energy and a more stolid, practical approach. The key is to blend the two and not to feel frustrated if things don’t go our way immediately and in the manner we would prefer. If we blueprint our day, we can accomplish a lot. But it is important for us not to rush off blindly with great intensity towards any of our plans without devising an itinerary and a grounded methodology of reaching our goals.

Wednesday, April 25th – Sharpening the Focus – Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune. Wednesday has the Leo Moon engaged with our nemesis of Saturn – Neptune which has recently raised, and will continue for a while to raise, the issue of reality versus appearance. Yes, fact or fiction is one of the key concerns for all of us right now. Appearance versus reality and the question as to whether the two can ever match. It certainly demands that we keep on our toes, and that might not be such a bad thing. It forces us not to accept things at face value but rather to take the time to look at a situation from all the various facets. This Wednesday has the Leo Moon conjunct Saturn and opposed Neptune. Instead of getting locked into a conundrum between image and substance, we can use the Leo Moon sextile Venus and trine Jupiter as an easy way out. Discussions with others and broadening our perspective might allow us to see a greater breadth of any situation. We’re likely to feel upbeat, although any delays could prove frustrating and then might even send us into a nosedive. Today can be a wild swing emotionally whereby we’re flying high one moment, only to be laid low the next. This day is like life itself with waves and troughs. Let’s ride the waves and make sure that we aren’t body slammed by the troughs.

Thursday, April 26th – Focused Intent – Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Sun. Thursday is a day when we can pull out all stops. This could prove the best day of this week. Mercury trines Pluto which gives us remarkable insight, virtually laser-like vision whereby our minds can pierce any situation and penetrate to the heart of every matter. We can be persuasive, our clarity of thought enhanced by the passion of our expression. This day is a great day to put our best foot forward. We do have to be attentive to signals, for we could get a curve ball thrown at us. The curve ball would come thanks to the Venus square Uranus today. People could act in uncharacteristic manners. Unexpected situations could arise — chance meetings, a new spin on a person’s character and/or things fitting into interesting puzzles. Today is a day to think outside the box, consider alternatives and realize that there are options we might never have taken into account. The Moon in Leo creates a Fire Grand Trine as the Moon trines Mercury in Aries and trines Pluto in Sagittarius. Whatever is thrown at us today, we can hit a grand slam. We are feeling impassioned, on top of things and driven by an egoless passion. Today is a day when we can really put it all together. We just have to watch not to be thrown off track. We can encounter the unanticipated but we need to be able to deal with our day and surprising scenarios by being nimble and quick and appreciating our ability to handle whatever comes our way. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Virgo where it trines the Sun. From our clarity of mind, we can now plant seeds. We can take our dreams and manifest them into reality. Yes, this Thursday can be a primo day, at the top of the charts.

Friday, April 27th – Juggling all the Time – Venus, Saturn, Lunar Grand Cross, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury Taurus. Friday could have us feeling like the Mad Hatter, rushing around feeling as though we’re late for a very important date. Today has Venus sextile Saturn, a nice configuration that allows for structured and focused interpersonal contacts. If we use other people as sounding boards, we might come up with the right answers and devise the most appropriate solutions. The key word is ‘if’. We could also find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of activity thanks to the Lunar Grand Cross in Mutable Signs as the Virgo Moon opposes both Mars and Uranus in Pisces and the Moon squares Venus in Gemini and squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. We might want to cover all the bases and then some. We have to watch for an element of overwhelm. We can juggle but we might find ourselves adding more and more balls to keep in the air. Today is a day to blueprint and to act from our outline of activities. We could go on spontaneous and then open a Pandora’s Box of racing from one thing to another to yet another without taking care of the specifics or addressing the details. This Friday is one when we may need to slow down and not move too fast. A plan of action and timing our different involvements will keep us on track. This is day when we can accomplish a great deal so long as we’re not thrown off track and diverted from our primary focal points. Otherwise, we could end up in a free-for-all. Mercury moves into Taurus today, adding a second planet in the Earth Sign of Taurus and thereby providing more grounding. With Mercury moving into Taurus, we have a Mutual Reception between Mercury and Venus, for Mercury is now in the Sign of Venus with Venus being in the Sign of Taurus. We can be far more considerate of other people’s points of view and more diplomatic regarding how we present our interests.

Saturday, April 28th – Stretched to the Max and Beyond – Venus, Jupiter, Pluto. Saturday has Venus opposed Jupiter. The two good guys of the zodiac could be spelling out excess in capital words – EXCESS. Whether it is our plans, our social activities, our involvements, today is a day when we could take on more and more without realizing that we’re doing so. With this stretch of ours, we could be stretching ourselves and our resources thin. It doesn’t help that the Virgo Moon squares Pluto. We have a lot of Mutability today, but all of it seems to be taking us to the limits and beyond. This day could prove extreme — on an emotional basis with people drawing lines in the sand and seeing things in black and white. It can be extreme in our indulgences and excesses. And it could be over-the-top in us wanting what we want without any consideration as to whether we’re being practical or not. We could buy into the assumptions that whatever we want we can make happen. Let’s try to restrain ourselves with the recognition that if we go too far out on the limb, we could have a nasty fall. Today and tomorrow could prove dicey. With the energy starting up on Friday, we might find that this weekend is like a snowball rolling down a mountain, gathering momentum, soon becoming an avalanche. Restraint and sobriety are important for us to keep a hold on ourselves during this wild swing of energy.

Sunday, April 29th – Accident Waiting to Happen – Mars, Uranus. We are in a period of excess and extreme. This Sunday gives us Mars conjunct Uranus. We should not be surprised to hear of flash floods and intense precipitation during this period. We also have to be aware of the possibility of threats and terrorist activities. There could even be problems associated with air travel today. This energy on this Sunday could be one when we really have to take things slow. Accidents could easily occur under this planetary configuration. People might be acting out, lashing out at anyone and everyone. Our energy may be ratcheted up severalfold so it might be a good idea to find an outlet in physical activity to vent some of our energy. But in the release of our physical energy we do have to watch for unexpected conditions arising that might cause a muscle sprain or a twist or some other malady. We might want to do things on the spur-of-the-moment but it is especially important that we keep brain and brawn in healthy combination today.


  1. Jakes April 23, 2007 3:20 am

    Hello Frank,

    Just wondering, when shooting for success at work, is the sign of the ascendant or mid-heaven more important? I’m actually meaning on an hourly basis, as the rising sign changes. For instance, would public relations tasks go smoother during the approximate 2 hours when Sagittarius is rising? Or, would this work better during the two hours then the sign of the mid-heaven is in Sagittarius? I am meaning more from the perspective of the company’s success than for the individual worker or employee.

    Thanks for your consideration.


  2. Frank Don April 30, 2007 12:22 am


    Thank you for your question. In looking at a company’s chart, you would want to look at the 3rd House for Public Relations, also the company’s Moon. The Moon would indicate the public and how the company is perceived. 3rd House would give an indication of the communications [public relations]. You might want to also take into account the 10th House of career and profession and the standing in the world at large. For day-in, day-out work issues, look to the 6th House.

    I hope this answers your question, Jakes.