April 16th – 22nd

This week can be a highly productive week. We may feel as though a boulder has been lifted and that we can move forward with power, determination and passion.

The early part of the week has the Aries New Moon trine Pluto. We’re feeling good and we’re able to see the distant horizon. We know where we’re going and we have the drive and the desire to get there.

The Sun trines Pluto just as Saturn ends its four and a half month retrograde cycle. With Saturn direct, we could find that recent delays and obstacles are being removed. We may feel like we can start to make forward progress.

We also pick up some Earth as the Sun enters the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus. Our passions can now be made manifest, for we’re looking at taking our dreams and bringing them into form. Now is a time for us to plant the seeds of those projects we want bring to fruition.

On the weekend, we have both Mercury trine Saturn and Mercury trine Jupiter creating a Grand Trine linking up all three Signs of the Fire Element. We can expand our operations in a methodical, creative and structured manner.

Now is a time when we can engage brain and brawn. We have the ingenuity, the passion and the energy to be highly effective. We’re working smarter not harder. We can get more done with less expenditure of energy.

Monday, April 16th – Top of Our Game – Mercury, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune. Monday starts the week with us at the top of our game. While we are in the dark of the Moon in eager anticipation of tomorrow’s Aries New Moon, today gives us the Aries Moon conjunct Mercury, sextile Neptune and creating a Fire Grand Trine by the Aries Moon trine Saturn in Leo and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. We’re pumped, ready to expand our activities and to express our creativity. While our thoughts revolve around our personal interests, we can present our desires in a manner that could prove appealing to others. This Monday could be renamed ‘Me’ Day as we seek to do whatever pleases us. With so much Fire, we need to be careful that we don’t burn ourselves out. This is a good day to consider new projects and prepare ourselves for full speed ahead. With tomorrow’s New Moon and Saturn turning direct on Thursday, all stops are out and we’re ready to go into turbo drive. This Monday we can do the preparation work, see who’s with us and those who are a’gin us. We may feel energized and ready to launch forward. Let’s remember that timing is everything. The more we can line our ducks up in a row, lay back and wait for the launch period, the more successful our new projects will be.

Tuesday, April 17th – New Day Dawning – Aries New Moon, Pluto. Tuesday gives us the Aries New Moon just before the Moon slips out of Aries to enter Taurus and a few days before the Sun finishes its transit of Aries to enter Taurus. This Aries New Moon of the Sun Moon conjunction trines Pluto. We are looking for activities that allow us to expand our scope, to put our individual imprint on things and to add true meaning and a real purpose to our lives. We’re not fooling around. We’re looking to go for the gusto, not the fluff. Our drive and determination can be unstoppable as we seek to rebuild or build anew. We’re looking to build upon rock not upon sand. Whatever we put our energies towards, we’re driven to accomplish our goals. There’s a new day dawning and this New Moon truly kicks off the New Year for each of us. We may feel that we’re being asked to realize our destiny, as though the baton of what we have come in to do during this lifetime is being handed to us. While we may have a missionary zeal to advance our interests, it would be wise for us to be judicious in our actions. Taking things step by step, being certain that each step is solid and focused, will allow us to build for our future and build upon rock. If we try to move too fast, assume that we’re divinely inspired, we could find ourselves on a quixotic journey, tilting at windmills and merely building upon sand.

Wednesday, April 18th – Rolling the Boulder – Mars, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Neptune. Wednesday is a day when our choices are evident. Think outside the box and use alternatives and options in order to move forward. Or try ‘same old, same old’ to arrive at a prescription for frustrations, delays and potential disaster. The Taurus Moon sextiles Mars and Uranus. If we will make changes to our plans, be resourceful with our time and streamline our operations, then we can be successful at adapting to changing conditions. Failing that, we could find ourselves banging our head between the wall of reality and the wall of illusion. The Taurus Moon creates a Fixed Sign T-Square with our recent, present and future nemesis of Saturn opposed Neptune. Fact or fiction stares us in the face. Although we might have to stare the dichotomy down, we also don’t have to go there. There is a third way and that way is being open and receptive to the unexpected, the unanticipated, and allowing ourselves to do something other than that which might seem appropriate at the moment. If we are to avoid getting stuck in a quagmire, then we need to work with peripheral vision. Let’s keep in mind the saying: ‘Look and you will see. Listen and you will hear’. Same thing for us today. We don’t have to master the universe. Rather it is important that we notice the signposts and then make our decisions and take our actions based upon new and more relevant information.

Thursday, April 19th – Break Out – Sun, Pluto, Saturn direct. Can we hear a ‘hallelujah’? I would say so. For this Thursday has the Sun trine Pluto reinforcing the signature of Tuesday’s New Moon and with it we have Saturn turning direct. One more ‘hallelujah’ as we end the Saturn retrograde. Winter is truly over and many of the delays we might have experienced since early December when Saturn first turned retrograde may truly drop away. We can now take our creative interests and make them far more real. Our self-doubts, questioning of our creative ability from others, and our general lethargy and fatigue can fall away. And with the Sun trine Pluto, we have the will power to make our dreams come true. As if a weight were lifted from our shoulders, we can pursue our objectives with power, panache and a focused methodology. Could we have one more ‘hallelujah’ as we recognize the goodness of life and the beneficence of the universe? We can enter a break out period when we can make rapid advances to achieving our goals.

Friday, April 20th – Here, There And Everywhere – Sun Taurus, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter. Friday seems to have us all over the place. That might seem natural with a Gemini Moon. But a Gemini Moon with so many aspects! That would seem like the Energizer bunny on steroids. Today we may not stop for a moment as we hustle from one situation to another, to yet another, and so on. The Sun moves into Taurus giving us some necessary grounding, as we get a planet back into an Earth Sign. Despite the Sun urging us to take our seeds and plant them in a disciplined, slow and dependable manner, we’ve got this Gemini Moon pushing us, prodding us and impelling us forward. The Moon today conjuncts Venus, sextiles Mercury, sextiles Saturn and trines Neptune. Added to the harmonious aspects that the Moon makes today, the Moon also creates a less harmonious, even adverse, Mutable Sign T-Square as the Gemini Moon squares both Mars and Uranus in Pisces and squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. Extreme, excessive, over-the-top are all mild characterizations of what this day could be like. This Friday could be a nonstop day when we hardly have a chance to catch our breath. We may be going and going and going. Our communications are strong and we might be sharing our next greatest idea to all concerned and everyone in earshot. The funny thing is that we could have a receptive audience to our discourses. What we do have to watch for are glossing over things, doing too much and wearing ourselves out. It could be exhausting just thinking about all the energy flying around today.

Saturday, April 21st – Bright Ideas – Grand Trine, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Sun. Saturday offers us the Fire Grand Trine again. This time Mercury in Aries trines Saturn in Leo and trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. Our conversations can sparkle with scintillating thoughts and uplifting ideas. We can feel upbeat and inspired. Our mind may wander into vast reaches beyond our normal parameters. Optimistic and confident, we can blueprint our plans and figure out the steps necessary to realize our creative ventures. Our discussions can present our goals in both a passionate and determined manner. We know what we want and we know how to get it. The Gemini Moon opposes Pluto before the Moon moves into its own Sign of Cancer to sextile the Sun. We may have choices to make today, either / or alternatives of what we want to do and how we want to do it. We may find ourselves discarding some of our plans, especially those that are more obligatory than what we would prefer to do. As the day progresses, we could focus our attention on home projects and thinking of ways to fix up our living environment. This Saturday is a good day for bright ideas and practical, expansionary thoughts.

Sunday, April 22nd – Mother Earth – Mars, Uranus. Sunday is the 22nd, a master number in numerology representative of the ‘master builder’. Today is also Earth Day, the day when we take time to revere and respect the ground on which we walk. This Sunday has the Moon in Cancer, its own Sign, and trine both Mars and Uranus in Pisces. Today is a good day to plant a tree, to give back to our Earth Mother and to consider how we can be more conscious of our actions. In so doing, we might make changes to our living environment, moving things around and seeing how we can tread more lightly on the earth. Our sense of social action may be called forth as we seek ways by which to show our commitment to being good to ourselves, being good to one another, being good to our environment and being good to our earth. Today is a day when we can make conscious decisions to have less of a negative impact on our environment. We might open our home to friends and strangers alike. We’re feeling a communal spirit and looking to lay down the foundation stones for a healthy, clean and loving future.