March 26th – April 1st

After an active and fairly hectic ten days, this last week of March begins on a quieter note. Our energy may not be as strong or charged as it has been. We might want to take some downtime, spending time around our home, resting and catching a breath.

Mid-week, we have more energy. We could be looking at putting our best foot forward, tend to our responsibilities and enjoy social interactions with others.

Toward the end of the week is a good time to focus on the details of our daily routine and our new projects. Anything that we’ve begun recently, we might want to check to be certain that things are running smoothly and that we have accounted for the particulars.

Over the weekend, we could run into some interesting people and have some startling insights.

Venus sextiles Uranus and our appetite whetted for the new and the different. We might also consider a personal makeover, shopping for stylish additions to our wardrobe or accent pieces for our home.

Pluto turns retrograde at the end of the month. Things could be a little explosive. Situations beyond our control might create anxiety. Although these events could be blips on the screen, they don’t have to impact us greatly.

To end the week, Mercury conjuncts Uranus. Insights can be strong. By thinking outside the box, we could arrive at significant answers to any perplexing problems.

This week is largely a pleasant one and a week when we can give time to our selves, our home, our creative pursuits and our daily routine… with a pinch of panache thrown in.

Monday, the 26th — Changing Places — Uranus. Monday has the Cancer Moon trine Uranus. We may find ourselves moving things around our home, making changes, even creating a personal makeover or doing a Spring cleaning. This Monday is a good day for us to try something new, engage in something different from our norm. Interesting situations could arise and the more we can be adaptable, the more we can take advantage of any unexpected situations that might arise. We could also consider streamlining our operations, seeing how we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy. We want to create some personal time, not feel that we’re under the gun of our schedule but rather that we have moments when we can just kick back and do whatever we please. After the intensity of the past few days, this Monday is one when we might just allow calls to go unanswered picked up by our voicemail and might allow other people’s demands to go begging for attention. Today is a day to act in a spontaneous manner, to be in the moment and enjoy the magic of the universe.

Tuesday, the 27th — Slow in Getting Going. Tuesday has no planetary aspects. The Moon is Void-of-Course making no aspects to the planets in the early part of the day as the Moon finishes its transit of its own Sign of Cancer. The Moon then moves into Leo. Our energies can shift dramatically. From a laid-back, even reactive, disposition, we can switch into an energized phase looking for fun and enjoyable ways to express ourselves. Tuesday would be a good day to finish up tasks around our home and then consider some recreational pursuit later in the day. A nice meal out, taking in a concert, catching a flick or other pleasurable activities might be the order of the latter part of this Tuesday. We don’t always have to be at sprint pace. Even when we want to, there are times when the universe suggests we slow down. It’s like the natural cycles of tidal action with its ebbs and flows. This Tuesday starts more in an ebb phase and then shifts into a flow.

Wednesday, the 28th — tripped up — Sun, Venus, Saturn. Wednesday has the Leo Moon trine the Sun in Aries, square Venus in Taurus and conjunct Saturn. We may have the desire to focus on our projects and concentrate on what we want. Nice concept, but this Wednesday could trip us up thanks to the Venus square and Saturn dampener. Our resources might be limited and we could experience past obligations demanding our time and our attention. This Wednesday may start with us ready to go full thrust but then we could stumble and even fall. Today is a day to channel our energies, make our plans and not rush forward without considering the conditions and the tools available to us. If we race ahead assuming that we can accomplish whatever we want with no obstacles in the way, we might find ourselves racing straight ahead into a wall. Our emotions could then take a nosedive. Let’s not go there. No matter how easy the sledding might seem at the beginning of the day, it would be wise for us to anticipate delays or some frustrations along the way. Wednesday could be a walk in the park, as long as we keep aware for any brambles that might entangle us along the way.

Thursday, the 29th — Leaping into the Void — Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Pluto. Thursday is one of those days, similar to Wednesday, when we might feel on a see-saw of emotions. On Thursday the Leo Moon trines both Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius and opposes both Mars and Neptune in Aquarius. We could feel like at the top of our game, with nothing standing in our way. We may feel exuberant, expansive, optimistic and confident of our future. Only problem is the question as to whether we are seeing true reality or looking at our world through rose-colored glasses. We could easily buy into wish fulfillment today. Once we accept something to be true, we could put our all and then some into the situation. Thursday is a day to get a hold on any upbeat, even delirious, attitude. We can certainly plan our future, consider how to broaden our scope and give thought to what we want to do. The actual action might need a little restraint and strategizing. It would also be wise to take anything we hear with a grain of salt. People may play to our Achilles heel and paint a wonderful picture of the world as it could be. Are we dealing with someone coming from sincerity and integrity? Or are we involved with a huckster, the trickster able to present wonderful images without nothing to back them up. This Thursday we need to keep asking ourselves: is it real or is it memorex? Fact or fiction? Like seeing the wonderful images of the wizard of oz screen, it is essential that we pull back the curtain, see the little guy punching the buttons, and maintain an eye on true reality today.

Friday, the 30th — Wake Up To Reality. If we have bought into illusions through a sense of exuberance and optimism over the past few days, Friday can provide a wake-up call. Although there are no aspects today, the Moon in Virgo will assist us in looking at the details and focusing on the specifics. Today is a good day to weigh the events and prospects of recent days on the scales of analytical and reasoned judgment. We can attend to the particulars of our lives today. If we have gone off on a mind-blowing high the past few days, today we can get our feet back on the ground and see things with our rose-colored glasses removed. We can accomplish a great deal today, play catch up with things that we might have let slide, and be more responsible to the daily routine off our lives. Not an exciting day perhaps, and the excitement may have to wait until tomorrow.

Saturday, the 31st — Surprise, Surprise — Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto retrograde. Saturday has some powerful energies. They can be like a powder keg or they can be serendipitous get-togethers. It might even turn out that we have a combination of both. Saturday has the Virgo Moon opposing both Mercury and Uranus in Pisces. Tomorrow we shall have the Mercury Uranus conjunction. We also have the Moon trine Uranus and Venus sextile Uranus. In addition, the Virgo Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square by opposing Mercury and Uranus and also squaring Jupiter. Added to the mix, we have the combustibility of Pluto turning direction, going from direct motion to retrograde motion. This Saturday is a day for us to keep our wits about us. We might want to recite as an affirmation the Rudyard Kipling poem “If” that affirms our maturity by being able to keep our head while the world is spinning crazily around us. Although there are often explosive situations when Pluto is turning direction, this day can be a patch quilt of the good, the bad and the ugly. One thing to keep in mind is that we may be operating from a high level of energy, anxiety perhaps, but certainly our nerves are turned up and even possibly frayed. If we expect this day to go according to plan, then we could be sorely disappointed. Unexpected meetings can be thrilling and great fun. We do have to check things out before assuming that we have a true bead on what is going on. The more we juggle today, and juggle things we weren’t even anticipating, the more in tune with the energies of this day we’ll be. Yes, this is a day of surprise, surprise.

Sunday, the 1st — Who’s the Fool? — Mercury, Uranus, Pluto. Sunday is April 1st, aka as April Fool’s Day. We could be fooled or we could also approach the level of genius. Today we have Mercury conjunct Uranus. Insights and unexpected communications could be coming aplenty today. We can have those flashes of revelation when we suddenly get the Archimedes ‘Eureka’ moment and realize certain ah-has about our lives or about problems that have been perplexing. The Virgo Moon does square Pluto so it will be important that we don’t get caught up in an emotional whirlwind, especially in light of the fact that Pluto has just turned retrograde. We could be a little critical [a little?!], even hypercritical. We may be champing at the bit wanting to be free of our day-in, day-out existence. This Sunday is a good day to be open to the spontaneous, to act on the spur-of-the-moment and not to feel that we have been painted into a corner. Later in the day, the Moon leaves Virgo and comes into Libra. We may be seeing things from a far more pleasant perspective and looking for companionship with that special someone.

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  1. Anita Fernandes March 26, 2007 7:11 pm

    Dear Frank,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your program last night. I liked that you spent time explaining a Pluto retrograde and what it means – we’ve all heard so much about the effects of a Mercury retrograde that it is nice to learn about the other planet retrogrades.