March 19th – 25th

Sun, Pluto

Busting Out All Over
Mars, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Sun Aries

Personal Makeover
Mercury, Venus…

Screeching Halt
Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn, Neptune

Up And Running
Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury

Helter Skelter
Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune

Homey and Comfy
Mars, Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Venus


March 19th – 25th

This week enters the Spring season at the Vernal Equinox when the Sun enters the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries. Before we get there, the Sun squares Pluto.

‘Out with the old, in with the new’ could prove to be the refrain as we begin this week. If we inventory what is important to us and what no longer holds significance, then we can start stripping away little by little.

With the Sun entering Aries, we should feel a burst of energy. Spring has sprung, and we’re ready to race from the starting gates and get on with our Spring projects. We do have to watch that we don’t move so quickly that we lose sight of our direction or our itinerary.

Toward the end of the week, Mars opposes Saturn. We could feel like we’ve hit the wall. If we don’t cave into the resistance or delays, then any sense of blockage could prove momentary and used as a time for reviewing and restructuring.

After Mars opposes Saturn, Mars sextiles Jupiter. We can gain a second wind. Let’s be careful not to ramp things up for Mars conjuncts Neptune over the weekend. Our determination could better our common sense.

This week is a week of great excitement and a thrust into Spring. It would be wise to move forward judiciously, putting one foot in front of the other, testing the waters and not needing to make definitive, long-term commitments.

* Tripping – Sun, Pluto

Monday starts the week with an Aries Moon and the Sun square Pluto. We’re coming off of yesterday’s Solar Eclipse, but we may find ourselves tripping up, putting one foot forward then one foot back. Yes, we may be doing a two-step on this Monday, and the pace may be fast and furious. We might not feel as though we’re operating at peak performance but operating we are. We could rush headlong into certain new activities. We’re feeling the approach of Spring, ready to end the winter and prepared to go full-speed ahead. Before we do so, it would be wise for us to do a final winter inventory-taking, clearing away past situations or old matters that might only serve to trip us up. We might be feeling somewhat intense today, champing at the bit, rearing to go. Let’s remember that timing is everything. While we want to get on with things, we should consider making sure that there is nothing standing in our way, blocking our forward momentum or holding us back. We could be a little on edge today, uncomfortable in our own skin. As a result, we need to avoid doing any precipitous actions. Today is a day when we might act in extreme fashions, flipping from one side to the other. If we can slow things down and keep in mind the horse and cart, whereby today’s horse is tying up loose ends and clearing the decks, then the cart of our new projects can move along like greased wheels in the days ahead.

* Busting Out All Over – Mars, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Sun Aries

Tuesday is a day when we’re ready to take off like a rocket. Our energies are ramped up severalfold. We have the Aries Moon sextile both Mars and Neptune in Aquarius. Even more significantly, the Aries Moon creates a Lunar Grand Trine in the Fire Element as the Moon trines Saturn in Leo and trines Jupiter and Pluto both in Sagittarius. Later in the day [and early on Wednesday in some time zones], the Sun enters Aries at the Vernal Equinox to begin the Spring season. Yes, Spring is busting out all over. And this Tuesday gives us a good indication of the season. We have a spring in our step, a bounce to our energy, and we’re ready to take on the world… and on our terms. Tuesday is a great day to initiate, to start things up. We have the drive and passion to pursue new projects. We’re looking at doing things in a more streamlined manner. We have the drive and the passion combined with a focused and systematic approach. This Tuesday ranks up there as a primo day, one of the best. We do have to be certain to take care of the details and the specifics. While the energies today are great for getting going and moving swiftly ahead, we need to make sure that we’re not carried away with our enthusiasm and that we are aware of the particulars of our conditions. With our entry into Spring, we can say to our winter frustrations: ‘devil, get thee behind me.’ We’re ready to clear the slate and cross the threshold into a season of exuberance and new beginnings. Happy Spring!

* Personal Makeover – Mercury, Venus

Wednesday’s Taurus Moon is ripe for a personal makeover, whether we are addressing our own person, our wardrobe, or our home. We’re looking for a Spring cleaning and we could easily find ourselves out shopping buying the necessary accoutrements for our new sense of self. Yes, we’re going through a renaissance, a rebirth, and symbolically we’re looking to spruce ourselves up. The Taurus Moon sextiles Mercury and conjuncts Venus. We have style and we’re likely to be showing it off today. Our presentations can be smooth, our image quite stunning and our social decorum spot-on. Today is a day when we can make things happen. We have a grace, charm and suavity that have us at the top of our game. Now is a time for us to put the improvements to our lives in place. Let’s take advantage of Tuesday and Wednesday to start things up, get them up and running, and put ourselves in the right space.

* Screeching Halt – Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn, Neptune

One of the beauties of life is the rhythm of cycles. Nothing stays the same forever. It’s like the ocean’s waves with crests and troughs. After two days that could seem close to paradise, we come to Thursday. This is the 22nd, a master number in numerology, but today our mastery may seem to come to naught. This Thursday could put the brakes on our actions. While we might have had smooth sailing the past two days, Thursday may seem as though we have hit the wall. Of this week, this day could prove the most difficult or deep in the trough of our wave movements. Today we have Mars opposed Saturn and we also have the Taurus Moon creating a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Moon square Saturn in Leo and square Mars and Neptune both in Aquarius. Thursday could have us feeling frustrated as delays and blockages seem to get in our way. Our great plans, our marvelous concepts may seem only beautiful illusions as we deal with some of the mundane realities. We might feel limited or restricted in our actions. Although this 22nd is the ‘master builder’, we could see loose ends or problems that need to be addressed before we can move ahead. The Moon does sextile Uranus. The more we can be original, innovative and think outside the box, the less likely we shall feel stuck in neutral or even feel like we’re going backwards. The key for today is not to feel overwhelmed but rather to consider our options and our alternatives. Keep in mind that we are in a phase of maintaining constant discernment between fact and fiction. Any braking action could prove beneficial for it allows us to reconsider, re-check and review to be certain that we’re on the right track and not on some quixotic journey. Thursday may force us to slow it down and go back over things but it does not necessitate a crash and burn scenario.

* Up And Running – Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury

Friday is a significant shift from yesterday. While yesterday we had Mars opposed Saturn, on this Friday Mars sextiles Jupiter. We may feel like we’ve gotten a second wind. Whatever delays or frustrations dogged us yesterday, we can be free of them today. The key thing is to have addressed any outstanding matters or any unresolved issues before proceeding. If we did so, then this Friday can have us back up and running. We can advance our interests today, broaden our scope and take on more today than the particulars we had to deal with yesterday. Not only do we have Mars sextile Jupiter, but we also have the Moon in Gemini where it sextiles the Sun and squares Mercury. While yesterday might have demanded a singular focus, Friday allows us to deal with numerous things. We may be scurrying around today, looking to expand our activities. If we get caught up in the sense of release and the feeling of easy wheeling, then we could skip over details and neglect specifics. We can certainly juggle a number of things today. In so doing, let’s be sure that we’re dealing with them fully rather than glossing over them. But our energy is back in full steam and we’re getting on with it.

* Helter Skelter – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune

The thing about playing the xylophone rather than a one note Samba is that we have to keep up the pace and recognize that we’re playing many notes, often at the same time. Saturday can be one of those days when the energy is ramped up severalfold. No matter our plans, we might find that we’ve got more going on than we bargained for. Things have been picking up the pace and us along with it. That would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that additional situations could arise demanding our attention. This Saturday has the Gemini Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square, as the Moon squares Uranus in Pisces and opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius. We may have a great deal on our plate even to the point of overflowing today. We cannot do a pace today. We’ve got to pick up speed, possibly even a day-long sprint from one thing to another to yet another and so on. While we’re looking to do it all, the fact of the matter is: WE CAN. Yup, believe it or not, if we’ll get into high gear, we could juggle very effectively everything that we’ve planned for this Saturday and then some. While we have the Mutable Sign T-Square ramping up the energies, the Moon also sextiles Saturn and trines both Mars and Neptune. By being adaptable and strategic, we can get it done. While we might feel that we’re all over the place on this Saturday, we could discover that we’re working with time in a far more subjective manner than an objective manner. We can get more done in a shorter period of time with so much on our plate than we might accomplish when we had only one or two things scheduled for the day. Saturday is also a day when get-togethers with friends could be pleasant and some of the contacts quite surprising. Saturday could prove exhausting but only if we’re not up to speed. Otherwise, this can be a whirlwind day, exciting and like the whirling dervishes could get us into some very interesting spaces.

* Homey and Comfy – Mars, Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Venus

Saturday night – Sunday morning could have us feeling quite exhausted. The extreme metronome-like motion of Thursday then Saturday could have taken a toll on us. Sunday is a day to sleep in, to catch up on our rest. Getting to bed Saturday night might take longer than we like, and even our initial sleep state might be a little wired. We have the final degrees of the Gemini Moon which squares Pluto. Then in the middle of the night, the Moon moves into its own Sign of Cancer where it squares the Sun, trines Mercury and sextiles Venus. Sunday is a day to catch up on our rest, to take some time to reflect, contemplate and re-create. Spending time at home, feeling the warmth and comfort of our home space would be a good way to nurture ourselves and recharge our batteries from a fairly active week. Mars also conjuncts Neptune. This Mars aspect completes the trilogy of Mars aspects this week: Mars opposed Saturn on Thursday, Mars sextile Jupiter on Friday and Mars conjunct Neptune today. This trilogy could have had us all over the place, both in movement and also in considering our future plans. We may feel this past week that we’ve been in a whipsaw spun back and forth without fully getting a grip on things nor being able to take the time to recharge our batteries. Sunday offers us that opportunity. This Sunday is a good day to reflect on where we are going. We may feel a little spacey and if we do, we can account for it by the whipsaw of actions and emotions this past week plus. Everyone needs time to rest, catch their breath and enjoy the comforts of their nest. This Sunday is a good day to do so.

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